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NECA Predator:
Wasp Predator Review

I feel like I’m rehashing a bit getting into the body details since I’ve reviewed this figure both as the Albino Predator and the Hive Wars Predator already, but here’s the gist. The details are top notch and capture the Jungle Hunter pretty well. He’s one of my favorite not-primary color NECA figures. The articulation is very good, but I do want more. We’ve got ball-joints in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles, waist & thigh swivels, and the double-hinge knees. I know it wouldn’t look great aesthetically, but I always miss the ab crunch on these figures. Oh, and bicep swivels – ball-elbows just don’t cut it sometimes. Admittedly, I am able to get some great poses with what’s here though.

I did have one slight QC issues (my first for this line). The left hand likes to pop off it’s ball-joint with the slightest pressure. The pics were theWasp Predator is holding his staff were a pain to get because the wrist just kept popping off the ball on the forearm. I’m going to have to do some work on that joint here after the review.

The big, cool thing about Wasp Predator, other than his swanky color, is easily the new staff he sports. It’s take directly from Dead End, though it’s been re-proportioned a bit to bring it a little better scale with the two toy lines. The result is fantastic piece. I’m really not a fan of staff accessories – the 4H have kinda warn me out on staffs in MOTU & DC Classics, not to mention their own lines, but this one is just too novel. It’s basically a decapitated Xenomorph head on a pike. I’m not exactly sure what metal has to be used for that to work out with the Alien blood everywhere (NECA went full-on, sculpting & painting innards under the head), but I love it. It is a little sloppy paintwise, but I can chalk that up to the subject matter this time. While Nightstorm & Hive Wars had to say goodbye to their staffs, Wasp will get to keep his on display for sure.

Overall, this another fun piece in the Predator line. I do feel a little bad for ignoring this line for so long, but I guess the Lost Tribe of Predators or the Super Predators from the newer film just never caught my fancy the way these Kenner & Dead End Predators do. I can’t complain though because these came at the right time: NECA updating their bodies with better articulation and sharper quality control really helped them to make some fantastic figures this past year. The fact that they’re coming out in bright blues and yellows is just icing on the cake for this 80s/90s kid.

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14 comments to NECA Predator:
Wasp Predator Review

  • Cool review! I don’t think I’ll pick up this guy in particular, but I’m definitely keen for the Armoured Lost Predator and even toying with the Thermal Vision Dutch.
    Maybe the lack of mask on the Albino Predator is so they can eventually do a masked regular release one?

  • Great review, great pics, nifty toy.

    Wish these had started coming out in 2007. Might be collecting these instead of TransFormers & G.I. Joe if they had.

  • Brainlock

    What, no YellowJacket or Wasp for more insect gags? 😉
    This deco looks cool and the Alien head makes it even cooler.
    I’m going to have to hunt some down soon.

  • Jon

    Very nice review!

    While I do love Wasp, I have to agree I am ready for some new bodies (or at least parts) in this line. Looks like we are probably going to get the same bodies for series 12 and 13, but from what I have seen of the AvP stuff they look to have an ab crunch and double elbows. So by S17 we’ll be buying these all again! ><

    The colorful Aliens and Predators never get old, though I'm still deciding on the shot up Aliens in the two-packs. Hmmm.

  • 3B

    I’m with you Noisy. I was never into the line when it was just the lost Preds, but the updated JH, inclusion of Dutch and Dead End & Kenner Preds have sucked me in!

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    Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, very nice post.