Vault Review: Transformers
WFC Cliffjumper

If you’re a Transformers fan, one thing you can always count on is the inevitable repaint figure. Even in lines as small as the War for Cybertron, Hasbro’s able to squeeze at least one in. So to wrap up our coverage of the War for Cybertron figures, here’s my review of Cliffjumper.

I never paid much attention to the Autobots when I was young. In shows like He-Man, GI Joes and Transformers, I usually found the villains much more interesting. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to appreciate the struggles of the good guy as well. Cliffjumper, or Red Bumblebee as I used to call him, has especially grabbed my attention in recent years, mostly for the fact that he’s highly belligerent and slightly paranoid. I also love that The Rock did his voice in the new cartoon.

Like the hundreds of Cliffjumper toys before him, the War for Cybertron Cliffjumper is a repaint of Bumblebee. The poor bot just can’t get his own mold it seems. But at least this Cliffjumper has a brand new head sculpt, one that I particularly like. It has a perfect G1 look with an unamused/disapproving countenance. It’s also much thinner than Bee’s obese noggin, which goes a long way in making the figure look less chubby.

Cliffjumper is molded in a fantastic fire engine red that really makes him stand out in a crowd. I used to think the WFC Optimus was red, but I guess I was mistaken. Cliffjumper’s deep ruby color makes Optimus look orange. The red is nicely offset by black, on the wheels and windows, and yellow, thrown in on the piping and lights. I think this combination of colors comes together to make him even more sleek than Bumblebee.

Something else I really liked about Cliff is his translucent bits that show in car mode. Where Bee only showed a small ring of clear red on his wheels, Cliff’s wheels are entirely red. It kind of makes him look like he’s rolling around on some red Life Savers, and who doesn’t like Life Savers? I also love Cliff’s headlights. They look so much better in that deep translucent orange than Bee’s blacked out ones.

Sadly, being the repaint that he is, Cliff doesn’t come with any of those huge guns he pulls out of nowhere. Instead they gave him Bumblebee’s little hand blaster, only in red instead of yellow. Cliff also gets those cool energy blades that flip out from his forearms, this time in dark orange instead of Bee’s red ones. I realize there’s a certain price point Hasbro has to stay under when making any figure, but since Cliff is just a repaint with a new head it would have been nice to also see a new gun. Maybe a repainted one from Blurr.

Even with the tiny gun, I’m still really happy with Cliffjumper. I really dig the thinner head and think it goes a long way in making the body look less plump. Plus, I didn’t think anything could improve on Bumblebee’s car mode, but Cliff’s deep red and black color scheme transforms it from cute to sporty. I found my Cliffjumper at Target for about $9, which is a good price. Now if only they’d make a few more characters from the game. Trypticon anyone?

3 thoughts on “Vault Review: Transformers
WFC Cliffjumper

  1. Omega Supreme! That’s what I want to see from the game. Or Shockwave. Or, and I know this is crazy, the Seekers. After all, make Starscream and repaints of Thundercracker and Skywarp must follow.

    1. Omega Supreme would be awesome. It’s disappointing they never made him for the animated line.

      The Seekers would also be a must buy. You’d think they would make at least Starscream since they can get so much return on one mold.

  2. Found this guy last wkd, and hesitated at buying “Red ‘Bee” again.
    Now that I have him and have handled him, I must say I like him MORE than ‘Bee.

    His coloring also reminds me a lot of the original Tron coloring, so he could also double as an “unseen light vehicle” if you have any of the Tron figures. (which I don’t, having passed on them the one time I saw them out here.) I think my only complaint was addressed in your ‘bee write-up: his alt-mode doesn’t quite close up, so there are a few gaps. actually, quite a few more on this guy, whereas my ‘bee only had the lower panels not wanting to close up.

    Also, finally opened WFC Prime and…it took me almost half an hour to transform him, even WITH the instructions AND I still have that top blue panel sticking up. The last time a TF took that long on my first conversion was probably G1 SixShot and I didn’t even check the instructions for him until I was done to see if there were any other alt-modes! (and I came across a couple that weren’t planned! Too bad I no longer have him. 🙁 )

    Having the pair sitting side by side, Prime isn’t quite as orange as that picture makes him out to be, as my OP only a shade or two lighter than CJ. Alt mode iss cool and so is the ‘spring action’ gun. I still don’t care for his robot mode, tho, so he won’t be transforming any time soon (see also: nearly THIRTY FREAKING MINUTES to transform him!)

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