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It’s All True’s
2010 Most Requested Figure

In 2010, IAT featured 33 candidates from across the toy spectrum – the return for old lines, key figures missing from current lineups, properties in need of toys, characters that have never been featured in toy form, etc. Then, we asked you to vote. Here’s your choice for IAT’s 2010 Most Requested Figure!

In April, August, & December, your votes selected a handful of those thirty-three into eleven finalists. Today, we’ll reveal how those eleven did in your 2010 year-end poll…

Eleventh Place
Rita received only 3% of the vote in our final poll, but her article remainined popular throughout the entire year. Bandai’s been making Power Rangers figures since the early 90s and still hasn’t found time to make a figure of the series most popular villain.
Tenth Place
Gangbuster was the winner of our “Obscure DC Character” vote back in May, but received only 4% of the vote in this final round. It’s not that we don’t love Gangbuster, but he couldn’t compete with the handful of more popular DC characters that made it into the final round alongside him.
Ninth Place
I was hoping for a higher showing for Rescue in our poll, but I think she suffered the same fate as Gangbuster with the Marvel vote favoring the much more popular Invisible Woman.
Eighth Place
Crisis on Two Earths not getting a tie-in toy line was one of the bigger disappointments with Mattel’s offerings last year. It was one of the best animated movies in DC’s recent crop (certainly much better than the subpar Public Enemies which did receive product support), but it’s been nearly a year since the release and toy collectors have clearly moved on. COTE received just 6% of the final vote.
Seventh Place
This 80s toy line received just 8% of the vote, but I still have hope to see it get a much needed update some day…
Sixth Place
Another old toy line that received some love in our Most Requested column, this line was doing well in the first few days of the poll, but a late push for some of the other properties pushed this once great toy line down to sixth place with just 9% of the vote.
Fourth Place – Tie

For fourth place, two entries ended up tied at 11%, DC’s Freedom Fighters and Marvel’s Invisible Woman. An MU Sue Storm is bound to make an appearance in the line sooner or later and Uncle Sam’s mostly been tooled by Mattel with Joker & Gentlemen Ghost (though I’m not sure how close we are to the other Freedom Fighters), but that didn’t stop these two from ending high in the poll.
Third Place
The Scourge of Carpathia! Vigo hovered near the fourth place properties for a lot of the poll, but received a few more votes on the last day to get himself into the top three. The Ghostbusters line hasn’t been the smash success that many thought it would and the removal of the Four Horsemen as sculptors is a bummer. I’ve stopped collecting the line, but even I want to see Vigo get his moment in plastic.
Second Place
If collectors have one thing to say to Mattel over and over, it’s “finish teams”. The line has been strong for over three years now and collectors still can’t complete one team. We’re missing key League & Society members, the Doom Patrol & Metal Men are close, the Titans are a mess, and then there’s the Crime Syndicate. Ultraman was available in a Matty 2pk in 2009 and we haven’t heard anything on the other four members since. At 15% of the vote, collectors would certainly like to see Mattel finish up the evil Justice League from Earth-3.

If you’ve been following along, you probably already know who that leaves. This was a surprise to everyone here at IAT. This entry took down some classic DC & Marvel characters to win the top spot…

It was the MOTU Fans who mobilized to get their entry into the top spot this year. ‘BB’ Teela was a little known costume variant of Teela from the original DC Comics mini-series featuring Masters of the Universe. But, as MOTU Classics, has gained in popularity, fans have been looking for possible new additions to the line instead of just redos of the original figures. BB Teela has become one of the more popular “new” figures asked for by MOTU fans and it’s appropriate that she is the 2010 Most Requested Winner!

15 comments to It’s All True’s
2010 Most Requested Figure

  • Cade

    well pardon me if I don’t find the winner a tad creepy. Is that figure really something people have to have?

  • Gildeft

    Looks like sexy blonde bikini Teela won this competition.I was hoping that MU Invisible woman is the winner but 4th place isnt bad.I hope we see bikini Teela this year.

    • The flaw in this competition is that the site demographics naturally skew the results (one of the reasons the MRQ will be different next year), Vigo and Sue did quite well in that respect!

  • Kingflame81

    It’s high time for a CSA wave! Where’s the classic versions of Power Ring, Johnny Quick, Superwoman, and Owlman? Of course seeing modern variants would be cool too!

  • jackstatic

    blonde bikini teela to me, just isn’t teela, i know theres a lot of motu comic fans but… teela wasnt that form for very long as i recall. meh…

    shes got a following….

  • I think the victory of BBTeela is more a strategic move on Mattel’s logistics. Consider: If the figure gets made one way to go would be a new ‘nearly nude’ female buck and plant on the steel bra and furry bikini bottom. This gives Mattel new options for other female figures unbound from the reuse of the sculpted torsos of Teela and She-Ra. Off the top of my head that means The Queen and Catra can be more likely to be made.

    and heck, female Palace Guards? Why not?

    • dayraven

      i agree, a chick buck 2.o is sorely needed in motuc, and it allows the line to branch into something new (which many on this site espouse for motuc, “new” characters that haven’t had toys before are the highlight of the line so far) cuz BBTeela would have to be someone else, since we already have “canon teela”. i’m fine w/ that, BBTeela could easily be vikor or wun-dar’s girl.

      and as nightmare points out, she’d move mega units w/ the customizers who don’t like the utilitarian lower torso of the extant motuc chick buck.

  • dwaltrip

    I was pulling for Dino Riders.

  • For you guys are complaining about a half naked female figure: HA HA! 😀

    Yay custom fodder!

  • manekochan

    I voted for the Crisis on Two Earths line. Gotta love that nihilist James Woods.

  • Heli

    I can’t believe my pick won!

    For me, the whole logic for the pick was that Teela was the only one of the offered options I’d be likely to buy. I’ve got no interest in DC figures, Ghostbusters (well, Mattel’s Ghostbusters, anyway) or Power Rangers, and I’d be just as happy to not gain any new lines that’d tempt me (Dino Riders or COPS).

    Therefore, a unique new MOTUC female was an easy pick.

  • Lay Ze-Man


    The sorely underrated C.O.P.S. definitely deserves more than just the couple of nods in S6.

    Bring it back full style!!!! 😀

    But that said, I’m 99% sure I’d buy a Bikini Teela, if nothing else like DR says to be Vikor’s “go to” gal.