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I was going to pair Mongul up with the Manhunters for a “figure I like” versus “figure I don’t like” review, but the holidays and trips to see the in-laws have changed my plans. Mongul is getting a solo review, but is he the figure I liked or the I figure I didn’t? If you’re a DC Comics reader, I bet you already know.

In the comics, Mongul is a coulda been. Created by Len Wein & Jim Starlin, he appeared in the early 80s as a recurring Superman villain*. His most notable story is easily the Alan Moore penned “For the Man Who Has Everything” which appeared in the 1985 Superman Annual. It’s a great story, but Mongul was ultimately pwned by Robin and things went downhill for him pretty quickly after that.

* – Mongul’s first appearance in DC Comics Presents #27 somewhat inadvertantly set him up as a great Martian Manhunter villain. I sometimes wonder how different his character would be had he become a major rogue for J’Onn instead of fading into the background among Superman’s rogues…

Mongul did have a large role in Reign of the Superman/Emerald Twilight (he’s ultimately responsible for the destruction of Hal’s hometown, Coast City), but after that he just shows up to get beaten up. By Hal. By Kyle. By Wally West. In Underworld Unleashed, Mongul was killed by Neron because Mark Waid had to kill someone to prove how badass Neron was. And Mongul’s been dead ever since.

But wait, you say? If Mongul’s been dead – how is he in the Sinestro Corps? Well, I left out the bit about his son, Mongul. Mongul, Jr appeared as a baby in Showcase ’95 #8 and then, just a few years later, showed up full grown in the “Our Worlds at War” crossover. It’s that Mongul that fights Imperiex, gets a Sinestro Corps ring (or six), rips out Arkillo’s tongue, and gets pwned by Sinestro after attempting a coup (think “Mongul Corps”). Mongul and his dad are admittedly very similar, but there is one major difference – Mongul, Sr is ‘only’ around 7ft tall and Mongul, Jr is huge – Arkillo huge. So… repainting the Dad’s figure into the son? Doomed for failure from the drawing board.

The original Mongul figure was awesome and I was excited to find it (at Big Lots!) back in the day. The Four Horsemen went all out on the completely unique sculpt and amped up the detail well past most of Mongul’s classic appearances. And I believe the figure was better off for it – it’s still looking cool and adding variety to my DCUC shelves today. But that same detail turns around and causes problems here. The original Mongul costume was essentially correct, but with added detail. Mongul, Jr’s costume is pretty much wrong with a bunch of added details.

Mongul does sport some new arms that are accurate to his early appearances as a Sinestro Corps member (he would go on to get six rings and some armor for those hulking biceps) and that does help the figure somewhat, but you almost wonder why Mattel bothered considering nearly everything else is off-model.

Are you tired of me nagging on the figure yet? I hope not, because I’ve still got one more big issue. If it wasn’t bad enough that he’s woefully out of scale, or that his costume is more or less made up, Mattel went for a whole new level of wrong when they painted him. When Mattel unveiled the 4H paint master (left inset, below) it wasn’t that objectionable. The colors matched the comics (right inset, below) and that alone seems like it would cover up most of the inaccuracies, but something clearly went wrong along the way. Really wrong – the purple became hot pink and, inexplicably, navy blue turned into a burgundy/merlot.

Mongul’s articulation is still great. I loved the original because he was a big guy and he could still move like the regular figures. Ball jointed head and shoulders. Swivels at the biceps, wrists, thighs and waist. Hinges at the elbows, knees, and ankles. Topped off with the Mattel hips and an ab crunch. Everything moves pretty well and, like I said, he can get into some cool poses despite being a bulkier figure.

Overall, I just have to laugh at this figure because he’s such a disaster. The folks at Mattel either didn’t know or didn’t care about the scale issue (did any one tell them this was a different Mongul?) and the final colors apparently came from the Barbie division.

Much like Starfire, this figure was scheduled before they were able to do it right. A proper SC Mongul should be a C&C becuase he’s a big guy and becuase he’d end up with a cool comic accurate action feature – a detachable arm! In the comics, his arm was severed, but the yellow ring kept it viable and nearby. That was unintentionally hilarious in the comics and would really help here.

For what it’s worth, it looks like the Four Horsemen did their best to save this guy – the new arms are weclome and the colors on their paint master could’ve made for a decent, if undersized, figure. But this out-of-scale hot pink monstosity? He’s coughed up his Arkillo piece and he’s headed for storage.

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10 thoughts on “DCClassics.Com: Sinestro Corps Mongul Review

  1. As I don’t follow the GL stuff closely, I had no idea how absurdly off-model this guy was. Good to know.

  2. Is it an optical illusion that Junior (we named the targ Indiana!) is a touch shorter than Papa?

    Epic, epic fail. Like I said on an earlier thread, this is the future I suspect, more and more ‘lazy’ figures.

    Being a person who works hard to not be paranoid, it sure kinda looks like an intentional effort to kill the line by creating dis-incentives to purchase. Of course you HAVE to buy the ‘phone it in’ figures if you want the C&C fig, right?

    1. I noticed that scale problem, too. THEN I noticed that SinCorps Henshaw also seems to be shorter? The picture doesn’t look like it was two photoshopped together, so I’m not sure why it appears this way?

      as for Mongul here, can we pretend it’s MonGAL (er, come back to life and taking her bro’s place?) or is he just going through that “experimental phase”? that comparison shot/double date pic doesn’t help on the latter. LOL

      1. yeah, looking again at the 2d pic, comparing DCSH and GLC/DCUC Monguls, it looks like the crotch was shortened? but in the latter pic, it also appears the boots were as well?

        It might just be posing and light, but these two are definitely NOT the same height.

        1. To my eyes it looks like there’s some missing plastic on the thigh parts, near the knee joint. If you compare the thigh muscle bulges (shut up! I don’t normally stare at action figure thighs!) it seems Daddy Mongul has a longer piece.

          Dammit, there’s no way to talk about this that doesn’t sound dirty! I’m sorry. đŸ™‚

          1. … or not. I just checked again and those thigh bands seems to line up. So, yeah, somewhere in the crotch part.

            Man, I just don’t know. What is UP with that? arrggggh!

  3. I have the Infinite Crisis version that is nice and huge. I saw that it’s been repainted as a Sinestro Corps figure…that is out of scale with Arkillo.

  4. I think I agree, this is a figure to be packed up after the CnC piece is removed. I don’t usually like to mix lines but the Infinite Crisis figure is really nice and seems to fit in with the others. Someone must have been colorblind when doing the color scheme on this figure. I’m sure Mattel must be trying to be economical at times by doing some repaints (i.e. Blue Lantern Flash) but this version of Mongul is a bad decision. Lets hope this is not the norm. I’m keeping the faith that Mattel is cutting corners on a couple of figures to deliver better to us in the upcoming waves.

    p.s. I really want my complete Metal Men collection, so they have to keep going.

  5. Sinestro Corps Mongul is an absolutely terribly attempt. I can’t believe they just didn’t repaint Guy Gardner red for his brief time as a Red Lantern. It would have worked better than this.

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