G.I. Joe “Basic Line”
Wave One Review (12 Pics!)

While the onslaught of G.I. Joe Retaliation figures will soon be upon us, there are still some cool non-movie figures to be found – provided you have a good ‘dollar store’ nearby. This so-called “Basic Line” isn’t a dollar line, but I think you’ll agree they’re worth the price of admission.

Vault Review: G.I. Joe Arctic Threat Doc & Shipwreck

I was at Toys R Us the other day when the Toy Gods smiled down upon me. Noisy found a TRU Exclusive Batman, but, as usual, they had nothing I had gone there for (still can’t find that Arcee). Since they were resetting I walked around hoping for a surprise. I found it in the G.I. Joe aisle. The neon colors of Arctic Threat Doc caught my eye. Arctic Threat Doc and Shipwreck had appeared to fill the empty Joe pegs, and with snow on the ground I had to buy them. When I got home, these brave Joes ventured outside to see to the environment they were destined for…