Vault Review: S.H.
MonsterArts’ Mechagodzilla 2

Just a couple weeks after Bandai’s Godzilla release, the second figure in the SH MonsterArts line is already here.  I’m glad I didn’t have to wait too long.  My Godzilla was getting bored just beating up all of my Revoltechs.  Now he has a challenge.

For his first incarnation in the MonsterArts line, Bandai chose to go with the second version of Mechagodzilla.  As far as I know this version of the character only appeared in one movie so far, the aptly named Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II.

Realizing that the super jet Garuda couldn’t repel the threat of Godzilla and the other Kaiju on its own, the UNGCC (United Nations Godzilla Countermeasure Center) set out to create a new weapon.  They used technology recovered from the wreckage of Mecha-King Ghidorah, reinforcing it with an artificial diamond coating and a wide array of offensive weaponry, Mechagodzilla 2 was born.

The first thing that jumped out at me was just how much bigger than Godzilla this figure is.  Not only is he a bit taller, but his body is much thicker and wider too.  This sets a great precedent for the line that Bandai is going to hopefully make these figures in the correct scale with each other.  Figures like King Ghidorah and Destoroyah will definitely be more expensive, but they’re going to look kick-ass on the shelf together!

Mechagodzilla may be smooth to the touch, but his sculpt is just as detailed as Godzilla’s.  From the large armor plating that represents his muscles to the small circuitry-like panels on his neck and head, this figure is definitely movie accurate.  His back is covered in rows of spines, which are actually a bit sharp.  They even sculpted raised tread-like lines and plates on the bottom of his feat, which I don’t even remember seeing in the movie.

Mechagodzilla’s head is probably his most detailed area.  There’s the panel work I mentioned before, which includes vents and rivet-like indentations, but there’s also his translucent orange eyes that have vertical lines sculpted into them.  His rows of serrated teeth are always visable, but when you open his mouth you can see the nozzles of his Mega-Buster beam emitter.

One of the cool selling points of Mechagodzilla was that Bandai used die cast metal parts in making him.  Unfortunately it’s only his feet, ankle guards, and the ribbed joints in his elbows, waist, and knees.  I was really hoping for his torso to be metal, but I think that would have definitely pushed him very close to the hundred dollar range.  As is, these metal parts are still a nice touch, and the feet add to his pose ability by giving him a low and weighted center of gravity.

Mecha G’s paint job is incredibly simple.  The figure seems to be molded in a gray plastic and his entire body was covered with a shiny metallic coating which easily matches the real metal of his feet.  They also went back in and airbrushed some of his areas with a very light layer of metallic black for shadowing effects.  Usually I’m not a fan of fake shadows, but it worked really well here and it’s really easy to miss the fact that they’re painted on.

I do have a couple of scratches on mine where one part touches another, but I’m not sure if that happened at the factory or when I was playing with him.  So be careful when you’re moving him around, just in case.  Continue to page 2…

14 thoughts on “Vault Review: S.H.
MonsterArts’ Mechagodzilla 2

  1. Excellent review, excellent pics, dang nifty product, as always. Mixed feelings about this line you’re covering. Sad that I can’t own them myself, glad that I won’t have to spend money on them or find space for them.

    Incidentally, are you going for a psychiatric / talk show theme on these Japanese monster toys? “This week on the Kaiju Kouch . . . .” Or are you just reliving by proxy the post-binge catatonia of Thanksgiving, collapsing on the sofa chock full of tryptophan? Man, living in England now, I sure as Hell miss Stove Top stuffing, cornbread and pumpkin pie . . . .

    1. Thanks Beedo. Sadly, Mecha G’s metal feet are so heavy that none of my stand would hold him, and his own leg joints weren’t strong enough either. So instead of flying mode I had him lay on the couch, and I put him in the chair so everyone could see the textures on the bottom of his feet. But I like your ideas better.

      I didn’t know they didn’t have any pumpkin pie in England. It’s definitely a crime not to get Stove Top stuffing though. If you’re craving it, give me an email ( I can set you up with a care package. 🙂

      1. Most kind of you, mate, thank ‘e! I can get hold of Libby’s tinned pumpkin a couple of different ways and make a couple of pies myself, but I miss just being able to go down to the supermarket and pickup a ready-made pie. We’ve just this year discovered pumpkin soup, apparently, and that’s quite nice. The supermarket chain Sainsbury’s* has a form of cornbread in their Mexican ready-meals line, but it’s nothing great, and gritty as a gravel driveway.

        As for the Stove Top, that’s very kind, but they’ve been cracking down on sending food by mail the last couple of years. I’ve had a few shipments of English chocolate which I sent over to my pals in Ohio and Maryland go missing, because apparently England is crawling with Mad Cow, Foot-And-Mouth, and terrorists disguising C4 as Cadbury bars, and all food products going into or out of the USA must be confiscated and destroyed. So I’m afraid I’ll have to pass, mate, otherwise your money may be wasted.

        But still, it’s a kind offer, and it doesn’t pass unappreciated!

        * Made famous on the internet by the health-and-safety product warning on their packs of dry-roasted peanuts: “Warning: May contain nuts.”

  2. Great review. I was going to buy this one, but you’ve actually steered me away.

    Who makes that sofa and chair?

    1. Thanks. Why’d you decide against getting him?

      The chair and sofa come in a set from Hobby Lobby. They’re a bit expensive, but every couple weeks they put a 40% off coupon on their website.

      1. It’s a couple of things:
        you said you’re “pretty happy” with the figure and that says to me that the figure’s good but not great. I’ve been collecting for a long time and ive got a lot of figures that are good-but-not-great and stuff like that just ends up in a storage container after a few weeks. when you’re looking at 30+ large containers of just good/okay stuff like that (which I am), you start get pickier about what you buy..

        I’m a big G-fan from my youth and I was really looking forward to these but I’m not a fan of he revoltech style, which it seems these are. Revoltechs are less action figures and more pose able statues, given the increased amount of time and effort those take to pose. They’re frustrating and it would take a lot for me to buy something similar. Plus, like you, I prefer the Tokyo SOS version. And, you seemed disappointed in the Godzilla figure. I don’t see the point in getting mecha g if I’m not even going to Godzilla.

        Plus,while I’m generally pro-1:12 scale, I feel like Godzilla figures needed to be at least 1:6, even if it doubled the cost. Any Godzilla I buy needs to tower over my chogokin grendizer and gaiking. Anything different just doesn’t feel natural.

  3. Another great review, Vault! As expected.

    I’m starting to feel a little sorry for your Gigan, he seems concerned about his size compared to the Monsterarts figs. Knowing Gigan that’ll just make him more mean.

    And don’t forget, Godzilla Vs. Megalon comes out this month (Region 1)..or…huh. wait. It was originally sked’ed for 11/11, then pushed to 12/16/11, but now there’s no date and …. TOEI!! AARRGGHH! What are you doing?!

    (actually it might be Mediablasters/Tokyo Shock. They have a real serious problem with slipping street date and not really talking about it)

    I’m really not keen on Bandai’s multi-tier approach currently in in use. Those add-on parts for Mecha G really should be included but it would likely double the price. And I guess this is supposed to be the ‘inexpensive, accessible’ toy line.

    Man, I’m so burned up by all this license war stuff. I really hoped for a Revoltech Jet Jaguar and maybe some Gargantuas.

    1. Thanks Steve.

      Godzilla vs. Megalon is definitely one of my favorites. I may have to pick that up. I really wish they’d bring over Godzilla Island though. That’s what I’m really waiting for.

      Jet Jaguar is off the table for the Revoltech folks. They might be able to do articulated Gargantuas eventually though.

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