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“Turn away, Tanglor, or you, too, will turn to stone!” – Snakeface to Sssqueeze, Masters of the Universe “Revenge of the Snake Men!” Mini-Comic (Tanglor was Sssqueeze’s pre-production name).

The vintage Snake Men are complete! The vintage Snake Men are complete! I’m so excited! So excited that I don’t even care that Mattel saved my least favorite Snake Man for last! I also don’t really care that they didn’t the one thing I absolutely wanted them to do for Sssqueeze. I’m just not sure if it’s because I’m over it, if Sssqueeze is good enough without it, or that I’m over it. Did I say that already?

Sssqueeze is kind of the Snake Men after thought. The Snake Men all came too late in the line to appear in the cartoon. Like some other Snake Men, Sssqueeze did show up in some of the other media, but as a member of the Horde. So, Sssqueeze is mostly relegated to the mini-comic appearances where he doesn’t get to do much except get abused by Rotar. He did appear in the MO2K series, though he got snakes for his hands and didn’t get a figure – Snake Crush Skeletor kinda stole his thunder.

In Classics, Sssqueeze finally gets his due. He’s a little late in getting here, but he received an almost entirely new figure. He re-uses his boot feet and the internal bits, but everything else is new. And that means that his hideously awful 80s costume is in full display. We’ve got some funky, overly ornamental boots, spikey football thigh-pads, all leading up to the main traffic armored undies and sports bra – but not matching because that’d be weird.

The truth is though, we’ve never seen it look so good. I’m still not totally sold on the half-armor look, but it’s done well here. The rest of the armor also looks sharp. It’s just a shame that we’re getting it so late when its reuse is limited. The scales would’ve limited the potential, but here’s hoping they have some Filmation thing I’m not remembering up their sleeve for these new bits.

The non-armored parts are all new as well, of course. Sssqueeze has some magnificent abs. His head sculpt is right down the middle of the road. It’s a solid vintage recreation while I want the more monstrous guys like to look, well, monstrous. Sssqueeze is kinda of reminiscent of the vintage TMNT figure Leatherhead… except that Leatherhead actually looked scarier. Damn. It’s not a bad sculpt, it’s just staying close to the source material unlike the update the armor received. Continue to Page 2…

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Sssqueeze Review

  1. Thanks for a great review and holy moly, a bunch of hilarious pics (I LOVE YOU GUYS).
    I kinda wish, they would have stuck with Tanglor – think of all the Sssqueeze/Tangled mashup art we lost 😉

  2. Great review and comics, as per usual. Although I think I’m a bigger fan of this figure than you are, Noisy. Loved the Vintage figure when I was a kid, and this version is suitably upgraded for my liking.

  3. Great review. I really wish I still had my old vintage Sssqueeze figure….in fact all my MOTU figures.

  4. As always a fun and great review and.boy got some reach, (no balling pick on figs I bet could dunk from full.court)

    Never owned original but never knew of him. 200x brought him to my attention though and after getvall I owned as a kid in classics on the get list to help finish factions and agree why no.normal arms. Oh well and still awaiting a mouth hinge on these guys that actually use there mouths.

  5. The 4H knocked Sssqueeze out of the park. Sure, a 200x inspired head, swappable arms and/or swappable snake head hands probably would have been enough to launch him into my top ten of MOTUC — that said, I personally don’t feel as though he’s “missing” anythiing — I got exactly what I wanted: a Classics update of the vintage counterpart. I think also the relief in knowing that the Snake Men faction is complete also adds a lot to him as well.

  6. While I too would have liked swappable arms, I can understand why we didn’t get them as I’m sure these cost a comparable fortune in the scheme of things.

    1. Much like the vintage line these figures are one ones getting the most new/unique tooling, rather than say He-Man, Tri-Klops, Man-At-Arms, etc, that all use the same basic parts! 😉

  7. I never really cared for this guy and I still don’t like thst his head looks like a crocodile instead of a snake (though still better than 200X t-rex Rattlor). But…..holy cow what Clayface is that??

    Got Callix in the mail today and he is FANTASTIC. Quite looking forward to that review.

    1. Clayface is the DC Superheroes figure, which came out alongside the early half of DCUC line. available in single or 2pk with a “mud slimed” Batman. He’s a bit hard to find, what with limited distribution and coming on the heels of the “yellowing Stay-Puft Man” fiasco.

      Mine still holds up after being in storage for two years…despite being one of several cases of mildew (mostly DC softer rubber figures with capes) and has “enjoyed” a week long soak in the tub with soap and water and even some vinegar. sigh…. >_>

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