Onell Design’s Glyos System:
Gobon Review (25+ Pics)

In addition to his basic build and compatibility, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the “Gobon Blaster”. It’s typically sold separately and comes partnered with the “Phase Arm” (check out the Onell Store for some examples. The blaster can be split into two parts, the ball and the disc. In its simplest form, the blaster is designed to replace one of the Gobon’s hands, but once you have multiples you can go crazy and make use of the two pieces six connectors (five female, one male).

A Gobon will set you back about $15 $10 when they’re available at the Onell Store (none are currently, unfortunately). It’s a little steep when you hear it, but having him in-hand will likely assuage any concerns. He’s only 3″ tall, but he’s a hefty 3″ easily outweighing his Glyos brethren and the unique pieces (the large disc, the bowl-shaped chest, etc.) really add to the play value and increase the range of what can be built out of Glyos pieces.

And that last part there is what I’m really learning that Glyos is more about. I may seek to assemble the likes of DC Classics and MOTU Classics on my toy shelves, but Glyos isn’t just about catching them all (it’d be notoriously difficult even if you had the resources). They’re cute and collectible to be sure, but you really can’t discount the building component when factoring in the price. $15 for a Gobon may sound steep, but he’s provided me with a lot more joy and entertainment than even some of my favorite similarly-priced DC Classics. We need to make up a statistic for “play time”, because I guarantee Glyos are far cheaper per hour of enjoyment than just about toy out there today.

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21 thoughts on “Onell Design’s Glyos System:
Gobon Review (25+ Pics)

  1. yeah… this photo battery is excellent. showcases the diversity of the pack.

    you’re the math guy noisy, i think it falls on your shoulders to devise the “time on task coefficient” to start calculating play time as an calculatable quantity vs the price tag of a toy.

    1. Thanks! I like these galleries, but I’m gunshy because the plugin is sensitive to site changes. I’m trying to work on a better way to incorporate the galleries.

      If we’re going to try to come up with a formula, we have to determine a value for display and a value for play. How much value does a figure accrue sitting on the shelf behind me versus one on my desk that occassionally takes flight or punches the guy next to him?

      1. we need to calculate a minimum wage… a per time number for dollars earned while idle, and then a different wage for when the figure is “on the job.” then just a basic calculation of hours spent… like, when you and i are sitting at home, idle, we’re not only not earning, we’re generating expense.

        maybe the fig should generate expense at the cost of square footage taken up by it’s “footprint” as a percentage of available display space. so like if your display space is a 5 foot by 1 foot shelf, 100% of your display space is 720 sq in… so let’s say ramathorr takes up takes up 6 inches square, it takes up .8% of my display space. if i were to calculate the total expenditure of my sitting around the house, i blow roughly 6.25 a day (removing time to sleep, weekends, and holidays… so in essence, the hours of the week where i could be working, but don’t.) that means ramathorr, as a display toy, costs me $.05 a day. now, if you’re a player, i’d weigh play time as worth more than idle time… but not everyone is. if idle time was represented t, i’d use 2t as play time. i’d use my 6.25 calculation and multiply by 2t, or in this case, 1,6%… so play time w/ ramathorr is worth $.1 per day.

        or should the size ratio remain the same and an additional factor be employed for the time spent playing multiplied by the shelf space ratio multiplied by expense of the toy? this is why math is not my field. or maybe, the toy’s value should be calculated as a percentage of one’s wage, and THEN multiplied by the time handling ratio and we leave the space percentage calculation completely out. or would we use the buyer’s wage, divided by cost of the toy, multiplied by the space ratio, and THEN divide by the remainder of time available for play minus time actually spent playing.

        1. LOL!

          Here’s a simple equation: you should be able to get one minute of fun out of it for every dollar spent.
          Onell Design figures usually go way over this mark.
          Compare it with an old McFarlane figure or NECA statue that just goes on a shelf forever.
          My own personal best value for the dollar ever is probably a crazy Kenner Police Academy figure or something nuts. But Pheyden is creeping up on the title…

  2. Damn, looks like another line of figures I’m going to dip into. All these weekly reviews are a plot to drain my wallet!

  3. Noisy – man, I wish I had never seen this review. I’ve looked at your past Glyos reviews and I THOUGHT I had known about all this stuff for a while, but I’ve never seen that Gobon before. I went back through your other reviews and that guy pops up in the background sometime.

    Glyos have always been a toyline I respected but never collected. I really liked the independent angle and how these had been of notable success; but the actual toys themselves never appealed to me visually. Combining, very cool, but the look was a turn off.

    So now you post Gobons and the whimsical nature speaks to me. I see these are from 2009 and long gone from the Onell store. I can only find one on ebay in the past 30 days and it was a custom.


    I know I’ll end up tracking some of these Gobons down

    *Shakes fist at you* NOISY!!!!!

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