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MOTU Classics King He-Man

While we wait for this month’s Matty box to arrive, I thought I’d go back and look at another Masters of the Universe Classics figure that we haven’t reviewed yet.  So let’s take a look at King He-Man, our first real glimpse into the future of MOTU Classics.

This is the first true foray into what the future holds for our favorite characters (well, at least the ones that survived).  That idea is super exciting to me because it opens up a whole new universe of possibilities.  I want to know what Dare and Skeletor’s son are like.  I want to see Empress Adora benevolently commanding the Horde Empire in its new goal of maintaining peace in the galaxy.  And I definitely want to see how King Adam rules the utopian world of Fu-Ternia.

Unfortunately our first look at Adam’s fate isn’t as impressive as I had hoped.  While last year’s Club Eternia exclusive was an entirely new figure, King He-Man comes across as a bit chincy with only one new body part, his head (which I’ll get into in a minute).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with using the standard male buck, especially when it comes to He-Man.  But usually versions of He-Man either reuse his classic pieces or have all new parts, so I’m a bit disappointed in the recycling of He-Ro’s loincloth and boots.

King He-Man’s head is new though, and it definitely brings a lot of character to the figure.  The long and graying hair and beard makes the figure look ages older than his original and New Adventures counterparts.  His eyes look tired, and there’s a very visible scar running down the left side of his face.  His mouth is also a bit droopy on the left side, which makes me think there may be a scar underneath all that facial hair also.  King He-Man has definitely seen some $#!+.  I do wish the head sculpt had a wider jaw though.  King He-Man’s narrow face doesn’t quite match classic He-Man’s jawbone.

King He-Man also has new chest armor.  The piece is very reminiscent of his predecessors’ look, and does help tie together the He-Ro parts with the overall style.  I just really wish he had his own style instead of a mishmash of others.  I do really like the cape though, especially the fur lined hood.  Unfortunately Mattel glued the two pieces together, so he can’t be displayed with only one or the other.

King He-Man has a great paint job.  There are a lot of bright red and metallic blue highlights on the various armor pieces, while the majority is a dark iron gray and shiny gold.  One piece I found particularly interesting was his upper torso.  Most figures with the metallic undershirts just have the whole torso painted, but KH actually has it painted like a tank top.  I think I like this better.  At the very least it adds a bit more detail to the figure.  Continue to page 2…

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MOTU Classics King He-Man

  1. Like you Vault I’m more than excited to see some more of what has happened in the future of Eternia. It should not become the focus of the Line but maybe a figure or 2 next year would be nice. Your Review is spot on King he-Man should have included more new parts and the NA He-Man hands should have been rushed into production, He-Man should always come with that set of hands, and it should have started with King HM. I was with you about the Likeness being off but if King He-man is slashed all the way down his face then that would explain his weaker jaw line.

    Also… *Sigh* King He-Man isn’t the first character of the future, that title goes to “The Mighty Spector”

  2. I have mixed feelings about Fu-Ternia. I’m not so sure I want to know about the fates of all these legendary characters, but I understand the need to expand the canon in lieu of a new TV cartoon, movie, or (until now) comic book series.

    King He-Man is still a nice figure, regardless. The head sculpt and damaged sword are spot on and serve as fabulous reminders of how the 4H have elevated Mattel’s venerable line to new heights of toy greatness.

  3. I’m glad to know that a stick and electrical tape is good enough to fix He-man’s power sword.

    Thanks for the review! I think King He-man is a great idea for a figure, but the final result is a bit boring to me.

  4. I don’t think I will ever understand their need to use the abdomen piece with the navel when the figure is wearing armor. Painted, it just looks weird.

  5. I actually like the whole look. Just confused on why the King uses a beatup sword instead of having his Man at Arms construct something like his NA sword.

    A thought though doubt Mattel would do it. A set of stone statue versions of those that died to have for display in a Castle rememberance room. Dunno how that would go over but is a kinda honor idea.

    1. They still make the “stone spray paint” don’t they? why not grab a couple loose figures off ebay and make your own memorials with that?

  6. Even though I’m a big fan of He-Man and all the variants that Mattel has produce of him thru the 30 years of MOTU this variant looks nothing like the He-Man we all know. The new NA He-Man looks better then this version of him. He got too much of a Randor look going on and his face is too skinny. Don’t get me wrong the dig the new armor & the damaged Power Sword but FH could’ve stuck with OG face instead. I have 3 of these figures and glad that I have them too. It’s nice to see He-Man finally become King of Eternia after all these years. Dare has to be next. Cool pics and review as always.

  7. Great review, pics, and comics, as always!

    I think the king’s face, here, looks skinnier because it’s framed by long hair and covered with beard. I know my face looks a bit rounder once I’ve shaved my face-fuzz off for whatever reason I had to at the time.

  8. you know, he seems to me like a perfect chance (but clearly, they’ve missed it) to have included the mecha-axe. it’s easy to explain away, he gives dare the sword of he, and sir laser lot, instead of building him a mecha-sword like duncan had, builds him a mechanical battle axe. longer reach to help the older king stay out harms reach, it makes sense. it would have been a new piece to help up his “new factor” and they could have recycled the grip from the staff they gave him. just sayin’

  9. Ok, is the head the only new piece, or are the chest armor and cape (hood?) new, too?

    I can see a bit of the “Excalibur” Arthur (Nigel Terry) in the face, as much as the 2002 influence.

    Also, anyone else think of the “Hulkster going wild” in that “shirtless” pic? :shudder:

  10. Great review! On his loincloth, it’s actually different from He-ro’s. Similar in styling, and has the “H” pattern, but they are different sculpts. I was dead certain they were identical until I put them up next to each other. It might not affect your opinion, but I thought it was worth noting.

    Always a pleasure to read these reviews! Thanks for taking the time!

  11. Hoo boy! Where do I start…
    I suppose I could start by drinking my milk, eating my vitamins and saying my prayers, brotha! He also looks a bit like Sam Elliott
    Cliche scar… Resisting urge to make Scarface jokes.
    Cape should have been red. What’s the deal with all the insignia. Surprised he doesn’t have a Pepsi Logo on him. It’s almost as if he has lost his own identity and he’s wearing tributes to others. That’s like me wearing Solid Snake’s Bandana, Terry Bogard’s jacket , Link’s tights, Cloud’s Pauldron, Sonic’s Shoes, Ryu’s (Street Fighter) gloves, Arthur’s underwear (from Ghost and Goblins) and Princess Peach’s crown

    Also, he’s a King… Aren’t there any blacksmiths in Eternia? Or was MacGyvor the only one available?

  12. Guys might I bring up that the Techno Sword is broken and crappily put together, why not replace it? Because a man who was a mentor and probably more of a father than even Randor made it for him. Sentimentality makes us over look flaws

    1. Sentimentality is one thing, but a rusty sword that is falling apart, a practical weapon does not make.

    2. Well, I’m guessing it’s because the regular power sword is either in the possession of Dare or otherwise unavailable to He-Man, but the mechanical power sword still retains its harmonic ability to draw upon the powers of grayskull despite it’s state of disrepair. He may be permanently He-Man now, but he can still draw upon the powers of grayskull to further enhance himself in times of need. Even in the original cartoon there was occasion that He-Man didn’t have enough strength until he continued to call upon the power of grayskull until he completed his task.

  13. Skeletor and Dare have a son together? I never knew MOTU was so progressive. I’m guessing that makes for awkward family reunions.

    I’m not a fan of the old broken rusty sword. I picked up Dr Wu’s Prime Sword off BBTS. That makes for one kingly sword. The blue matrix version really meshes well with King He-Man’s color pallet. The upcoming Skybreaker sword may work as well.

    1. i’mma go look those up. thanks for the tip off, i’d never heard of these before.

  14. I like the figure, although it would have been better with a removable crown. The damaged sword and scars add a lot of character to the figure.

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