Marvel Legends Ant-Man
Wave / Ultron Series Review

“Your friends are powerless to save you! The verdict has been reached! One must die!” – Grim Reaper, to the Avengers. Avengers #160 (June 1977).

There are too dang many Marvel Legends coming out!

A toy reviewer can barely keep up. I’ve got the Ultron wave laying around. The S.H.I.E.L.D. 3pk with Coulson is sitting unopened nearby. The Hulkbuster Wave is here. The Rhino Wave is in in-stock at BBTS. And that’s not to mention I never got to review that sweet three-pack with Radioactive Man & the new Ms. Marvel. And did I even do all the Thanos figures? I know I didn’t do the Hobgoblin or Odin figures…

Anyway, it’s enough to drive a guy crazy. So I thought I’d pull a page from the greatest toy reviewer ever, Michael Crawford, and review the waves in groups. I already reviewed the Ant-Man & the Ultron, so I’m going to run through the other five right now: Tiger Shark, Wasp, Giant Man, Bulldozer, & Grim Reaper if I can remember his name long enough…

The other thing that’s killing me about all the Marvel Legends these last few months is that I just seem to be unable to pass on them. I thought Hasbro upped their game with the Terrax/Return wave, but these last few waves have been wallet killers. What I think has finally set ML apart from the past is that Hasbro has put together a nice buck system. And it’s really on display in this wave.

Giant-Man has the basic body, Grim Reaper the more heroic body, Tiger Shark the bodybuilder body, and Bulldozer is on that giant-size body all the Wrecking Crew has used. These are all great sculpts with all the right articulation worked in, so Hasbro basically doesn’t have to worry about it. As long as the get the specific bits & paint right, they’re good. At least with the guys.

Wasp’s the one buck disappointment in this set. She’s still using one of the older Hasbro bucks with the squared off torso joint, skinny & easily warped limbs. I have a hard time getting her to stand regardless of what I do with the wings (which are really well done). Continue to Page 2…

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Wave / Ultron Series Review

  1. Wasp – the black must be slimming, as her thunder thighs aren’t as noticeable as on Scarlet Witch and the various Danvers using that same buck. also, her wings are a vast improvement over the TB version.(Too bad we have the X/4 moratorium/embargo going, I’d love to see a Pixie!) I do wish we had a couple costume variants coming, but it seems once they got to this black/yellow look, the fashion model heroine was no longer a fashion plate. I can only hope they use the just announced female Beetle hips for a FA Wasp.
    (and there’s always the chance of seeing that Ant-Man mid-credits spoiler in CW!)

    Giant Man – your paint is good? I’ve gotten two, and checked a few others, and the black is scuffed all over, and I’ve seen similar complaints on him all over. My only other complaint is he reminds me of the 7″ version that came in the 5″ Avengers set, and was redecoed for TB-ML7, and I keep thinking he’s bigger than he actually is. #realitydisappointment
    Maybe they should have used the Sabretooth buck for Pym, too?

    Tiger Shark and Grim Reaper – that “warpage” is actually molded on those bits. comparing my TS to others’ pics, they all have the exact same fin bends in the exact same place. GR’s scythe is also intentionally curved on handle and blade. I do wish the blade was a bit straighter, but it was molded that way.

    TS does make good use of the Sabretooth buck, with only a new head/fin and paint job. I hope we get a GotG CLASSIC wave with Yondu, if only so we can see that fin again! that MU ain’t going to be enough.

    Bulldozer is a nice addition and completes a small team (and a subset of the Masters of Evil!)…if only said team hadn’t “upgraded” to now include the respective son and daughter of PD and TB….
    (I want to ask “where’s our Frightful Four??” but again, the X/4 embargo.)

  2. Hi Noisy, as always, your comic strips are great!

    I only bought the Wasp from this wave (due to being tight with money… lots of great figures–but I agree I wasn’t taken away by Ultron either).

    I like her a lot, and am happy they ensured she could “look up”. I haven’t dug out my ToyBiz Wasp to compare. ToyBiz captured the fashions like Brainlock mentioned. I believe the reason we’re “locked into” this gold and black wasp is because that was the costume she wore when she died during Secret Invasion and wound up in Pym’s sub-atomic fantasy land. She’s presumed deceased in Antman movie (spoiler?)–and it’s ironic (a bummer?) that Secret Wars stuck and now Wasp’s “defining characteristic” is being… dead.

    The Thunder Thighs looked great on Catwoman, Captain Marvel, and Moonstone. I’d be fine with Janet van Dyne being more… petite (she was a fashion model in 80s, right?).

    However, my real issue with the “thunder thighs” is the limited articulation, though for Janet it isn’t much of an issue because she doesn’t karate-kick.

    1. well, the ToyBiz ML Wasp had three variants, the common black costume replicated here, the “chase” red costume, which seems to be fairly plentiful these days? and the UBER-rare “blue Wasp”, of which only a handful are known to have made it out of the factory (less than a hundred?) and go for several hundred to over a thousand dollars on the rare occasion one does pop up for sale.

      Beyond that, there have been several other versions, like the animated “Avengers: United We Stand” armored Wasp (TB), numerous HeroClix showcasing a number of Janet’s costumes (I had the red/white one, until the leg broke falling off a shelf. #sadness), and a few Hasbro MUs, whether the 3.75″ black costume, or mini-pack ins, as a Secret Wars Doom 2pk came with a purple/green version, I believe?

  3. Another great set. Hasbro is nailing these Legends — they’ve made me a collector of the line!

  4. Yes, they’ve established a ton of varying sized/styled bucks, which are all really tastefully and well-sculpted. The females are especially worth noting, as they all look, well, hot. lol (Still having plenty of articulation while not ending up looking like a marionette is a huge win in my book haha.)

    Anyways, building a pretty comprehensive buck library early on was way smart and now they can just run with it. Thankfully, they still spring for new sculpting as needed. (The recent Magik’s torso and left arm are just a few impressive examples of this.)

    1. That says a lot–the women figures looking “hot”. Nearly all of the face sculpts are unique* and look attractive. I’m embarrassed now by my old ToyBiz figs that I thought looked great.

      * Ms. Marvel, Gamora, and Moonstone share the same head sculpt (right?)

      1. The unhooded Gamora head I believe yes. The hooded one is new (or at least partially so).

  5. And yes, Tger Shark’s “head fin” is designed to be wavy. Fortunately, another reviewer mentioned this before I opened mine, so I wasn’t upset haha

  6. Minor technical quibble, but the buck used for Janet is actually a smattering of older and newer components. Yes, she utilizes the same arms as most of Hasbro’s female figures since the days of 2-pack Elektra and the ladies of S.H.I.E.L.D., thought her bust, while similar to theirs, has been newly modified with ports for the wings. Her lower legs and feet–which I personally find atrocious–were first introduced on the Jim Lee-style Jean Grey. Her lower torso and thighs are newer pieces shared by Scarlet Witch, Hellcat, and Misty Knight. (Contrary to Brainlock’s comment, both Danvers figures used the Moonstone thighs introduced in 2013.) Personally, I’m fine with all of it but the Jean Grey parts. Much as some folks hate the oft-used high heels, the flat-soled feet look undersized, pigeon-toed, and anything but heroic.

    1. I was questioning the thigh re-use. I guess I should have been clearer? it’s hard to compare a black limb to red and dark blue/gray ones I have on hand, but Wasp’s look a hair thinner. definitely thicker than the teen F buck legs (Jubilee, Spider-ladies), which Hasbro really should use on a few more shorter females. (Widow and Robin Sparkles have different legs with straps molded onto them.)

      I don’t have the T-bolts set with Moonstone (or Misty, yet), so TO ME the “thunder thighs” are pretty much for Danvers and several others after. Wanda and Patsy have them as well. Thundra and Valkyrie seem to be using a larger F buck, which I can’t find my Red Shulkie to compare them. (still pulling stuff out of storage, so it’s a mess here right now. I think I saw the 2pk Val the other day? but lost in shuffle. might have been the one of the mildew boxes I checked?)

  7. You’re a lot more forgiving than I am. They ALMOST did the Wrecking Crew right, but chose not to.

    They didn’t pick an era. I’d think this was supposed to be a classic Wrecking Crew (70’s-80’s) due to the styling of the other three, but Bulldozer’s helmet gear is pulled from the 90’s-modern version. Piledriver having gloves was just lazy/cheap: the only place I could find a reference for that was in the “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” cartoon.

    …and then there’s scale. They’re a few inches taller than Hank Pym, but not a whole head-and-a-half taller. Bulldozer should be about the size of the Tiger Shark in your photo of the wave.

    The ML Wrecking Crew don’t match each other and hey don’t look like they’re from the same toy line as most other Marvel Legends figures. It’s a shame because the head sculpts are mostly great. I’ve always wanted figures of the Wrecking Crew. I don’t think I’ll pick up Piledriver; I gave up when I could never find Thunderball.

    On the upside, I’d always wanted a Tiger Shark, and the one in this wave is terrific. Also, this is the first wave I’ve seen in a long while that looks entirely obtainable.

    1. I understand your height complaint although it doesn’t particularly bother me. I rather like that they’re intimidatingly large and while they may have an official scale the reality is various artists have taken A LOT of artistic liberty with how big they’re depicted.

      And I honestly never would have noticed the various costume differences, aside from Piledriver’s gloved. Bare hands would have been nice but his GLORIOUS sneer more than makes up for it for me.

      Seriously though, the ML Wrecking Crew have probably more personality in their face sculpts than 100 other toys put together. I wish more ML and toys in general came with facial expressions that good. Constrictor’s is pretty great too even if it’s not really true to the character. (Superior Spider-Man BADLY needed a smug Peter Parker alternate head.)

  8. …and I just realized where I’ve seen this Piledriver before, and suddenly, it makes a LOT of sense out of Hasbro’s choices for Marvel Legends in terms of which characters and versions to use.

    I THINK this Piledriver helmet was first seen in THUNDERBOLTS #1. I was doing a web search on Marvel Legends villains, and enjoyed the selection of classic villains: Radioactive Man, Speed Demon, Blizzard. I was also puzzled by non-classic versions of characters like Baron Zemo and the Beetle. (Here, I’m talking about the hulking, armored version rather than the recent female Beetle. That was still Hasbro, wasn’t it?)

    It hit me all at once: I know where I’ve seen these versions of these characters together before: Fabian Nicieza’s tenure as writer on THUNDERBOLTS after Kurt Busiek left the book. The Moonstone from the recent T-bolts boxed set is sporting a look that dates back to the Nicieza era. I’d wager these aren’t accidents; somebody must’ve been a fan!

  9. How many we are getting is a big stunner. I still have to finish UGG, Odin, Hobby, and just started Ultron and Thanos.(that wave went fast here, just snagged Hulk)

    I did get Bulldozer and dig him, have to get Tball and PD still (I know I know, cherry picked favs early and now.wish got after I ran across books.

    Grim Reaper remember more from the Avengers Arcade game. Tiger Shark saw fight Deadpool in a trade but any villian is.nice. Wasp i like but(and hope) another or 5 get made cause she has a giant wardrobe of suits. Giantman, hope.can find that set too to add the sizes but like and recall in.Avengers Academy. Moviie.Antman possible to.hang on to as looks to have suit in upcoming new October books. Ultron wanna finish

    Agree killing it with the Legends Hasbro is and hard not to say no to any. Even the Walgreens Rider henchman, I mean black.Ant and upcoming 1st Daredevil.(or if can swap with a correct masked Wolverine Dman) things looking up

    1. I agree that it’d be nice to see some other looks for the Wasp. She only has 500 or so.
      But me? I like her early early stuff. Her first Avengers costume was rad. So retro sci-fi cool!
      I do like how the Elektra buck has evolved. Almost all of it is gone now except the arms. Thank goodness, even though I like the setup of the Moonstone body better with bicep swivel and stuff, I actually like the Wasp’s body overall, and I hated Elektra so much.

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