Force Friday!
Star Wars Captain Phasma 3-3/4″ Figure Review

So, against my better judgement, I went out for Force Friday tonight. This morning? Yesterday? Speaking of, I need to go to bed…

Anyway, I wasn’t going to buy anything so I should’ve stayed home. On the outside, I thought there might be a chance to find the Star Wars Black 6” Captain Phasma. Of all the figures revealed so far, she’s really the only one that I really want (& maybe that weird Target-faced bounty hunter guy. He’s weird). So I ventured out to see if that was going to show up at all. My Target didn’t reopen, so they were out. My TRU did open. There was a healthy line of 20 people and I figured, even if they got a Phasma… well, I’m not really into running through a TRU. So Wal-Mart it was! I hit up all three just to see the lay of the land.

None were busy. The last one did have a pretty rad employee actually manning a table with swag & cake and talking up all the Star Wars goodies to the people of Walmart at 1am. They all pretty much had the same stuff. Giant pre-filled displays. For Star Wars Black 6”, they only held the five figures form wave one and, strangely, were only one figure deep. The whole four foot, three shelf display – one figure deep. Crazy. There were a lot more of the little guys, but only one figure seemed to be drying up. Captain Phasma.

As long-time readers know, I’m weak. Not finding a 6” Phasma and scarcely running across a 3-3/4” Phasma made for a terrible stew in my collector brain and, of course, one came home with me. You already know that because we’re several paragraphs into the review! (I also bought a First Order Stormtrooper. I pretty much expected myself to do that. Troopers are hard to pass up).

The 3-3/4” figure is pretty swanky for what it is. First off, it’s actually 4-1/4” thanks to the actress playing Phasma, Brienne of Tarth – sorry, Gwendoline Christie. She’s one of my favorite parts of Game of Thrones and I don’t know if we’ll see her unmasked in Episode 7 or if she’ll get to truly be menacing, but I hope so. Talented actress & great costume are taken care of, so let’s hope her role measures up. Continue to Page 2…

11 thoughts on “Force Friday!
Star Wars Captain Phasma 3-3/4″ Figure Review

  1. Well, I certainly know that feeling. The “I want this character but the version I want isn’t here, soooo…” and then you end up with something like this.

    Looks nice, though! I’m just spoiled by action figure articulation over the years. I would have had NO problem with this, back in the day! Probably would have used it all over the place. Now, though, my adult hands wana move joints around and pose things because that’s what an ADULT DOES. Probably. Does an adult also make shooting noises and stage battles? I’m gona assume they do.

    Seriously though: CURSE THEM for making a silver stormtrooper with a cape and making it a named character! How did they know that would be an easy way into my heart?

  2. The Disney Store has a diecast Phasma in 6″ scale (also slightly larger because of Brienne of Darth). It’s supposedly fully articulated as well. I’m definitely picking that up as the thought of a metal Phasma blows my mind-hole. It doesn’t look chromed either, unfortunately, but metal will certainly ease the blow.

  3. Hang on. You got this for $6?? Have Star Wars Black figs gone down in price? I thought they were all $10!

    1. Sorry. I just realized that this isn’t one of the SWB line. It’s “just” the standard Star Wars fig line. Hopefully another Phasma will come out with SWB.

  4. Neat. I’m psyched to see this listed as an upcoming Black Series 6-inch figure, ’cause I think the design is pretty slick, and I love the Troopers.

  5. Cool Review! Yeah I was dissapointed when I found out that the new 3 3/4 size figures were gonna have 5 POA but upon seeing them the sculpts are really not bad. Not sure if I’m gonna bite on any of them but sculptwise I think they did pretty good. I picked up a BS Kylo and Stormtrooper this morning but didnt go to any of the midnight events. By the way as far as who had more stuff between WalMart and Target, Target wins by a landslide.

  6. I didn’t go out either, mostly because I thought it was tonight, not last night, also I found out my mistake at 1:30am. ofw.
    I didn’t go out today, either. maybe tomorrow.

    I *did* just read today’s BBTS newsletter with their sales, and they have wave 2 listed with “Guavian Enforcer” as the only name I don’t recognize. pretty sure the wide-brimmed hat dude is “Constable Zuvio”. by process of elimination, this has to be that Red Hood wannabe guy. Phasma is also in this wave.

    Wave 4 has “General Hux” (Domhnall Gleeson?) and “X-Wing pilot ASTY” (??? Grunny is “Gorwyn” I understand?) with First Order Snowtrooper.

    the 5poa figs I can pass on. $6 is about right for them, but I can’t care.

  7. Gaaawwwd…6″ Black Series Phasma is going to be suuuuch a pain to get.

    I’ve got a comic con to go to next weekend. I don’t wanna imagine how much vendors are going to have her for, but I have a sneaking suspicion that one of them is gonna catch me in a moment of weakness and she’ll be coming home with me.

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