Chemo & Imperiex

Fourth in our four-part series on DCUC10 and fifth in our five-part series on DCUC9, this review covers Chemo & Imperiex.

These two may end up being a couple of the harder C&C's to complete. Worse still, they're hitting stores at relatively the same time and competing for aisle space with a couple different "Best Of" case assortments. I don't think either of them will end up being quite as difficult (or expensive) as Metallo, but unless we see a change in the next few weeks, these two C&C's are going to be a hot commodity. But are they worth all the hubbub?

DC Classics Updates
and a Gleek Mini-Review

Some folks tend to avoid the internet on the weekends. If you're one of them and you collect DC Classics, you might have missed a few important news items. On Thursday, we relayed Matty's message about DCUC9 shortages and then watched as the prices on eBay climbed accordingly. We're in between on how difficult this wave will be to find. Vault stumbled onto a case at his TRU on Wednesday and found the first half of his Chemo set. That filled the rest of with hope that this wave won't be a repeat of DCUC5 which none of us ever saw at retail, but we won't know for sure until the sightings dry up.