Bounty Hunter Week!
Star Wars Black Series #16 Leia (Boushh) Review

The articulation is a little hit & miss. There are ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, mid-torso, hips, & inverted ankles; swivels at the thighs and double-hinged knees. Most of this works well, but the costume design gets in the way in a few key areas. The legs have all the articulation you’d want, but the tight, semi-rigid plastic skirt piece isn’t kind to the ball-jointed hips. The arms are missing that key bicep swivel and while a ball-jointed elbow can uselessly make up for that, it’s harder her because of the sleeves blocking their range. Finally, the shoulders are just a bit frustrating though I can’t put my finger on why. They tend to spring back out of poses.

Boushh included her two trademark accessories, though I can’t tell you what the staff is – force pike? Electrostaff? I don’t know. It’s here and it’s fine. It’s not as gummy as I was worried about, but it is somewhat difficult for her to hold. Part of that is because the left hand is sculpted for the other accessory, the thermal detonator. I like that little ball enough, but I was worried I would lose it until I saw the peg on the belt for it! Thank you! Anyway, the staff can still be held in both hands as long as the right one is doing most of the work. The thing is though that Hasbro should’ve turned the wrist hinge sideways so she could hold the staff upright. That was a small oversight on their part.

Overall, this is still a really nice entry into the line. The sculpts are still solid and the attention to detail is noticeable and appreciated. Boushh just needed a little bit more love. I wish they would add more paint to the figures in general; SWB still reminds me of the early Hasbro attempts at Marvel Legends. The accessories are great and the level of articulation is nice, but some accommodations for the costume and the staff would’ve been helped the figure be a ton more fun to play around with. Oh, and they totally messed up the height. If you wanted another Leia, that stinks. If you wanted Boushh to hang with your Bounty Bros though, it’s great.

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7 thoughts on “Bounty Hunter Week!
Star Wars Black Series #16 Leia (Boushh) Review

  1. To head two quick things off…

    1) I know if I’m referring to the figure as Boushh, I shouldn’t say “she”.
    2) I know he doesn’t look like Red Skull. Consider it a shortcut so I can get out to Force Friday.

    That is all!

  2. Great review, funs comics: the usual great work!

    Yeah, I dunno, maybe Leia’s wearing lifts in her boots, or something. But, yeah, this version is significantly taller than the previous one. I’m gonna use this figure as Boushh, too. (I don’t care what Disney says, I keep what parts of the old EU stuff I want, and according to Shadows of the Empire Boushh was a real guy who crossed the wrong people, and then stuff happened, and Leia ended up with his old clothes.)

    And, yeah, the place this figure could’ve really used soft goods was on the skirt, to allow for better posing. I may have to fix that like I did with the 3″ version.

    So, right, then. I think I just want 6″ Black Series Dengar, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Amanaman, Aurra Sing, Embo, Cade Bane, and Seripas, and I think that will finish me off for Star Wars figure collecting. ‘Cause there ain’t much for Episode 7 that’s catching my attention. At all.

  3. I haven’t even seen her. 🙁
    I have seen other reviews complaining about the height. I think Slave was too short, so this one is slightly better. Yes, I know Carrie is like 5’2″ or whatever, that doesn’t mean LEIA is.

    I do think you missed out on a potential GotG crossover skit with the Power Stone/Gem and Thermal Detonator. not to mention the whole “Quill thinks he’s Han Solo” gag. #hindsight2020 LOL

    I didn’t even realize “Force Friday” was TONIGHT at midnight! I thought it was Friday NIGHT at midnight. ofw.
    Having seen some early hauls, already, I think 6″ Finn/Boyega, Rey?/Daisy, X-Wing Oscar are the new ones I’ll look for. maybe that “red mask” Not!JasonToddRedHood dude?
    I totally need a 6″ Gorwyn/Grunny. I have my reasons. \o/
    also Domhnall. (pronounced Donal, not Dom-HNall as some morons on YT keep saying. five SECONDS of research! esp video interviews with him or his da!)
    I haven’t seen them on any checklists, tho?

  4. My nearest Target had Jabba for $12. I finally caved at that price.

    No sign of Boushh Leia’s wave in my neck of the woods. Since most stores dumped their Star Wars sections weeks early in anticipation of Force Friday, I have a strong suspicion this is going to be a phantom wave. No Luke as Stormtrooper, no red-striped clones, no Leia as Boushh, no IG-88, and no Palpatine for me. Palpatine I’m not too worried about, since that robe looks like ass, but the rest I’m a little miffed to be missing out on. I don’t have a mad-on for bounty hunters the way some fans seem to, but despite its flaws, SW Black has been one of my favorite lines in recent years. It’s just been a pain to find anything other than Obi-Wan in the last year or so.

    I got out of work early for the holiday weekend today and hit 5 stores on my way home (3 Targets, a TRU, and a Walmart). Between the 5 stores, I saw 12 legit figures, most of which were the 5 POA dingbats. Walmart had 1 Kanan figure and a Kylo Ren lightsaber and that was it. That was it. TRU had a SWB Obi-Wan and a Ep7 Chewbacca. The last Target accounted for 5 of the twelve figures, 2 of which were Black Series Finn, the other 3 were those armor-up things.

  5. Admit I haven’t bought any other Black series figs since Han & Slave Leia. Most of the time, never saw any new figs. I did.have the classic fig back in the day so this maybe a get.

    Endor/Speeder bike Leia would indeed like.

  6. I cannot and will not buy “Slave Leia” such a stupid choice for her first figure, horrible paint on the face and they made her a dwarf. This one is much better, but the one costume I want for Leia is her “Rebel Commando” outfit from Endor in ROTJ. I’d settle for her dress and pastry hair from ANH or the Cloud City dress.

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