NECA Predator: Jungle
Extraction Dutch Review

While NECA has been doing amazing things with their Predator line I tried my best to not get dragged into it (Big Red was on my radar, but I never saw him in stores). I’m just buying too much lately. Mattel has their sizable monthly cut of my paycheck and I committed to that before I knew I’d been buying so many third party Transformers. And then there’s that whole Hot Toys addiction I haven’t mentioned…

But NECA has more or less insisted that I pay attention to them. First, their Predator line has simply kept getting better and better. The figures from a few years ago are good, but the improved articulation and attention to detail on the more recent releases is enough to tempt any collector whether they like Predator or not. And then they had to go and make a candidate for Figure of the Year. Thanks, NECA.

See, the funny thing is that while I consider myself a Predator fan and kept hearing the siren song of the Predator line, I never would have guessed that I’d really want a Dutch figure. I’d accept it if someone told me that meant I just wasn’t that greata a Predator fan and simply don’t understand – hey, anyone out there clamoring for a Michael Harrigan figure? But Dutch took me by surprise. And not only that, I’ve suddenly found that I might need multiple Dutch figures.

NECA has four available at the moment: Jungle Extraction (presented here), Jungle Patrol, Jungle Encounter, & Jungle Disguise (i.e. “Muddy” Dutch). Now, the first impressive thing is that NECA has somehow turned Dutch into Batman, but the real kicker is all the figures are well done, each calling out with some particular unique reason to buy that one. I ultimately chose Jungle Extraction over Patrol (the other two hadn’t been released yet) because I liked the jacket look better, there was an extra accessory, and, yeah, the cigar. Any good Arnold figure ought to have a cigar.

Now, I don’t want to oversell this figure. I typically buy comic or cartoon-based figures so I tend to lean towards toys that look like toys instead of little people. But Dutch doesn’t really scream toy at all. The sculpt is top notch. The pants and jacket look fantastic with all the seams, pleats, and other little details you need. But I have had figures like that before. Stargate jumps to mind.

What really sets Dutch apart is the head sculpt, which I’m going to describe as a “Hot Toys Level” head sculpt on a seven-inch figure. The whole sculpt is pretty impressive, but the head is what really knocks the figure out of the park. Take a look at this comparison shot with a Terminator figure from just a few years ago.

You know what that picture says? That it’s time for a new Terminator figure. In just about any other setting, I would call that Terminator head sculpt good. The likeness is there. It looks sharp. But next to Dutch, it just doesn’t hold up.

While NECA has captured a well detailed, realistic likeness, the figure also has a great sculpted expression. Normally, I prefer my figures to be a little more neutral (I hate screaming heads with a passion) and I definitely am not a fan when eyes are painted to not look forward, but this figure has made me rethink that. The sculpted expression is fantastic and captures that squinty-eye sideways glance that Arnold uses in just about every movie. The other great thing is that, with different poses and lighting, you can get a few different moods out of it. I haven’t had that much fun posing a figure in pictures for a long while.

Now, we’ve had great sculpted figures before and often enough they tend to lose some value when it comes to articulation. Even NECA’s older Terminator figures can be maddening. The T-800 in the pics here has great articulation above the waist, but virtually nothing in that statuesque lower half. I’m happy to report that isn’t the case with Dutch. His articulation pretty much seals his contender status for “Figure of the Year”. Dutch features ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles, a ball-jointed torso, and swivels at the waist and thighs.

NECA has borrowed some of the more modern articulation we’ve seen lately by using the ankles joints where the pegs go down into the foot to dramatically increase the range. They’ve also used MOTUC-style hips where the swivel thigh is inside the leg and a soft covering for the lower torso hides the interior ball-joint. All the joints have great range even with the sculpt doing its best job at hiding the articulation (the knees do so particularly well). I’m still going to be greedy and wish there was a bicep swivel because ball-elbows just aren’t the same, but it’s a minor complaint. Dutch is capable of some fantastic poses and the sculpt makes sure he looks great in just about all of them. Continue to Page 2…

17 thoughts on “NECA Predator: Jungle
Extraction Dutch Review

  1. I couldn’t decide, even after consulting a couple trusted cohorts I ended up getting “Patrol” (shirt & vest) Dutch, but there was a big piece of me that wants, nay, needs “Extraction” Dutch, if only for the cigar head. Also for some reason this is my definitive Dutch.

    1. This is the Dutch I was most excited about, but I also picked up Patrol, and Disguise Dutch. This is by far my favorite, and like you he is my definitive Dutch. If you pick him up you will not be disappointed.

  2. Looks sweet. I might have to track him down.

    One thing I did notice, tho, was the flesh showing under the jacket when you lean him back in several shots (name gag, Predator fight, Freeze gag). Is it that noticeable in person, or just something that shows up in those camera angles? It’s cool that they apparently made it a second piece, but does look a bit distracting in these pics.

    1. It is noticeable if you have the gun belt low on his waste. I just pushed mine up a bit, I don’t think it looks unnatural at all and you have to work at it to be able see that flesh colored plastic now.

  3. I was just looking at Hot Toys’ head sculpts for Bruce Willis and Chris Reeve’s respective SDCC Joe Colton and Evil Superman while thinking: “Man, if only I could afford this stuff. Why can’t the smaller ranges allow for such freakin’ Madame Tussauds level of quality?” Then your e-mail arrived with the Dutch review link.

    Wow. I’ve been waiting for a proper Schwarzenegger figure since the Kenner days and it has finally arrived. I’m fan of military stuff along with early Arnold, so Commando and Predator are his ultimate movies for me. I look at that Terminator figure and it might as well be Stallone behind those shades when compared to Dutch.

    The only thing missing aside from getting Dutch done right was some reasonable articulation. Nothing extreme such as Toy Biz Marvel Legends but no semi-statues either, especially like the kind we usually get in the 7” inch category, where there is literally nothing below the belt to work with.

    Finally, an Arnold Schwarzenegger figure worth hunting down. Love the pics as always and the captions are especially funny here due to the material being covered. You’ve got me sold on old Dutch here for sure.

  4. Wow. Amazing figure, excellent review and pictures. I am SO tempted right now to get into this Predator line. But I’ve got to start being heartless with my money and space budgeting, and I simply can’t get into another line, no matter how devastatingly cool it is.

    But thanks loads for sharing!

  5. The last two Dutch figures are out now, and have been for a bit. I picked up Jungle Encounter Dutch a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t decide which of the four Dutches I wanted (I don’t really have the room or money to get all 4), and since none of them seemed definitive to me, I went with the most versatile. Jungle Encounter can be both vested and shirtless, while Extraction and Patrol permanently have their clothes on, and Disguise is permanently covered in mud. Until this figure line, it never occurred to me how many changes of outfits Arnie had in that movie.

  6. Until NECA first showed off these figures, I dreaded passing on the Hot Toys Dutch for only $200 initially (it might have been even less). If there was one figure in 12″ form I would want, it’d be him. Now, I’m glad I passed on it. NECA has done amazing things with these figures with Muddy Dutch being the best of the bunch.

  7. that crack about how he earned the nickname dutch… that might be the IAT comic of the year right there. i laughed till my kids were worred i’d flipped my lid.

  8. Now I love all 4 Dutch figures. One thing bugs me about this one and ruins my enjoyment of it. HIS UNPAINTED FLESH COLORED BELLY. It peeks and screams at me every time I look at it….

  9. I’ve been waiting all my collecting life for a Predator Arnie. I’ve got all 4 versions and this one is easily my favourite. He just looks so boss. The cigar, the massive bowie knife, the gloves… just so badass.

    I also love the use of coloured plastic, rather than paint, to achieve skin colour. NECA have mastered it with their Rocky and now Predator lines. It’s a shame the Aliens figures have returned to painted figures, as it really changes the look of the figures. I think it also contributes to “hiding” of the great sculpts they do.

  10. I picked up Muddy Dutch a few weeks ago, mainly so I could give the knife-tipped spear to my Marvel Legends Shanna the She-Devil, but damned if I didn’t fall in love with that figure anyway.

    Surprisingly, Dutch is the first NECA figure I’ve bought…but it won’t be the last. I’m eager to hit a comic shop again so I can grab a Predator, the “Aliens” xenomorph, and maybe another Dutch.

  11. I love these guys. Incredible sculpts and great articulation all around. The only Dutch I wasn’t going to pick up is Jungle Encounter, but someone at the Fwoosh mentioned he would make a great Matrix (Commando) custom, now I’m hunting for him, too.

    They only bad thing is that it makes me want figures of the rest of his team even more.

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