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Vault Review: Star Wars Vintage Collection: Dagobah Luke

Maybe it’s the fact that the figures look so damned good, or that they retail for reasonable prices, or maybe it’s just a Jedi mind trick. Either way, I’m compelled to buy two with every purchase. So when I picked up Lando, I also somehow found myself at checkout with Dagobah Landing Luke Skywalker.

Vault Review: Star Wars Vintage Collection: Gen. Lando Calrissian

This week I was lucky enough to happen upon wave six of Star Wars’ Vintage Collection at my local Wal-Mart. I was tempted to pick up a Jango Fett to go with my Vintage Mace Windu, but instead I decided to pick a character that I actually cared for. So now I’m the proud owner of a General Lando Calrissian.

Vault Review: Star Wars
Vintage Collection: Mace Windu

I was a casual Star Wars toy collector. But ever since The Vintage Collection debuted, I’ve been finding myself perusing the Star Wars more and more often. In my weakest moments I’m sorely tempted by the AT-AT in retro packaging. But even at my strongest, I couldn’t say no to this Mace Windu.

Vault Review: Star Wars
Vintage Collection: Wicket

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Star Wars Vintage Collection line is unnatural. I’m convinced Hasbro is using cursed voodoo plastic to make perfect little likenesses that can’t be resisted. Why else would I be tempted to buy a nobody like Wooof, or think that a Wicket figure is actually cool?

Vault Review: Star Wars Vintage Collection: Adm. Ackbar

It’s always a bit difficult finding toys this time of year. Not only are the stores full of parents and grandparents to contend with, but you also have to deal with random shipment schedules and untrained stockers. So I was extremely pleased to see a single case of Star Wars Vintage Collection wave 3 figures had made it to my Target’s shelves last week.

Vault Review: Star Wars Vintage Collection: MagnaGuard

I was so happy with the General Grievous I bought last week that I decided he shouldn’t be the lone representative of the Vintage Collection on my shelves. So, I headed off to my local Toys R Us again to pick up another figure. This time, I was after Grievous’ bodyguard droids, the MagnaGuard, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Vault Review: Star Wars Vintage
Collection: General Grievous

I don’t buy a lot of Star Wars figures usually. I love Star Wars, but I’m just not as invested in it toy-wise like I am with DC or MOTU. But every once in a while I’m impressed by a figure so much that I just have to own it, and this Grievous figure is awesome!