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Figure: Iceberg Review

While Iceberg the figure has some disappointing areas, I am happy that the figure is loaded with accessories. There are two rifles, a snowboard with flip-out wings, a bazooka and shell, a knife, the backpack, and an attachment for the pack that holds both the bazooka and the snowboard. Also included is a pretty sweet all-white stand (which you’ll need if you intend to load him down with all that gear).

The articulation is another highlight on the figure with ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles. There are also double-hinged knees and the jointed torso. The figure moves great and can pose well with the board or any of the weapons.

Paint was a bit of an issue around the helmet’s edge on the head. That may contribute to the awkwardness of the head, but I still think the sculpt isn’t doing the overall look any favors. Below the neck everything was painted pretty well. And even though I’m not in love with the figure, it’s great seeing these colors again. I think those were one of the reasons I’d loved the Iceberg figure as a kid.

Overall, this Iceberg isn’t great, but it still comes in as decent. I’d love to see Hasbro tackle this guy again someday though. Heck, I want Hasbro to get back in gear on the Winter Joes. Those were some of my favorites as a kid, but they’re largely unrepresented in the modern era. Some of the guys, like Frostbite, technically have modern figures that use the name, but not the look. That’s not doing it for me. We need a real update for Frostbite as well as figures of Blizzard, Whiteout, Cold Front, Avalanche, etc. Maybe I need to bring the Most Requested for some more Snow Joes.

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15 comments to G.I. Joe Club Membership
Figure: Iceberg Review


    I’ve been waiting ages for them to update this guy, and they make him a sodding subscription figure?!! Normally, I’d have no problem with this (being an avid MOTUC subscriber), but at some point a few years back, Hasbro stopped taking international subscriptions and orders, effectively rendering me “mangosteened,” (as I believe the local patois puts it). Been wanting to pair this guy up with Titanic Brewey’s “Iceberg” beer in my Action Figures & Their Beers series for a couple of years, and now . . . denied. Like, forever. }Sigh.{ Rassafrackin’, brick-a-brackin’ Hasbro, mumble grumble chumble spuzz.

    Having said that, darned good review and pics, Noisy! And seeing as how they cut corners and cheapified him, I’m not as furious about missing out on him as I was when they pulled the same stunt with Dial Tone, another character I was waiting ages to get. Jinx, Dial Tone, Iceberg . . . I tell ya, whoever’s deciding how to release these characters over at Hasbro, I’d like to meet with him/her for a . . . chat. And then insert a garden gnome in them!

    As you say, I hope they redo him better later down the line . . . and make him more widely available!

  • that head looks really like the old one and they just went with the white in the eye paintjob rather than the old doteyes. haha, oh man, i hope there’ll be a new one out later down the line along the ‘ultimate’ renditions.

  • As you point out, Iceberg’s main issue is that he is way too top heavy due to the fur collar, with no lower portion of the jacket to help balance him out. I could forgive the head sculpt but why not just repaint the Snow Job buck in Iceberg’s colors if this is the end result? The figure has also gotten some flak for using Spirit’s legs, although I honestly might not have noticed this if it hadn’t been pointed out.

    Hasbro should pack the remaining vintage era arctic Joes such as Frostbite, Avalanche, Blizzard, Windchill, Sub-Zero, Cold Front, and an improved Iceberg in a seven-pack along the lines of the Cobra Island sets which helped deliver lots of favorites which otherwise wouldn’t have made it to retail on a single card.

    I do give the Club an A+ for the accessories. Shades of the ’85 Snow Serpent, anyone? 😉

  • J. Lee

    Help me recall but for some reason I think he needs a Killer Whale for some reason. Why I can’t figure out.

    Still neve had as a kid but a nice update.

    • ero

      It’s from his spotlight episode in Season 2 of Sunbow. He gets turned into one. The running joke now is that they could’ve given us a variant Schleich orca that’d be better than this thing.

  • TwoFisted

    Looks like they did an awsome job of duplicating the original Icebergs almost featureless face. Maybe that was what they were looking for?

  • ero

    And yet I’d trade all of those accessories for the new headsculpt.

    I’ve harped on this thing enough over on the Tank, but dammit all, they messed this one up, and bad. An ARAH head on a modern figure is just inexcusable (nevermind how they unveiled it all so close to deadline and to cover up the error). In the 21st Century, I need ears on my figures.

  • AmericanHyena

    Semi-related question–

    My Joe collecting / display habit has basically come to be “Get a large vehicle and load it with figures. “. For example, I have the Cobra Rage / Fury and it’s swarming with POC Alley Vipers.

    I’m strongly considering getting the Wolf Hound / Snow Cat but don’t know there are enough modern style Snow Joes to make a decent display. I know of the guy it comes with and the POC Snowjob and ROC Snake-Eyes.

    Anyone else? (I think Iceberg here’s kinda ugly.)

  • Faugh

    Hey cool, it’s Kryten from Red Dwarf.

    But why is he black?

  • Steelbolt

    If you want that particular skirtpiece, I’ve got a spare…..

  • Brainlock

    I dunno, is the skintone painted on or is it molded in brown? It almost looks like an amateurish cast? and the painted whites of his eyes aren’t doing him any favors.
    (I know there was one JLU customizer who insisted on using this warped female head mold, one sunken cheek, triangular head, just plain goofy looking, yet he kept re-using it!)

    That fur shawl is definitely from Snow Serpent and I don’t really recall the original figure coming with it? I do recall he was one of my B-lists to play with, mostly because Stalker had all but fallen apart and Clifton here was one of the few “Joes of Color” I had besides Lonzo, Jinx/SS, and Fridge.

    I don’t mind missing him, but I do think I need to add him to my larger custom Joe list (trying for 6″ MLs, but throwing in a few HALOs for the armored and BATs figs)…which I haven’t touched in ages….. >_>

  • TwoFisted

    Looks like he’s either got a pantyhose on his head…or he’s being suffocated with a piece of Saran Wrap.

  • Battle Catman

    I love how all these cold-weather Joes are released in the frikkin’ SUMMERTIME.