Vault Review: Transformers
Prime Starscream

After a couple of weeks hunting, I was finally able to pounce on a fresh Transformers Prime case at my local Toys R Us.  Arcee was already on my to-buy list, but Starscream was just too tempting to leave behind.  And now I’m going to gush about him.

Transformers Prime Starscream is your typical Starscream archetype.  Megatron’s second in command, he wiles away the hours plotting ways to seize command of the Decepticons.  He’s also still a coward, resorting to battle only when forced into it or when he thinks his side has the upper hand.  He’s not as whiney as G1 Starscream though, which I’m definitely glad for.  He’s also a bit more dangerous and less comical, even becoming dangerous when backed into a corner by the Autobots.

I’ve been pretty impressed with the Prime toys so far.  The designers have done a fantastic job with folding a decent sized robot into a vehicle that’s much smaller than you’d expect.  The real amazing part is that both robot and vehicle modes are generally spot on.  I loved Arcee, and even liked Bumblebee enough to not get rid of him.  Now with Starscream, I know I’ll be fighting the urge to pick up as many Prime characters as I can find.

I really love Starscream’s thin and sharp design.  Even the Transformers Animated Starscream had a little bulk to him, but Prime Starscream almost has that same feminine look that they gave to Arcee.  Of course it doesn’t help matters much that he has real high-heels and not just jet thrusters.  Also, his super long fingers give him a delicate yet creepy appearance.  I’ll be very interested to see the rest of the Seekers in this style.  It also gives me hope that we may finally get a Slipstream with such a feminine design.

Starscream’s head sculpt is also great.  Like the other Prime figures, those robot lips don’t come off as wrong looking on an actual 3D representation.  In particular I love Starscream’s half smile/sneer.  It goes really well with his devious looking eyes.  And I never noticed this until I had the toy, but he actually has some very large and menacing eyebrows.  Unfortunately, the spike that goes up the middle of my Starscream’s head is smashed and a bit bent at the top.  There’s no way to see this from the package since he’s in jet mode, but I don’t actually mind it too much.  I think it gives him a bit of crooked charm.

Starscream’s paint job is mostly made up of molded pieces that are either light gray or a dark bluish gray.  These dull colors are broken up by some metalics and the striking red and blue highlights.  One thing I found interesting is the face on his chest.  There are actually pupils sculpted into the two eyes.  Continue to page 2…

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Prime Starscream

  1. I guess this is a real Transformer to “male” (if a robot can have gender) to more female look 😛

  2. Excellent review, and some great photos from some angles you don’t see covered in the promotional images. Which is why I probably won’t be picking this up, even if they do a redco called Slipstream. Too much undercarriage junk in jet mode for my liking. Also, it looks a bit like what would happen if Mad Max movies used planes instead of cars.

    While I think about it, how does this Starscream compare to the Classics / Universe / Henkei Seekers in terms of size in both robot and jet modes? ‘Cause if they’re comparable enough, a Slipstream might tempt me to make a purchase, but if she’s half-sized in jet mode and basketball-player-like in robot mode, ferget it.

    1. Thanks Beedo. I’m not sure how he stacks up against the Classics Seekers. I’ll have to Noisy borrow him to take pics, since he has those.

  3. Seekers not sweeps. Just small correction. However love your site, (just started following) and was glad to see this one online! 😀

    1. Ah, yeah I guess I had sweeps on the brain. Thanks for the correction. Also, glad you like the site. 🙂

  4. Great review and I’m glad you like him!

    I, too, believe they made Starscream thin to give him that creepy look and feel, and it suites him perfectly. I’d also would gladly pick up the seekers if they released them. If they do make a Slipstream version down the road then I’d want them to either tweak the mold (to make it look more feminine, like Arcee) or just make her a new figure.

    Also, Vault, if you see Cliffjumper, pick him up. He’s amazing and fun.

    1. Thanks Mose. Slipstream would definitely need a new head, and a new chest wouldn’t hurt either.

      I can’t wait to get Cliffjumper! I’ve been staking out my TRU for the last few weeks and they just aren’t putting him out. I missed our first shipment of the Arcee/Starscream box, all that was left was too many Bumblebees. Hopefully I won’t miss out on Cliffjumper too.

  5. Nice review! I just finally found the first edition wave at the TRU near my job this past weekend. And finall got around to opening up Starscream today! He’s truly impressive considering he’s a Deluxe. I was going to hold out for the Voyager class version, but this one was so highly regarded on the various TF podcasts, I had to pick him up and he does not disappoint.

    I chomping at the bit for the rest of the line to be released!

    1. This is the same argument a friend of mine makes (and why he refuses to watch “Prime” and goes as far as to dramatically point out and sigh with disappointment when he sees the DVD on the shelves).

      I argue that this is–visually–the best Starscream ever. Think about how Vault described Starscream (and how he’s characterized in virtually every appearance): cowardly, underhanded, backstabbing, an opportunist, and built for speed to strike and run away before the enemy can counterattack. When I imagine a character like that, I don’t picture a bulky, powerful, thick-limbed soldier.

      1. I picture G1 starscream like I picture G1 everybody thats the way the should look the animated movie is the ONLY movie that is real!!!
        This SS does look much better than the super terrible movie version but thats like saying that red dirt looks better than brown dirt they are both dirt

  6. not a bad entry, but i don’t know if its enough to win me over. i like TF:Prime, but i don’t plan on collecting the line. when i get the itch i think i’ll dig out my TFA stuff i’ve had hibernating for a while now. i might still pick up a Voyager Prime for my collection of Primes though…

  7. I don;t buy too many Transformers as of late, but I really want the Prime Arcee and Cliffjumper, and possibly Bulkhead. This makes me sad that I’ll never find em around my area in the Wilds of Michigan because we have an unhealthy abundance of scalpers traipsing about….The “first edition” on the packaging seems tailor made for these most unscrupulous creatures….haha…Who knows though, I may get lucky 🙂

    1. I have more than a fair amount of scalpers in my area, but the Prime deluxes seem to have hit in major force. At TRU today, they must have had 20-30 of each figure (Starscream, Bumblebee, and Arcee). 6 full pegs and a bunch just stacked on the shelf below it. Of course, I only wanted an Arcee (I hate Starscream and Bumblebee’s design in this show), and when they show up, I’d love to snag a Cliffjumper and a Bulkhead, but I’m satisfied for now.

  8. Can I put in a request? It would be nice to have a pic of the package somewhere in the review. Even opened. See, around these parts all I can EVER find are toys based on the third movie, I don’t think I’ve seen any of the figures you’ve showcased. Given the rather complicated ‘classification’ they’ve got going on for all the different lines, just seeing the package gives me the idea if I’m looking for a J-hook bubble card or a small peghook box or a large shelf box or…well, you get the idea.

    As to this Starscream, I’m getting a very ‘Evangelion’ vibe from it.

  9. That face has a very Transformers animated feel to it, I might pick up a few of these Prime figures since they seem to fit so well with the animated show toys. I have not seen many in the stores, are scalpers gobbling these up or are they just not out in full force yet?

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