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NECA Predator:
Thermal Vision Dutch Review

While I mentioned Dutch is a repaint, I never technically reviewed the first version of this mold though. While a lot of Dutch parts are re-used from figure to figure, Trix Dutch is a repaint of the vested, but shirtless, Jungle… Encounter Dutch? I also want to strangely point out that even though we’ve gotten a lot of Dutches of late, they have all blown off the shelves here. I picked up Jungle Disguise (Muddy) & Jungle Extraction (Cigar) when I saw them, but I don’t recall seeing Patrol & Encounter again after those first purchases. Apparently, Dutch is hot right now (even though the heat signature one is mostly green)!

The good thing is that Jungle Encounter Dutch was an excellent figure. A great head sculpt, even without the cigar, and the bare arms and vest just as well done as the jacketed version I reviewed previously. That same sculpt is a little harder to appreciate here, but it’s there if you go looking for it under the yellows & pinks. The articulation is also still fantastic. Ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and inverted ankles, thigh swivels, and a great ab crunch. He still needs bicep swivels (the Preds too, they can’t touch their forearm!), but just about everything else you want is there. Dutch has really gotten some amazing figures in the past year, no doubt about it.

Trix Dutch includes the same three accessories as his predecessor, the rifle, pistol, and knife. All are molded in clear green and have plenty of display options. The rifle can stow on Dutch’s back via the strap and there is a holster and a sheath for the two smaller weapons. The rifle is probably my favorite since it fits great into two hand poses. The pistol is nice too, also getting a boost from the sculpted trigger finger on the right hand. The knife… it’s not as cool. The smaller grip doesn’t fit into either hand and requires some balancing and hilt-wedging to get Dutch to hold it. It is neat, but not as good as it could be.

Overall, the truth is that Dutch is more of an impulse figure. While I initially felt a little MEH about him, I do think that was largely due to my being way too excited about him in the first place. Heck, I pre-ordered this whole wave just to make sure I got him! (Speaking of, that Borg Predator is like an 8 when I was maybe expecting a 4 or 5. Dude!). I think I ended up getting him cheaper from BBTS than I would have at TRU, but he probably wasn’t as much a “buy the whole wave just in case” figure as I thought he would be, particularly with the lack of deco on his backside & under the vest. Still though, NECA did a great job coming up with the figure. I love the idea behind it. He won’t go in the front of my display, but rather in the back, behind the rainbow Predators. I think my expectations will even out back there – he is really a novelty figure after all. And he’s going to look sharp hanging in there with the others much more than he has trying to hold his own out here on my desk all week.

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13 comments to NECA Predator:
Thermal Vision Dutch Review

  • Izdawiz

    Great review, but I can tell it was pretty late when you posted this. It needs another run-through with fresh eyes to catch all of the typo Gremlins.

  • Brainlock

    Oh Hal. How could you?
    it looks like Arnie traded that gun for your ring, power-glowed up, then…there’s really no other way to say it: Sinestro and Sapphire Corps bukkake.
    #inbeforeDR! LOL

    • dayraven

      nice, only took three comments to get to a bukkake joke. you know, it’s all fun and games till somebody loses an eye…

      • Reminds me of an ex-girlfriend. And you know what? Some of us there still had fun.

        • dayraven

          i… wha… nope, i’m a better man than this… i will not abuse noisy’s comments section… but if you’d like to continue this in the forums, i’d LOVE to hear just what the blooming hell you’re talking about james… cuz the implications as i read them are pretty sinister, and i simply must be mistaken, right? 😉

      • Brainlock

        check the times, it’s the second comment posted. 😉

    • I’m not sure if that’s an #inbefore we really want to start around here… lol

  • From the back he looks more like green Jell-O Dutch.

    Hilarious review and pics. I have the previous four Dutches but this one is definitely impulse only. Might get him on discount if he makes it to that stage, who knows. Dutch is indeed hot right now. It took me a couple of months to land the Jungle Patrol version until I eBayed the sucker at a decent price.

  • dayraven

    ‘steead of “IEIEIEEE” he should have leapt out screaming “GET TO DA CHOPPA!!” other that that, excellent photos, as always. though, trix yogurt dutch is the lowpoint for the fun fig photos… this line just pisses excellence.

  • The Ghost

    This release disappointed me. He really should have been an exclusive. I mean, he’s funky I guess but not really essential or a unique character. Which kinda irks me why the Albino Predator was made an exclusive. I get that he is like a small part of a fan film… but he’s a unique character and impossible for someone like me to obtain outside of dropping $60-80. And dat be crazy. Reminds me of when Mattel made the 200X Faker an exclusive.

    Anywayz, there was supposed to be an updated Elder Predator in this wave, but I doubt I’d bother with him anyway, so it’s no loss either way. But still… that Albino Pred haunts me… oh how he haunts me. 🙁 Tried to ask someone on Fwoosh to sell me their broken one but they planned to use it for a custom. Such a waste. >_<

  • ero

    My first Dutch! Was psyched to find him this weekend, because I really didn’t want to buy the entire wave to get him. (I have little ones around the house, so figures like Predator on display are a no-no.) Had a lot of fun with him.