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Ask Mattel September 1st
& Link Round-Up

Ask Mattel April 16th
+ Link Roundup

Vault Review: Brave &
the Bold Action League


I did my best to resist the tempation of Batman: Brave and the Bold Action League, but, now that those cute little versions of Batman & Co. have been exchanged for a broader DC Universe line, my willpower has finally lapsed. This week, I snagged Grodd and a couple others to see what I’ve been missing.

DCClassics.Com: SDCC
Plastic Man & Starro Spores


If asked to name my favorite DC Heroes, Plastic Man is on the list. He’s a been favorite of mine since I was a wee tot, largely because of his cartoon & Super Powers, but I appreciate the comic character too. I couldn’t wait to see him as a DCUC and I’m ecstatic that he’s finally here.

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