Huge Star Wars Black
Checklist Update
The Force Awakens!

It’s safe to say that Star Wars dominated this weekend. Force Friday was huge. And everywhere. Maybe my memory is faulty, but I worked several of these midnight Star Wars events back in my TRU days and we had a lot of stuff, but we didn’t have this much stuff. This tie around there’s a seemingly an unending barrage of tie-in merchandise! After this weekend, I can’t imagine there’s a single product that hasn’t had a Star Wars label thrown on it! Geez.

More pursuant to this site, the 6″ Star Wars Black Series didn’t have a ton of figures in stores. Most places just had the first wave of figures (Finn, Rey, Kylo Ren, the Stormtrooper, & Chewie). Some Meijers in the Midwest managed to drive many collectors crazy by sneaking in Wave 2 including my biggest want, Captain Phasma, as well as Poe Dameron, a dude named Constable Zuvio, and a really interesting, target-faced, Guavian Enforcer. I want that on sight alone. That’s nine figures. That’s impressive.

Then the pre-orders came. Case assortments for Waves 3 & 4 revealed five more figures while a list of retailer exclusives added eleven more! That’s 25 new Black Series figures if you’re counting at home. It’s like a monsoon after a drought.

So much stuff that it took me an entire extra day (I’m getting old) to get the checklist updated!

Phase 3 (2015-)

And, yep, Star Wars Black has finally joined the ranks of some other great 6″ toy lines with a more sprawling visual checklist! The original link will now serve as the landing page and let toy hunters see releases by year & packaging color. I did cheat a but that that massive “The Force Awakens” page. Instead of updating to the newer packaging look, it will stay thematically with the others page, just in red instead of blue or orange. Official images were available for all but the four figures from wave two and the five figures revealed in the wave 3 & 4 case assortments so there is plenty to see. Many images can be clicked on to see enlarged pics. And affiliate links are available for a couple of the pre-orders. There’s some fun stuff, so check it out!

Phase 1 (2013)

Phase 2 (2014-2015)

10 thoughts on “Huge Star Wars Black
Checklist Update
The Force Awakens!

    1. Also:

      Amazon: Four full-sized figures. Eighty bucks.
      EE: Three full-sized figures and a half-sized droid. Hundred bucks.

      It does not. Make. Sense. Lookathemonkey!

  1. ‘preciate this. Probably won’t be buying anything Force Unleashed (at least until I se the film!) but I like to know what’s available and no one does checklists as user friendly as yours.

  2. I finally went out today. not too much luck.
    first, smaller Walmart: probably a dozen Chewie and 20-? Kylo left. a handful of random 3.75″.

    Kmart: I could have assembled the 3.75″ Luke/Chewie droid, and the Poe droid was missing a Stormtrooper. not much else besides a few games.

    Walmart 2: still had table set out with booklets, coloring sheets, and a stack of napkins? (did I miss CAKE??)
    4x Finn and Rey, half dozen Chewie, and a FO Trooper.
    Rey’s “fudgecycle” and some speeder with fig, more 3.75″ figs to complete both droid sets, I think? lots of lightsabers and even Lego sets (giving a few more names! “Leach”-? with Falcon, rest were more “filler” figures.)

    I only grabbed Finn and Rey. He can fit in just about any line, and I saw a Poe in same outfit for 3.75 line, but not for 6″ line? simple head/hand swap and minor redeco.
    she has a martial artist feel to her. Not too impressed with her, but can’t help but notice the resemblance to a young Ms. Fisher…!

    not planning on buying a lot of these characters (yeah, I say that NOW…!) aside from Domhnall/Hux, and maybe “Asty” if that’s Grunny/Gorwyn’s last name? possibly Poe, too?

    also checked out two Walgreens, neither had any new toy stuff, save for one still sitting on eight Black Ants. I have a bad feeling we’re not going to see that yellow DD any time soon?
    also, no sign here of any HBIM ML wave, which some are finding there.

    1. should have double-checked the Phasma review. it’s HER with Luke for that droid, not Chewie. I guess he’s with Poe’s droid?

      kinda disappointed with the selection. prior releases have had DOZENS of individual characters, not A dozen, tops! and where’s the SW7 version of the classic characters besides Chewie??? at least a grey-haired Han! he was revealed in the trailer!

      1. oh, and I saw your Bossk Masher, too. not too bad.
        the Luke/Vader Masher 2pk leaves a little something to be desired on packaging, with that hand out in the middle! LOL

        I need another look at Yoda/Palpy, too. I got distracted by his lightning hands, and didn’t really look at the Yoda. oh well.

  3. For Phase 3, there’s a two pack Argos exclusive (UK release) with a Poe Dameron in civilian clothes and a Riot Control Stormtrooper.

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