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Sssqueeze Review


Blast-Attak Review


Tung Lashor Review


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Rattlor Review

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest Snakemen fan. In fact, I can’t even recall having a single Snakeman as a kid. I picked up all the MO2K Snakemen, but they didn’t do much to convince me. I’ve been hoping that Classics could warm my opinion of these

MOTU Classics.Com:
Snake Man-At-Arms Review

After writing up Spector’s review, I thought I was good to go on having to write about “controversial” MOTU figures for awhile. Well, silly me, I forgot about June’s Snake Man-At-Arms. Though he was slammed as soon as he debuted, Snake Man-At-Arms is actually a huge win

MOTU Classics.Com:
Kobra Khan Review (12 Pics)

Do my eyes deceive me? Is there finally another Snakeman in the MOTU Classics line? Yes! I was overjoyed to see Kobra Khan make his way into the line, a full year after the last Snakeman, no less. My wait would be a little longer though, Khan

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King Hssss Review


My Club Eternia subscription finally arrived yesterday and it’s starting to make these reviews a bit less timely, but with more King Hssss figures to be released next Friday, I actually feel like I’m a bit ahead of the games on this one! The only thing is, King Hssss left me feeling more or less underwhelmed.

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