Friday Five 9/11: Links You Need to Know About

It’s time for Five Links You Need to Know About. During the week, we see all sorts of cool or exciting things and we share those links here with our readers every Friday…

  • Improve Distribution of DC Universe Classics In Wal-Mart @ Pendragon’s Post – Brian from the Post has started a petition to urge Walmart to improve distribution on DC Universe Classics in anticipation of the upcoming exclusive Wave 10. This is something that’s been bothering me quite a bit lately as I look for DCUC9. Many of the Wal-Marts around me have removed comic-based action figures entirely while the few stores that are stocking up on DCUC are filling up on the Best of Cases. I wholeheartedly want to throw ItsAllTrue’s support behind it, so if you’re reading this, I’d like to personally ask you to head over an add your name to the list. At the very least, let’s make sure that Wal-Mart knows what we think they need to do to get this wave out there and avoid a repeat of DCUC5. And if you don’t want to do it for me, do it for Joker.
  • Resolute B.A.T. Review @ Infinite Hollywood – The 5pk this B.A.T. is from came out a bit ago, but it’s still lingering at the Wal-Marts near me for $21 and the timing of the review is fortuitous for me. I haven’t pulled the trigger on it, mostly anticipating that I will magically find DCUC9, but this review shows off some great pics of the B.A.T. and really makes me rethink my decision to keep passing it up. While you’re there check out the awesome custom 25th Slaughter hiding among the pics!
  • DCUC9 Mantis Review @ Articulated Discussion – The folks at Articulated Discussion have been working through a series of reviews on DCUC9. I’m more than a little jealous – I’ve managed to get a DCUC9 reference into all these links so far – because I’m still looking for these guys. AD has a great review of the non-robot Mantis. I’m not nearly as stoked for him as I am for the robot version, but the review is helping me to appreciate the figure. When you head over, be sure to click around a little and find reviews of Black Adam, Deadshot, and Guardian.
  • Review – Ninja Minimates Decal Kit @ PoeGhostal.Com – Poe’s got a review of something I’ve been eyeing for awhile, the ninja decal kit from Luke’s Toy Store. From what Poe says, it looks to be a pretty sweet set and a great way to expand your minimate collection. For more of Luke’s work check out the Minimate Factory.
  • Queen Alluxandra’s Council – The Cats Review @ MWCToys.Com – A few weeks back we linked to Michael Crawford’s review of the first couple Fantastic Exclusive Queen’s council figures. Now, Michael’s back with more of the set, this time the six cats! Check out his review for some great pictures of the catgirls and, of course, his professional review. If you see anything you like, the Queen’s Council figures are still available at the following links:
  • There’s our five for today! Please check ’em out and let us know what you think! And if you have a link that you think should be showcased, drop us a line at

    10 thoughts on “Friday Five 9/11: Links You Need to Know About

    1. Not sure if anyone is aware of this but DCUC Wave 13 has been revealedā€¦apologies if you are all aware, I had not seen anything on Itsalltrue as of yet. Please see below:

      Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)
      Blue Devil
      Cheetah (Classic)
      Cheetah (mordern)
      Cycoltron (Yah!)
      Donna Troy
      Negative Man (Classics)
      Negative Man (black variant)
      C&C Trigon

      Has anyone heard if these are accurate?


      1. It’s accurate from what I’ve heard. I want to do an addendum to my Truetorial now that 13 is known, but I might wait until the official reveal date instead.

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