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Eternia Ram Man Review

There is a second head included though and I kinda think Mattel missed an opportunity with that head. That head features Ram Man with the metal “skull cap” that was shown in the MO2K series. It’s basically an unhelmeted version. It’s the same sculpt essentially, but instead of whatever connectors the regular head has for the helmet, this second head featured the molded skullcap.

Mattel and the 4H might’ve been better suited to look into making the second head and a different expression, going for the open eyes of Filmation perhaps, and made it so that the helmet could be put on either face. I ‘d likely still only use the squinting head, but that would’ve opened up the possibilities for the figure while adding very little cost. I also dislike the unhelmeted head because, with no proper neck sculpted on the figure, it appears to float there when displayed.

My Ram Man was painted very well; probably one of the best painted figures I’ve seen in the last few months. He’s largely molded in the appropriate colors, but the details all feature some nice paint decos. I think the only oddity is some air bubbles in the silver paint on Ram Man’s armor.

Despite being an all-new tool, Ram Man features the same basic articulation that we’re used too with minor differences. The biggest change is the ball-joint on the knees. The new ball-joints are a nice touch and work well with the sculpt, but the range is less than that of a normal knee due to the figure’s bulk. That same bulk affects a number of joints on the figure, but he’s still able to get into some great poses thanks to his size allowing for some great “single foot” poses and the great range on the neck joint.

Ram Man included one accessory, his trusty axe. It’s a nice sculpt, but I had a little trouble getting the weapon into in his hand, it’s snug at best. The axe can also be stored on his back if you prefer, but I think I’ll be tossing mine into the extras box and posing him with brute force and intimidation as his key weapons.

Overall, I have to say Ram Man is a good, if not great, figure. I am feeling a little underwhelmed – which I knew would happen – because we really piled so much on to this guy before his release. While I appreciate the figure, there’s this big “he’s here, now what” feeling that I just can’t shake. Maybe I should keep to that myself because he’s a well-done figure, better than plenty of recent offerings. I just wish we didn’t get so keyed in on the “most important figure we don’t have”, but that’s just our collector nature, I suppose.

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22 thoughts on “MOTUClassics.Com Club
Eternia Ram Man Review

  1. Looks cool. I might track him down later.

    I’m not 100% on your neck complaint, maybe a shot with his head turned or another angle would have showed the lack of neck off better?

    the “bruiser” body dos look good, but unfortunately, there are no other character that could use this body. of course, now they’ll start getting calls/cries for the entire line to be redone with the ball-joint knees! LOL

    and you had to go for the obvious joke? 😉

    1. I figured, why not?

      The first picture on page two shows what I was trying to say about the head. It just looks like it’s floating above the armor and not attached.

      1. I just think it would have shown better if you had turned the head or taken a shot from the back. yes, it does look like the head is ‘floating’, but the alternate angle would have shown it off better.

        and yeah, I was wondering why they didn’t do it as a removable helmet, like ML6 Juggernaut. That way, they could have seen the problem with no obvious neck.

        or not.
        (re: JL U-legs)

    2. had they done a big body buck from the get-go, they could have done leech and extendar on it, and there are a couple filmation guys too that could have used that buck. even now, extendar would likely re-use the fists, biceps, hips, and the upscaled pegs, possibly the torso too.

  2. man, i hope the next “gotta have it guy!” is two-bad, cuz that’s logical, and i do want him… but you know me, my next GHIG is extendar.

    1. I’d sign onto that wish for Two-Bad if I thought there was a shot at getting the MYP heads and their separate bodies. Given that we haven’t been granted a MYP Roboto head, I consider the few MYP touches we’ve gotten as rare gifts rather than the norm. I’m just not a big enough fan of the Classic version Two-Bad to be excited about it, and I have a fear he’d turn out too corny under that type of design edict.

  3. I think the figure is awesome, but I totally agree about the second head. My first thought on seeing it in the SDCC pictures: “Why does he look like a Dick Tracy villain?”

  4. Man, after getting cussed out by Stratos (hilariously), was it really necessary to call the big guy a “100% tool”? I always thought he was quite the gentleman, besides that whole “fighting-He-Man-and-breaking-into-Grayskull” incident.

    I agree, the eyes are just as they should be. It gives him just enough edge and character to preserve some of that grittier side of MOTU.

        1. i must be slipping, i read the review twice and missed that sentence. 😉 though, scott’s the only guy involved with motuc who’s a 100% tool.

  5. Man, poor Optikk must be needing a LOT of Visine right now. Love them pics!

    A local TV station is running the cartoon on Saturday mornings in an old infomercial slot. Watching it again, I could have sworn that Rammy turned up as part of the regular cast alongside the likes of Orko, but I’ve yet to see him. I remember getting the original figure back in ’83 and thinking how awesome he looked in his mini-comic, only to later show up on TV as a short dude who sounded more like a doofus.

    So yeah, I’m very happy with the figure and he was darned well worth the wait! But it ain’t over ’till we get every character from the vintage line. Chronologically, where the $%#! is Two-Bad? He’s long overdue. And I still hope to see tail-end guys like Ninjor, Saurod, and freaking BLADE! Anthony De Longis himself, heck yeah!

  6. Great review, great photos, great comics!

    I reckon they could get two Ram-Man variants out of this mould: Cross-Sell Colours and MYP colours. I’d buy both!

    I’d also love to get a spare so I could paint him mostly black and grey, and turn the figure into Brute Man, Ram-Man’s evil cousin. (‘Cause his new head sculpts remind me of Rondo Hatton.)

    And if they’re gonna do Two-Bad, I would prefer the Millenial-style version, and also separate Tuvar and Bhaddra figures. And a transparent “Stealth Cloak” Tuvar.

  7. Placing my vote for three total figures out of Two-Bad, too!

    Speaking of re-use, what about Sagitar?… Couldn’t he re-use the arms?…

  8. “Ugh eyegoop” Poor Optikk.
    Having the small collection I have he would be a welcome addition. Could think up some fun to use with him since like to adjust my shelves and change poses. If had a juggernaut or a good DC equal would have a crossover battle easy.

    The no neck is weird but can deal.

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