Bounty Hunter Week!
Star Wars Black Series #10 Bossk Review

I’m still in. I’ve got a lot riding on this kill, and I need the cash. – Bossk, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lethal Trackdown” (2010)

With Force Friday coming up at the end of this week, I figured this might be a good week to get caught up on Star Wars! The Black Series Checklist is still shy the SDCC announcements and I’ve got more than a few 6” figures in my unopened pile. I’ve let go being a completist with the line – I just couldn’t spend $20 on that tiny off-model Yoda. I skipped the Emperor and the various Clone Troopers – well, heck, it’d probably be easier to point out which ones I did buy: the Bounty Hunters! (Though, what’s a guy gotta do to find a Wampa…?).

The Bounty Hunters in Star Wars – I don’t know why I like them. I like to make fun of them – so many of them seem to have this strange appeal despite doing basically nothing. Greedo’s toast nearly as he appears. Boba Fett gets Han giftwrapped, then gets accidentally bumped into and dies on screen – yet that blank slate created the ultimate badass. And the other Hunters… well, they did less than that. One’s a prop.

But yet, they’re such an interesting little subgroup. Though I’m not really familiar with any of it, the EU & subsequent shows have given some of them new life. It’s not really about that though. For me, it’s more about look and the scale. While I haven’t been impressed by the recent Lukes and don’t need an army of Troopers, I do like getting the aliens in 6” scale. I have a mostly 6” collection and the Bounty Hunters, being somehow cool in their own right, really add something to that collection. And first among those for me is Bossk.

Bossk is the coolest of the Bounty Hunter group that debuts in Empire (technically, Bossk’s figure came first, but that’s details). I don’t care about Boba Fett. IG-88 is funny, but not intriguing. Dengar is hard to love. And I don’t have much of anything clever to say about 4-LOM & Zuckuss (I’ll buy all the figures though). Bossk, meanwhile, is this cool lizard dude in a pretty sweet flight suit.

He also tends to get the cool toys. His vintage figure is a favorite. He’s had good upgrades over the years. Heck, even his “Hero Masher” is pretty darn cool. So it’s a no doubter that his 6” Black figure is swanky too. And the reason for all that? It’s because he’s got a not-costume costume. His suit is actually a real life Royal Air Force suit, High-Altitude Windak Pressure Suit. It can also be seen in an old Doctor Who episode and is worn by one or two other background characters (bring on BoShek!). There’s just an authenticity that comes through because of its origin. I love it. Wrap it on a very Star Trek looking alien and *boom*, I’m sold. Continue to Page 2…

13 thoughts on “Bounty Hunter Week!
Star Wars Black Series #10 Bossk Review

  1. Great review. You like this figure, and it shows in how much fun you’re having with him. I’m getting the SWB bounty hunters, too, and so far, I’m loving them. Three more to go from the ESB crew, then we’re into Aurra Sing and Amanaman territory. A 6″-scale Amanaman. Be still my racing heart. That would be — and I don’t say this often or lightly — awesome.

    Actually, you know what would be nifty? The bounty hunters from the Akira Kurosawa tribute episode of The Clone Wars. I’d buy those in a flash.

  2. Points for the DW trivia.
    …immediately deducted for no Gorn jokes. 😉

    firstborn had the original figure and Boba and IG88, and I somehow acquired him and 88 later. not sure when they disappeared, but long before the storage loss, I know that.

    Bossk is still fairly easy to find up here, as no one wants him (or black TIE pilots). I thought about some appendage swapping to make a more human pilot character like 6″ GI Joe Ace?, but as you note, it’s an original sculpt and I already have a spare X-Wing Luke for Ace.

    I’m hoping we get a 6″ X?-wing Gorwyn for another custom I have in mind, esp since Grunny is perfekt the role. now I just need an open shirt/deep v-neck on a thicker/stouter torso for Leo….
    (*NOT* WWF/E, as they’re to big.)

    btw, when do the SW7 figs go on sale online? not sure I want to run around at midnight anymore, even tho I’m up to 3-4am anyway.
    (need to go to bed now because early funeral Tuesday)

  3. Love that Bossk! Through a gift exchange at school, I had two of him as a kid; and this one’s more than a worthy update. Now if IG-88 shows up…

  4. Great review and a great figure that was worth the wait. I was a little disappointed in IG-88 though…he’s a little short, joints are wonky and loose, and the big hole in his head goes all the way through! I swore that wasn’t right…most ESB photos have his head turned a bit, and it’s hard to tell if the physical IG-88 had holes completely through his head. Of course, I believe the Roles-Royce Jet Engine (that his head is made of) DID have those holes, but still.

    1. Gotta agree with you. SWB6″ Iggy does seem a little short and loose in the joints. Having said that, they sorted out his knees pretty well without spoiling the sculpt, and the elbows, with their flexible ribbed covering . . . nice!

  5. I want to get Bossk, but have yet to see him in stores. And I look… in like 8 dozen different stores, I got access to 3 walmarts, 10 targets, 4 kmarts,8 toys r us and about 5 dozen walgreens. he is just not to be found in NY. I did get Jabba on Clearence for $13, regret not getting the speeder bike and scout for $17. Can’t bring myself to get slave leia for $10. maybe if she drops to $5.

  6. I’m a Star Wars fan but not a HUGE Star Wars fan. It’s one of those properties where I have no problem picking and choosing what I want.

    That said, Bossk is BY FAR my favorite character and I have a full blown mini collection dedicated to just him. I am thrilled that SWB did him this earlier and, for my money, that he turned out as one of the strongest figures in the line. I’m currently trying to hunt down Jakks 18″ version.

    Also…hero masher you say?

  7. Is it just me or did the paragraph about the sculpt get repeated – first at the top of page two then just above the flashy “all about the Bossk” image?

  8. Does Bossk always get the coolest figures??
    After that one I sent away for with 5 proofs of purchase back in the day, I have not kept up.
    But I am delighted that this is one of the best SWB figures we have, because I love the bounty hunters, and having a really good Bossk and Boba Fett makes me all kinds of happy. Like I’m lucky.
    And I am lucky. I always wanted nice 6-inch Star Wars figs and now I have some, and the ones I really want and buy, like the bounty hunters and the troopers, and all pretty darn good.
    I never had Dengar or 4-LOM & Zuckus back in the day – Boba and Bossk and IG-88 make me so happy – but I am dying to get them now.

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