G.I. Joe “Basic Line”
Wave One Review (12 Pics!)

While the onslaught of G.I. Joe Retaliation figures will soon be upon us, there are still some cool non-movie figures to be found – provided you have a good ‘dollar store’ nearby. This so-called “Basic Line” isn’t a dollar line, but I think you’ll agree they’re worth the price of admission.

Mister Rant says “Do I really have to rant about Joes? Fine.”

Since its Joe week here, I’ve got three Joe mini-rants to share...

1. I get that kids enjoy firing missile launchers, but can we make them a little more sensical? There are a couple of good ones like the Ice Viper’s (best one ever) or Sgt. Stone’s which looks like a remote control missile launcher. But then there are strange ones that make no sense at all. A missile launcher you hold with one hand like a revolver? I’m sure that wouldn’t rip your arm off. Or how about Helix’s absurd satellite dish missile. Is that for when you need great reception, only way over there? Then there’s the Para-Viper’s strange helicopter-thing that he can’t hold onto correctly without being cut to ribbons. Hope Cobra has a good health plan. Don’t even get me started on the suction cup that Duke can hang from. What kid hasn’t wished for one of those?