Star Wars Black
6″ Scale Visual Checklist
2014 – Phase II

Visual Checklist & Reviews

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This visual checklist includes all figures released under the 6″ edition of Hasbro’s Star Wars Black line. This page features the blue packaged Phase II figures from 2014 and early 2015.

If an offsite review is available, you can access it by clicking the (via) link below the figure’s name. Offsite reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of IAT.

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Series Five
-Fall 2014-
Black Pauldron
Darth Vader
Episode VI
Luke Skywalker
Episode VI
Series Six
-Winter 2014-
TIE Pilot Yoda Clone Trooper Sergeant Obi-Wan Kenobi
(Reissue, #8)
Series Seven
-Spring 2015-
Han Solo
Series Eight
-Summmer 2015-
Luke Skywalker
Emperor Palpatine Clone Trooper Captain
Series Nine
-Summer 2015-
IG-88 Princess Leia Clone Cmdr Cody
-Fall 2014-
Jabba the Hutt Scout Trooper
w/ Speeder Bike
Han w/ Tauntaun Luke w/ Wampa
SDCC 2014
Summer 2014
Jabba the Hutt
w/ Accessories
Boba Fett
Cantina Showdown
(Toys R Us)
Shadow Squadron

Main | Orange/2013 | Blue/2014-5 | Red/2015-2016
Red/2016-2017 | 40th Anniversary/2017

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