Most Requested Figures: DCUC: Finishing Teams

Toy collectors are an interesting bunch. We’re a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, different tastes, different opinions. Sometimes it seems like we might have very little in common other than the love of toys, but there is a common factor we see in a lot of toy collections. We at ItsAllTrue like to group our action figures into subteams and we’re not the only ones.

When toy collectors and kids setup their displays or prepare for play, they like to put figures in groups based on whatever media the toys originated from. You won’t see many toy collections where Blue Devil is standing on a JSA shelf or where Green Lantern is hanging out with the Fatal Five. Now, the kids may be more apt to throw everyone into the mix, but they still know when they have everybody but Martian Manhunter. All of us like to build teams and create representations of our favorite factions. It’s a small victory to finish off a mini-collection while on the road to completing the larger collection at any age. But there’s a downside to that type of collectionbuilding: toy companies know we like it and know how to market around it…

We see incomplete teams a lot in the toy world. This very column has been asked to represent figures that would complete a team or set. Covergirl is the only G.I. Joe made between 82-84 that hasn’t been updated yet. The Mezco B.P.R.D. team awaits a Kate Corrigan that will never come. Two companies both skipped a Jim Lee Phoenix in the Marvel Legends line. Even the grandest of comic book teams, the “Big 7” Justice League, is still incomplete in a toyline with over a hundred and fifty figures.

For one reason or another, certain characters are held off and spread out. Marketing departments tell us that it will help make the line successful, it will keep collectors and kids alike hooked. That the collector’s drive to complete a team, will keep them going, will get them to buy the intervening figures between now and when that particular figure they’re waiting for comes. And they’re right, the promise of completion keeps many of us hooked.

Not to downplay the suffering of a Marvel fan still waiting on Blink or a Transformers fan on a twenty-five year quest for a good Arcee, but I believe DC Fans have had it pretty rough on this front. Up until recently, the “penultimate” DC toy line was a line that was cancelled in 1986 with only thirty-four figures. The nineties brought no comfort for those wanting a big collection of DC figures either. DC Direct, which carried us through the turn of the century, is legendary for not completing teams or even making normally compatible figures in the same size or style. They’ve been at it for eleven years and a Morrison JLA can only be cobbled together with a tiny Kyle Rayner and a fat (or a bubbly) Martian Manhunter. Yes, DC fans have had JLU. Mattel has done a better job about teambuilding with that line – at least when it comes to the various Justice Leagues and their villains. Not much luck if you want Titans or Society members.

This brings us to DC Classics. In two years (and some DCSH change), Mattel has already put DC fans light years ahead of anywhere we’ve been before. We’re close on a lot of fronts and we here at ItsAllTrue are very thankful for that. But, there’s still some work to be done and we want to take a look at some of the bigger holes in the various teams before making our appeal.

  • The Justice League, Satellite Era – Martian Manhunter is still the biggest hole in the entire line and his impact is felt immediately because of his long JLA tenure. After him, this subset is actually pretty close to completion. A Perez Zatanna and Elongated Man would please the majority, but throwing in Phantom Stranger wouldn’t hurt one bit. There are the Snapper Carr folks, but we think they’ve already come to terms with their disappointment.

  • The Justice League, Morrison Era – This team hasn’t received a lot of love yet, but it’s the hands down favorite at ItsAllTrue. Again, Martian Manhunter is a big missing piece, but we still have a long way to go after him. So far, there’s no sign of a Wally West Flash and only a brief mention of Kyle Rayner as a possibility. And the line just wouldn’t be right without an angry hook-hand Aquaman. The expanded roster is similarly afflicted. Orion, Barda, and Steel are slotted already. Plastic Man is heavily hinted to be on the horizon and we know Huntress is just a matter of time. But when can we see Oracle or Zauriel? A DCUC wheelchair should be in our future and those Hawkman wings are just waiting to be reused again. After them, there’s still Connor Hawke and Aztek.

  • Teen Titans, all eras – The Titans are a lot more complicated. For the original group, we have Kid Flash. For the New Teen Titans, we have Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven had the last fanpoll wrapped up on day one. The modern Teen Titans have Robin and Beast Boy while the grown-up Titans can borrow most of the NTT versions while adding in Nightwing and the upcoming Donna Troy. Catch all that? We said it was complicated. None of the teams are anywhere close to being complete and we don’t know where Mattel should begin. Should they shoot for a complete NTT to go with Deathstroke and Terra? We want to see Tempest in the grown-up Titans more than an Aqualad, but even we can’t decide which version of Speedy/Arsenal we really want.

  • Flash Rogues – Captain Cold and Grodd get to hang out with the Legion of Doom. It’s a good thing too, since we haven’t heard nary a rumor of anyone being added to their ranks anytime soon. The sad thing is, it looks like the Captain Cold body is pretty multi-use for most of the other Rogues…

  • Legion of Doom – The rumors of Cheetah in wave thirteen leave us down to just ol’ Toyman to finish out this ‘toon bunch. Sadly, Toyman is being mercilessly destroyed by Raven in the aforementioned poll. I don’t think it ends with him though, there’s that whole SSoSV thing to worry about too.

  • Justice Society, Modern – 2009 did wonders for the JSA: Power Girl, Wildcat, Mr. Terrific II, Dr. Fate IV, Atom-Smasher, Steel (he’s shiny, so he’s the new one around here). We even have Captain Marvel and Black Adam if you care to count them in. Now with the way that team grows, Mattel probably has no hope of catching up anytime soon, but we still have some pressing needs in this department: Stargirl, Starman, Doctor Mid-Nite, S.T.R.I.P.E., Hourman, and Sand, just to name a few. Then there’s the newbies that it wouldn’t hurt to see like Cyclone, Damage, and Liberty Belle. And that’s not to mention the old guys…

  • Justice Society, Golden Age – We saved them for last because Mattel is just starting to get into this one. Dr. Fate is in the line for different reasons and wave nine’s Wildcat could be dual-purpose, but the Spectre and Doc Mid-Nite have us jumping knee deep into the classic roster. There’s also that GA Hawks 2pk that is somewhere out in the ether. With a third of the official team already on the schedule, let’s hope this team can be completed in short order. One, because we really want toys of Alan and Jay, and two, because the All-Star Squadron has plenty to offer after that.

We’re stopping there, but we know there’s a ton more. Poison Ivy from the Bat rogues. Finishing out the Doom Patrol and the Metal Men. Deadshot and Bane (he could use some new legs, btw) are without their cohorts from the Secret Six. The Freedom Fighters. The classic Batman is still without a classic Robin. Birds of Prey. Challengers of the Unknown. The Legion of Super-Heroes. Heck, if Toy Guru is serious about G.I. Robot, we’re going to need the Creature Commandos too.

In all, we just want to see some teams completed before we go crazy. It’s great that we see how awesome the Metal Men are going to turn out. And it’s been too long without Doom Patrol toys, but Mattel should wrap up some teams before starting too many new ones. Let’s get that Satellite JLA finished. Let’s blow through the original Justice Society with one per wave. Let’s make better use of variants (Hint: No one wants GITD Spectre AND non-GITD Spectre when a new head for Crispus or a Hal repaint can give us two different characters). On that variant front, by the way, we at ItsAllTrue want to point out that Doctor Impossible, one of the lamest characters in the DC Universe, is still one of the best variants because he’s a whole new character! Much better than an unhelmeted variant or one molded in a different color plastic. Sorry, Mattel, but you really spoiled us on variants in 2009 and we’d like to get back to it for 2010 if we could.

What it boils down to, is that we’re asking the fine folks at Mattel to look at what they have coming up after Wave 15. To look at what’s been slated for the rest of 2010 and the line overall. Did you complete a team? Did fans get the Chief (he’s important to any Doom Patrol) and that Elasti-Girl C&C? Are the Metal Men done already? Is a version of the JLA or JSA roster near completion? If so, please finish it.

We don’t disagree with your marketing department. A wave of Wild Dog, Gehenna, Dane Dorrance, Nathaniel Dusk, Lady Cop, the Earl of Greed, and Prince Evillo, with a Turmoil C&C would likely be the worst wave ever (Heck, we’d buy ’em though – we’re suckers). But still, let’s not stretch out every team across the five-year plan, okay? Let’s knock a few out, give collectors that temporary high on the way to having them all. We’d appreciate it.

On that note, we’d like to ask our readers to take advantage of the comments section below and let us know which teams you think need to be finished first! Are you a Titans fan? Been waiting on JSA figures for 70 years? Still wishing for that Martian Manhunter? Which figures do you need to complete the teams on your shelf? There’s no registration required to post, so let’s hear it!

UPDATE – The comments are still open if you’d like to share your opinion, but we’ve culled the data and produced some charts and breakdowns here

163 thoughts on “Most Requested Figures: DCUC: Finishing Teams

  1. Good article, but you have to tell me.

    >Wild Dog, Gehenna, Dane Dorrance, >Nathaniel Dusk, Lady Cop, the Earl of >Greed, and Prince Evillo, with a Turmoil

    Are those all real? Those are some stupid names.

    1. I’ve heard of a couple of them, so I’d say they’re all real.

      Prince Evillo and Eral of Greed sound fake, but its comics.

      1. Oh yes, they are definitely real.

        NoisyDvL5 and I are real nerds when it comes to the DC universe. We love those obscure characters.

  2. They’re not really a team, but I want more Wonder Woman rogues/family. We got Wonder Woman/Artemis/Ares all real quick and then just Giganta since. Cheetah’s coming I guess, but she’s got a lot of other villains I’d like to see too.

    And Martian Manhunter really is a HUGE whole.

      1. A lot of the Rogue’s Galleries need love. I checked my shelves and between DCSH/DCUC9 there are 43 villains (not counting Luthor twice), of those…

        6-New Gods
        2-Wonder Woman

        Other than Bats and Supes, no one is really getting their rogues.

  3. I’m excited to FINALLY get some more JSA, but I hope they do finish them soon. There’s only 11? 12? of them to do. If Mattel did to the JSA what they did to the New Gods, we would be done quick!

      1. I’d be very happy to see them go all out on one team and wrap it up. JSA would be a great choice – characters with lots of familiar names.

  4. The promise is there for the Metal Men and the Doom Patrol.

    If they finish them off quick, then that will show me that they’re serious.

    But a Chief figure just isn’t coming. I’d bet on a C&C Elasti-Girl and maybe Mento, but there’s no way on the Chief.

    1. come on, you know it wouldn’t be the complete DP without Tempest, Neg. Woman, Scott, 8, Dorothy and Danny the street!

  5. I don’t care about the Doom Patrol or the Metal Men, so I’m not that concerned about the even smaller teams like the Challengers or the Secret Six.

    But man they need to finish the league already. 150 figures and no J’Onn? No Ralph?

      1. I think Satellite era is where they have the opportunity to throw us a bone. If J’Onn is really early 2011, so be it – but hopefully Ralph and Z (she needs a variant to get the Magician and the Perez) will be out by then too.

      1. They could have their own line almost.

        But which Legion? Only the originals? I’m partial to the Post Zero Hour set.

        Actually, I’m really partial to the hot seventies outfits.

  6. I’m glad you mentioned Morrison’s JLA. I’ve waited years for DCD to make a series of figures based on his run to no avail, so it looks like the best chance for a complete Morrsion JLA will come from DCUC. Anything after completing that team would be gravy for me. For it to really feel complete, they’d have to include the Injustice Gang too. Prometheus, Lex Luthor in a suit, collect and connect Shaggy Man, etc.

    1. I would also love to see Zauriel, Tomorrow Woman, Aztek, Prometheus, the Key, all of the Justice Legion A members from One Million.

      I would love to see a C&C of Solaris also, but I’m not holding my breath on him.

      1. For me, they can really take those first 16 issues and give me everyone. I really want the Kyle, Wally, and Connor – and soon.

        I was hoping we’d get Aztek sooner since he was a JLU.

  7. Hafta see the New Gods finished off. We ain’t near done with them. Black Racer, Fastbak, Kanto, Highfather, Metron, Takion, the Forever People.

    They need their own line. LOL.

    1. Highfather and Metron, Yes!
      BIG Barda, Power Boy, Granny, Grayven are a yes to me.
      Godfrey, Lashina, Stompa, maybe. There’s no way we’re getting more than a couple Furies.

      I can live without Black Racer, no pun intended, but the rest aren’t exactly well known outside of hardcore Kirby-ists.

      The only Fastbak I wanna see is the turtle.
      Long Live the ZOO CREW!

      1. There is a handful I’d like to see to finish this off. Strangely, Fastbak is one of them.

        Essentials? I’d say Granny, Highfather, and Metron minimum.

  8. I’m a huge fan of The Flash Rogues…Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, it goes on and on, most definately need a professor Zoom (the reverse flash), I’d also like some characters from Batman mythos that have never had a decent fig made, like Ventriliquist, Harvey Bullock, Commishoner Gordon, Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia, Alfred, Lucious Fox, and Szazz, we could use some more army builders too…in the Batman line we’d have GCPD, Joker Goons, & Arkham Asylum attendents. From Superman group, wouldn’t mind having a Jimmy Olson, Perry White, Lois Lane, and Mon-El…Science Police could be army builders as well as the Superman robots that helped protect his fortress of solitude. For green lantern just bring them all on, hell yeah, get as many of these out as possible…Guy Gardner sticks out most in my mind of needing a fig done, and the guardians, and manhunters as army builders…thanagarian warriors would make great army builders too

    1. I wonder what the status of civilians is in the line? It’s still hard to get a Gordon or Alfred, let alone anyone further out than them.

      I hadn’t noticed it as much until a few of you pointed it out, but Mattel does need to reinvest in some of these rogues.

        1. Yep. He’s a teambuilder.

          Plus, the GA Doc Mid-Nite threw me for a loop. I’ll have a Terrific and a Mid-Nite, but they’re mismatched. I need the others now too.

  9. Have to go with Flash rogues!! It’s criminal (Har) that we’re this far into a line and only have Cold and Grodd. We need at least Boomerang, Piper, Trickster, Weather Wizard, Heatwave, Kadabra.

    And you can’t tell me the Top wouldn’t make a great DCUC figure. He’s a buck with stripes!!

  10. Mattel really needs to get started on the LOSH!! They’ll never get caught up unless they start soon.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some L.E.G.I.O.N./R.E.B.E.L.S. either.

      1. I don’t know if I need the LEGION/REBELS characters. I like the new book, but none of them have “got me” so much I want a figure.

        I do want Tyr – does he count?

  11. Y’all are going to think I’m crazy, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the 90s Justice League around the time they killed off Superman.

    We’ve got Booster and Beetle and I think we’ll get Fire and Ice easy enough. I’ll take any version of Guy, but I’d prefer the yellow ring one. It’s Maxima and Bloodwynd that I worry we’ll never get.

    1. Not at all.

      I want that version of Guy (tho I’d settle for a Warrior), Fire (clear green, please), Ice, and I would love to see the green/gold Maxima.

      And I really, really, um, really want a Bloodwynd. He might be my pet project.

  12. I want BOTH the GA JSA & MA JSA teams most of all, BUT the one figure that would send me over the top would be a Wally West Flash. I’m not a fan of Barry and loathe the powers that be at DC for bringing him back after all the work put into building Wally over 20+ years

  13. Man, do the Challengers need some love. I wouldn’t normally go there but the DP and MM are giving me hope.

  14. Modern JSA, Secret Six, Morrison JLA and Flash rogues for me.

    Oh, and make sure Jack Knight is included in the JSA assortment.


        1. When JSA first became “JSA” – that’s the team I want.

          I want that Canary. I want that Sand.

          That was when the book was at it’s best IMO.

  15. I’m a hardcore Titans fan (originally TitanGrey on DC boards and early Fwoosh, years ago), and I would have been fine with ‘adult Kid Flash’, but making him a teen now requires the rest of the ORIGINAL Teen Titans. I can live without Gnaark, tho.

    Making Kory flat-chested then requires the rest of the founding NTT, and having Nightwing and Robin III requires her to be redone with a Power Girl sized torso for the modern teams.

    Let DCD make the Blackest Night versions of the various Titans, but I’d still like to have Hank, Don, and Dawn versions of Hawk and Dove(s). Make the brothers a 2pk with the teen buck, then the second pair with adult bucks. No need to rush Holly.

    and may I restate my dream of having the Chaos Bestial Hawk and Order Light Dove?

    Now, *IF* this w13 rumor of DONNA TROY is true, then I DEMAND a 50/50 split between her red WG and black Troia costumes!


  16. Hi,

    thanks for the good article! I would love to see atleast these figures:

    – Highfather
    – Metron
    – Martian Manhunter (+ atleast one form-variant)
    – Robin with articulation
    – Huntress
    – remaining teen titans

    On top of this, I’d like to see more collector-packs, like:

    – Set of JLA (Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, one of the Green Lanterns and maybe Hawk Girl, Green Arrow(?) or someone totally else.
    – Set of all-star Villains: the most classic villains
    – New Gods – set: Highfather, Orion, Lightray, Darkseid, Desaad, Kalibak, Metron.
    – Teen Titans set

    I want Mattel to focus on making their lines as collector-friendly as possible. And for me that includes making these figures easily available.

    That’s all I can think now. 🙂

  17. I’m only listing them once but some like Wally Flash would finish two teams. I’m also only listing those I want that I’d feel finished with. I’m not listing any villain teams but I do want many of them intermixed. I think a heavy focus on the JLA/JSA and Metal Men would clean these out quick.
    I’m leaving out the possible Wave 13 (Superboy, Modern Beetle, DonnaTroy, Cheetah, NegativeMan, BlueDevil and that waste of space Cyclotron) to assume they are already coming. Same with the con Plas.

    1st: Wipe out the JLA from the various eras. That means Martain Manhunter, Zatanna in both fishnets & Perez, Elongated Man, Wally Flash, Kyle GL, Fire, Ice, RocketRed, Guy GL, Zaureal, Conner GA, Hypolita, Ray, Red Arrow, Vixen, Huntress, Gypsey, Jade, Creeper and so on. (There is a bunch I didn’t list but I personaly wouldn’t miss)Let’s get all those listed please.

    2nd: JSA, GA Flash, GA GL, Modern Hawkman & Hawkgirl, Starman (Thom), Modern Dr Midnite, Sand, Modern Hourman & Liberty Belle, Damage, Stargirl & Stripe, Obsidean, Wildcat III,Cyclone and Jakeen Thunder & the new Thunderbolt. Follow closely with the classic; Starman, Atom, JohnnyThunder&Thunderbolt, Hourman, MrTerrific and Sandman.

    3rd is the Titans; Modern would mean Wondergirl,Raven,Tempest, KidFlash/Impulse, KidDevil, Ravager,CaptainMarvel Jr. Then there is the classic; Robin,Wondergirl, Speedy, Aqualad, Hawk&Dove. (There is a bunch I didn’t list but I personaly wouldn’t miss)

    4th is the Metal Men. Gold, Lead, Murcry, Tin, Platimum and Will Magnus.

    5th and 6th for me would be the Legion and All Star Squadron. I wont mention them cuase there are too many.

  18. Completing the JLA is a priority for me. But not necessarily the lesser know characters. We desperately need:
    FIRE & ICE! (2-pack?)
    DR. LIGHT and CRIMSON FOX (girl-power 2-pack?)
    VIXEN and GYPSY (girl-power 2-pack?)
    and GUY GARDNER!!!

    Next would be the JSA:
    SAND! & GA SANDMAN variant!
    GA GREEN LANTERN & GA FLASH! (2-pack!)
    The Spectre is coming…how about PHANTOM STRANGER??

    Finish off some TITANS:

    More Villains!
    FLASH ROGUES- Mirror Master, the Top, etc.

    And the NEW GODS won’t really be completed without:
    and METRON!!!


    1. Sounds like you’re hitting the right notes.

      More villains. Key missing New Gods. And finishing out the main teams.

      I can’t tell everyone how happy I am to see support for Zauriel in particular.

  19. The JLA has to be top priority, but that’s also why J’onn is so far out I guess. I’m glad they’re starting JSA, but hopefully it won’t be like DCD and the Atom.

    1. That JSA Atom blew.

      DCD got so close. Most of them fit together, you could ovelook Sandman because he was in a suit and then they gave us animated Wildcat.

      And then that Atom 2pk was horribly out-of-scale.


  20. I want to see them finish the Satellite Justice League, GA and 70’s JSA, Super Powers line(which includes classic Robin and Martian Manhunter), 70’s/80’s Teen Titans. The main two figures that I really want are 70’s version of Supergirl in the hot pants and boots and a 60’s/70’s version of Batgirl on a little bit bigger body, black body suit and a 60’s comic accurate belt with red bag and brighter yellow for the belt, gloves, insignia and boots would be good too. Keep the head-sculpt and shade of blue from earlier releases.

    Everything else to me would be gravy and I’d buy it all.

  21. Let’s have the GA JSA shoe ’em how it’s done. We got 3 out of 8 already, so we can knock it out the rest quick!

    Get a Ted Knight too to get the extra three.

  22. to be honest i will be quite satisfied with the original justice league and that means Martian Manhunter needs to be done already.

      1. All three of those would be interesting, but I have to admit I can’t tell you the names of the other SeaDevils or Cave Carson’s crew (did they ever get a name).

        Dolphin would be nice though.

  23. I think finishing the small teams will be a good indicator. I’m hoping for all the Metal Men, even Copper and Doc Magnus in 2010.

    1. Yep, again the villains thing is a key issue that’s not really talked about.

      There are 43 by my count and 28 of them are Bat, Supes, or New Gods related.

  24. What about Superman X from the Legion cartoon? Imperiex needs someone to fight.

    As I said above, Morrison’s JLA is a priority for me. Any character from his run that is made, I will buy. Including Retro and Jem Son of Saturn. 😛

    I would also like to see some Superman/Batman variants from the multiverse. Kingdom Come, One Million, etc. I realize that would be starting even more new teams, but they still need to be done.


    Captain Boomerang would be a good step in the right direction, followed by Count Vertigo & Bronze Tiger.

    For Nightshade I prefer her modern Shadowpact look.

    Flash Rogues & SSoSV should definitely be priorities. Let’s start that off with Mirror Master because along with Cold & Boomerang he was on both teams.

  26. cmon, what happens what im crazy or what, im a collector since 1990 and i proudly have many dc action figures from another companies, so now that mattel is making a lot of dc toys, i have a complain i dont want more supes and bats either martian manhunters, we(the collectors)aldeay got it, why are you begging for the same characters, we need new one like tha challengers of the unkknow, chief, aztek, sauriel,etc. any way really i want to know if my fellowship dont buy anything beside mattel, or im the only one who bought these stuff?

    1. For me, the DC line is the last DC toys I ever need – so I want as many as I can get in this style, and I don’t need any of what came before.

    Boomerang Jr

    everyone but Deadshot needs to be done

      1. We really haven’t dug into this one yet. I’d be happy to see Looker and Katana find there way into the line.

        The modern Outsiders would be good to see too. If we get Owlman, it will probably be classic though.

  28. There are so many (obscure) character I’d love to see, but a Perez Zatanna would have to be the one I want to see most. Or semi-most. It’s hard to choose, but I love that old look. Gah. I’ll need to read the groups again and decide. Too many choices!

  29. Well since they have started making some All Star Squadron Members, Commander Steel & Guardian, I’d love to see more of them. Robotman should have had a variant, would have been easy to make the All Star Version! and Maybe some of their enemies, Vulcan, Brain Wave, Cyclotron, Ultra Humanite, the list goes on.

    1. The variants were dropped by WM. It makes the wave cheaper. That Robotman is another excellent example though.

      1. You forgot since two weeks ago when you were complaining about him not being a variant. 😉

        I wouldn’t mind a few more ASSers… I’ve always liked Liberty Belle, Firebrand II, Amazing Man, and the superhero costume Sandman would be cool.

  30. A little bird says we’ll have a certain pipesmoker and a couple 4H sculpted wheelchairs before too long…

      1. Could be. Oracle is even more important than the Chief.

        If the wrestling figures are in DCUC scale, they’re going to need wheelchairs anyway, right?


    S.T.R.I.P.E. – collect and connect
    Hourman 2
    Liberty Belle
    Dr. Mid-nite


    Flash: Jay Garrick
    Green Lantern: Alan Scott
    Hourman 1
    Starman 1
    Atom 1
    Dr. Mid-nite
    Johnny Thunder & Thunderbolt 2-pack –
    GA Hawkman & Hawkgirl 2-pack – Toys-R-Us & online


    Kyle Rayner – Original costume
    Kyle Rayner – Modern costume variant
    Jade – in Classic GL costume
    Jade – in Infinity Inc costume variant
    Guy Gardner
    Guy Gardner – in blue costume variant

    1. Hey, Joe! Love your site!

      And I love your choices. Green Lantern Corps is an enormous thing to tackle, but they at least need to get us rounded out with the other earth-based ones.

      And I’m awlays happy to see a fan of the Guy Gardner sans GL Ring.

  32. More villians! Injustice Gangs! Revenge Squads! Secret Societies!

    The line is great, but tons more heroes…

          1. I think the only issue I ever read of them was their Final Night tie in. I had no idea what was going on.

            Man, Final Night was the best.

  33. It’s not a team, but we need the rest of the Batvillains. I know, I know, we’ve got a lot of them a million times, but that’s no reason to hold off.

    1. we got plenty of batvillians…how about some flash villians. Cold is nice and I do like grundy, but mirror master, the top, rainbow rider, pied piper, heatwave, the trickster, weather wizard….We need to see more of these guys, before anymore batvillians.

      1. I agree I guess. But all the DC toys up til now are noise. These are the last dc figures well ever need.

        1. That’s how I feel about it also. This, so far, is the definitive DC collection. I want it to be as complete as possible before it ends.

          At the current rate, if Mattel keeps the line going for another five years on top of their current five year run, we will have close to one thousand figures.

          That would be truly awesome.

          1. I’m not saying we don’t need batman villians, I’d just like some more flash villians before we get some more bat villians.

            1. Apparently, we need more villains in general – they represent less than a third so far. Ugly.

              And Batman rogues do represent a third of all the villains so far, so it’s off-balance.

              I still want Poison Ivy out of the way though.

              I think your ‘noise’ comment is dead-on. I might have a few treasued pieces, but yeah.

  34. Batman rogues and Flash rogues?

    What about Firestorm rogues? It’s like a little hidden corner of the DC Universe.

      1. Enforcer, Goldenrod, Multiplex, Plastique, Thinker, Weasel, Mindboggler, Silver Shade, Naiad, Bug & Byte, Stalnovok, Black Bison, Killer Frost, Hyena, Shadowstorm, Typhoon, Slipknot, Flying Dutchman, Tokamak, and the Zuggernaut.

        That’s 10 minutes I won’t get back and I probably forgot some. 😀

        1. Oh, and I’d buy them all, but I’d be happy just to get two or three.

          If I had to pick… I’d say Killer Frost, Multiplex, and Zuggernaut.

  35. I’d like to see the Secret Six finished. Getting other groups like Batman’s or Flash’s rogue galleries comes in after that.

    We already have Deadshot and Harley Quinn. Now we need Catman, Scandal Savage, Ragdoll, Jeanette, Mad Hatter, Cheshire, Knockout, and a new Bane. That’s only eight figures; 3 of them are Batman foes, and one of them is a new god. Tons of potential in this group.

  36. Outsiders! They’ve gotten very little love so far. Just Rex and not the right Black Lightning. Geo-Force, Halo, and Looker were made for the buck bodies. Katana would need more, but still she’s cool. So more Outsiders!

      1. The modern teams don’t really do it for me, but to each his own.

        I might be biased one newer character I really, really, really liked was Indigo.

        That blew up in my face.

    1. I’m waiting for something to break. 😀

      I’m also wondering if I should try and break these comments up into pages. The site was setup to do 50 “first” comments per page (apparently the threaded comments don’t count towards that). But when it started the second page it showed the post after you and then a link back to the older comments. I didn’t like that so much. I could break it up in groups of 20, 30, 40, etc – but maybe it’s better in one long thing. I don’t know.

      And I usually like to talk to everyone who posts, but… woah.


  37. Great article. Good subject to bring up concerning DCUC. Thanks.

    Yes, some of these groups should be “completed”. (in at least some of their basic forms.)

    I hope they do a quick job on Doom Patrol with The Chief, Bandaged Larry Trainer and Negative Man, Mento, and about 3-sizes of Elasti-Girl. I’d be fine with it.

    I would be REALLY happy to see them take a real “run” at The Golden Age Justice Society. Those Golden Age Classic characters that so many of us love and that the DC Universe is built on.
    I just hope they don’t forget my favorites: The Simon and Kirby SANDMAN and SANDY. To me, to finish the JSA would be wonderful for the line. A sign of relief by having the “foundation of DC” on our shelves. (The Super-Squad and others could be added later.)

    I would like to see them “complete” the Original Teen Titans, too. Robin, Wonder Girl with the pony-tail, Aqualad, and, of course, Speedy.
    (The others could come along later. But at least, get us the “foundations” of the teams.)

    Someone above mentioned The CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN. I think that would be great, too. Ace, Rocky, Prof., Red, and throw in June Robbins… and a lot of us would be really satisfied.

    Yes, we do need J’onn J’onzz, The Martian Manhunter to fill-out the JLA.
    It would be nice to get the Silver Age Green Arrow to kindof help complete the JLA since GA was the first new member to join. I’m not sure how to market him, but to see Snapper Carr would be icing on the cake. (Maybe a 2-pack with J’onn and Snapper???)

    But you do make a valid point about “finishing” or, for me, at least completing the “basic” characters of some of these Groups. I sure would like to see that happen. They shouldn’t “string us along” on ALL these groups… and to finish, at least the core characters, would really be appreciated.

    Let their marketing Department keep us buying the later characters… but GIVE US THE CORE CHARACTERS FROM THESE GROUPS, at least.

    1. Thanks for checking it out!

      I keep forgetting Mento, but yes.

      Ponytail Donna? Absolutely.

      Yeah, I don’t want to rush around and see everything wrapped up to the points the waves start to be all crazy characters, but with a bunch of open teams, I’d like to look at my shelf and see all the Metal Men or see all the JSA. That’d be fulfilling.

      Mattel just started the Doom Patrol, the Metal Men, and the JSA. Let’s just close a few windows to balance things out.

  38. Here is where I focus my collection:
    The Justice League, Satellite Era
    Justice Society, Golden Age

    They can pump out as many GLs as they want and I would be happy.

  39. Excellent article. Very insightful.

    Mattel still has till 2012 for this line and I hope they complete the teams by then. I think Martian Manhunter is the one most glaring omission. I understand why they held off but maybe they can let us have him by 2010 at least?

    I can see them saving up Wally West Flash and Kyle GL to anchor later waves.

    I hope we get everything you mentioned. Especially the Flash Rogues.

    1. Thanks!

      I think getting at least one version of him will really quell things, and if they can toss out a Perez Zatanna and a Ralph, we can see what it feels like to complete a team.

      We do have a lot of time until the license expires, and it will probably see renewal. But you never know, strange things happen.

  40. Wow! Okay, I read through all the comments!

    I read a lot of great ideas and a lot of you made me consider corners of the DCU or angles on the issue that I hadn’t thought about. Thanks!

    And we all want to thank everyone for putting in their opinions. Response was far more than we’d anticipated and we appreciate it.

    Keep ’em coming. 😀

  41. This is pointless. There is no way they are going to finish all the teams by end of the 2012 (if they even get that far). If “DC Entertainment” has anything to say about it. So wish all you want, but Santa ain’t delivering in the end.

    1. That’s the whole point of the article, my friend!

      There’s limited slots available no matter how soon you think that “End” is coming – and the teambuilding characters are some of the biggest holes to fill…

  42. Interesting article. Especially since in a ToyFare article when DC:UC was just getting started the Mattel people were talking about how they were going to fill so many lines. They were mentioning starting with a figure and character and then making a spiderweb off of them to create links to more characters. I would really like to see how some of the more obscure characters are linked to each other. I wish I knew enough about the characters to make a 6degrees chart to show the relationships.

    Hopefully Mattel is listening to the fans, as it seems they are, and will help to fulfill some of the teams people want. I do think putting too many strong characters together would really limit the future of the line. That being said, I think the characters of Wave 12 are a little out there.

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