Most Requested DC Classics
Teams: The Results!

We hadn’t planned on Monday being a follow-up to our Saturday Most Requested column about completing teams in the DC Classics line, but the tremendous response to our article made us want to crunch the numbers and see which teams and what characters our readers wanted. Besides, with DCUC9 not anywhere nearby, what else does a bunch of blogging toy collectors have to do all weekend? 😀

Before we get knee deep in pie charts, we want to take a minute to thank everyone who participated. That was the biggest response we’d had to an article in the history of the site! You really blew us away all day Saturday. Thank you.

Now, here’s some brief notes on how we organized the data. For the first part of the question, “what teams do you want to see Mattel complete,” we went answer by answer categorizing the teams mentioned and who asked for them. If you made three or four posts in various threads about your favorite team, it only counted once. For the question, “what characters are needed to complete that team”, things were a little more complicated. For the fans that answered outright, “I want the 90s JLA and it needs Bloodwynd, Maxima, etc,” we simply put a notch in the Justice League column, noted which version, and then put another notch in the character column specifically for the ones mentioned. If a poster asked for several characters from a certain team without naming it, we counted a vote for the implied team and for the specific characters. Finally, for characters that were on multiple versions of a team, like Martian Manhunter, we duplicated that vote in each of the respective categories. Basically, if you said you wanted Martian Manhunter, he earned a vote against both his Satellite and his Morrison contemporaries.

We know it’s not terribly scientifically valid nor was our sample tremendously large despite the great turnout. But we’re toy collectors, not scientists! Basically, we think we can get away with saying this could be somewhat representative of our population. Somewhat. We’re bold like that…

Since it was difficult to categorize the team answers based on the number of different responses, we decided it best to scale things back to their largest groups on the charts and then break it down in the text. Not surprisingly, completing the Justice League was the most pressing issue among our readers.

Of the posters who said the Justice League needed completion first, 42% indicated they preferred the Satellite version as their highest priority. The Morrison era came in at 32% of respondents, the JLI team at 10%, and the remaining votes were split among the various teams over the years: Detroit, 90s team, 1 Million team, etc.

The second largest group is somewhat artificial on our part. There were a lot of requests for various rogue’s galleries, villain teams, etc. Instead of making a complicated pie chart with lots of little slivers, we opted to lump them together. It doesn’t skew the data too badly, since many fans agreed the line is villain deficient. We estimate the line is currently about 25% evil and the DCSH figures heavily skew that number upward. For a universe comprised of a lot of villains, that’s really off. Of the requested rogues, the Flash’s gallery pulled 38% of the votes with no other subgroup even coming close. One in five posters did ask for more Bat Rogues while the rest of the votes went out to some missing Superman, Wonder Woman, and even Firestorm villains.

Coming in third, the JSA took a fifth of the total vote.70% of those fans clamored for the JSA’s Golden Age and their contemporaries. The remaining votes were solidly behind the modern team with one vote for the 70’s era Earth-2 JSA members.

The Titans didn’t receive as much love in this poll as we’d expected. Between the teams, votes came out fairly even between the Perez NTT era and the modern versions (of those same characters). There were some stray votes for the modern Teen Titans, but voters seem to really identify with the New Teen Titans, young and old.

After those four main groups, votes evened out quickly. The Legion posters all agreed that they want as many of the individual characters as possible. The Green Lantern fans shared a similar desire, but many fans outright asked for Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner specifically.

Doom Patrol and Metal Man fans were nearly unanimous in their belief that the Chief and Will Magnus are required for those teams to feel complete. We hope Mattel takes note.

Then, there are still some folks who aren’t ready to say the New Gods are done yet, and one of the newer DC teams, the Secret Six, received enough love that we kept them separate from the other villains in the main poll.

The Outsiders, the Challengers of the Unknown, and the Global Guardians were all mentioned but didn’t make the cutoff for the poll results.

Justice League – Satellite Era

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Martian Manhunter is the no. 1 most requested figure in the line, but the rumor is that we still won’t see him in 2010. As was said in the article, Ralph and Zee are the only full remaining members for that nearly complete team. There were some stray votes from fans who believe the Phantom Stranger and Snapper Carr to be true members of that team. We’re not sure if we agree, but we’d be interested in seeing both characters make their way into the line. Well, at least the Phantom Stranger.

Grant Morrison’s JLA

Grant Morrison’s JLA received a lot of votes, but when it came down to asking for the component members, not all of them received support. Aquaman, Plastic Man and Huntress received votes, but didn’t get above the threshold for the chart. There was no mention of Oracle whatsoever. Again, most of the support from JLA fans was for the Martian Manhunter, but Wally and Kyle received also received a good chunk of votes since they complete this team’s “Big 7”. The Morrison-created Zauriel continues to receive a cult-classic level of support while Aztek and Connor Hawke recieved just enough votes to make it onto the chart. In addition, there were stray votes for Tomorrow Man Woman, Dark Flash, and Hippolyta.

Justice League International/Europe/America

One in ten Justice League responders asked for the JLI. We’re off to a good start with the characters we have and while we’re sure most of us expect to get a Guy Gardner sooner or later, fans still asked for him in regard to his JLI tenure. Fire and Ice also received a lot of requests among JLI voters. Crimson Fox, Rocket Red, Dr. Light, and the Creeper all received a vote under this team as well.

Among other Justice League eras were a few votes given to Bloodwynd and Maxima from the 90s league. Gypsy and Vixen received some votes to represent the Detroit team, but there was no love for Steel II or Vibe.

Villians United

Since few fans were specific in their villain requests, we decided against a graphic for the villain’s poll. As we said above, the Flash’s Rogues Gallery got the most mentions of any subgroup. In that vein, fans did specifically ask for Reverse-Flash, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Pied Piper, Trickster, the Top, Captain Boomerang and Heatwave. Certainly not every Flash villain, but all the major ones seem to have some fans among the DC Classics Collectors and this may be one of the most important areas the toy line has missed.

After the Flash rogues, fans showed support for some missing members of Batman’s gallery. A new Bane, Poison Ivy, Ra’s, Talia, Mad Hatter, and the Ventriloquist were all mentioned.

JLA villains also came up, specifically some of the various Injustice Gang members like a Business Suit Luthor, a C&C Shaggy Man/General, the Key, Prometheus, and Solaris. We’d bet the Four Horsemen would do a devastating Morrison Era Queen Bee.

Other fans wanted to see some unnamed Firestorm Rogues, Wonder Woman Rogues, and Suicide Squad Members, but didn’t always call out a roster of which ones they wanted most.

Finally a team of villains that made the main chart, the Secret Six. We’re not sure if it’s because the book is just that good (it is) or because many fans are riding a Deadshot high, but there was some serious support for the Six and fans weren’t discriminating on which characters. They want them all.

The Justice Society of America

We’re going to forego a graphic on this one too. It’s pretty much 9 equal slice of pies for the Golden Age JSAers. Everybody wants the basic group: Alan, Jay, Hourman, Atom, Sandman, and Hawkman. And add-on members, Starman, Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt, and Mr. Terrific, all received roughly the same number of votes for this section.

There was some other Golden Age love for Hawkgirl, Sandy, the Star-Spangled Kid, Stripesy, and the original Robotman too.

The modern era didn’t receive as much support as its original incarnation and the votes for the modern characters were split with a few going to each of the fifteen characters mentioned. Out of everyone, Stargirl received the most votes. She was followed by fans asking for Doctor Mid-Nite, Damage, Liberty Belle II, Hourman II, and a C&C of Stripe.

One vote each went to the following characters: Cyclone, MA Hawkgirl, MA Hawkman, Jakeem Thunder, Magog, Obsidian, Sand, Starman VII, Starman VIII, and, Wildcat III.

Teen Titans – All Eras

Since no one era of the Titans could be soundly decided upon, we decided to lump all the individual characters mentioned and compare them head-to-head.

Robin won soundly of course. It’ll be interesting to see how Mattel chooses to do him. Personally, we think it’d be good on Mattel’s part to make him the older, wiser NTT version (just before he dons the Nightwing costume). We talked it over amongst ourselves and none of us ever really cared for Robin being portrayed very young. What the age the fans want wasn’t really specified, so we’re not sure what age they’re interested in.

Robin was followed up by the other TT/NTT members Speedy, Aqualad, and Donna Troy. Again, ages weren’t specified, but some Donna Troy fans indicated the ponytail version as a priority while others wanted the red jumpsuit for the upcoming release (it’s likely to be the starfield). Hawk and Dove made a good push to get on the list. Tempest, if made in his adult digs, would go with Nightwing, the upcoming Donna, Cyborg, and a Wally West Flash when Mattel gets around to him. Arsenal did receive one vote, but if the other adult Titans are made, he would likely become more of a priority.

The modern Teen Titans received very little support overall. Mentions were given for Kid Flash II, Kid Devil, Ravager, Raven, and Wonder Girl II, but nothing significant. Finally, one vote did go to Captain Marvel III, the lone representative of those 90s Titans (not counting Kyle Rayner) to make the list.

New Gods

The last group we’re going in-depth on is one that’s already received a lot of attention in the line so far. Despite having a solid presence in nearly all the waves, there are still a handful of New Gods characters that fans want to see. While there were some requests for lesser known characters like Grayven and Glorious Godfrey, almost all New God support surrounded three characters: Granny Goodness, Metron, and Granny Highfather.

While, we here at ItsAllTrue.Net still want to see Kanto and the Forever People too, it seems fans might be satiated with the New Gods if they can just get those last three.

That wraps up our coverage for which teams need to be finished in the DCUC line before that inevitable day when time runs out and some characters are left on the cutting room floor. Did you agree with the results? Or did something surprise you? Let us know below…

And before we go, all the characters mentioned in Saturday’s article for the “worst wave ever” were real. Here’s images of all those characters done in the style of our DC Visual Checklist.

47 thoughts on “Most Requested DC Classics
Teams: The Results!

  1. Hey, I missed it! Oh well, from the results I would have voted about the same as everyone else.

    Mattel just started three new teams in waves twelve and thirteen, but they haven’t wrapped up one yet. The character selection is interesting to say the least, but I’d like to have a team or two done before 2010 is over.

  2. Thanks again, everyone!

    I was really happy to see the JSA do so well.

    I really want to see a GA Sandman. With Fate out of the way, that’s probably my most looked forward to JSA figure.

    Morrison’s JLA stuff made me happy. Any support for Zauriel is a good thing. The Bloodwynd talk really makes me want one of those…

    And points to all those who suggested ponytail Donna Troy!

  3. That Satellite League got that much support even though it only needs three figures!!

    There’s a correlation there, Mattel. See it. Finish it.

  4. I suppose that I shouldnt be so surprised the smaller teams did so poorly.

    It’s funny how fans want all these obscure figures or more variety, and then when pressed always want more JLA, more Titans, etc.

    1. I think it’s because some of the teams are so close to being done. At least it’s that way with me. I love obscure characters, hell I’d have a seizure if they made Brother Power, but I still want my JLA completed also.

      It comes from all those previous toylines that would always leave out one or two critical characters. If DCUC is truly going to be the definitive DC toy line, then they have to shoot for well known characters, completing teams, and obscure characters that people love.

  5. A third of the vote in world where there are a buttload of superteams?

    That is a mandate, baby!!

    Finish the JLA! Finish the JLA! Finish the JLA! Finish the JLA! Finish the JLA! Finish the JLA! Finish the JLA! Finish the JLA!

  6. I’m glad the New Gods did well, but we need a hell of a lot more than just those three.

    Yeah, there’s Kanto and the Forever People. But we still need Black Racer, Fastbak, Takion, Aurakles, the Furies, Grace, Bedlam…

    A lot more than those three.

  7. Yes! The JSA needs a quick push!!

    I finally saw Doc Mid-Nite and I am stoked! I can’t wait to see the rest of the JSA to match.

    1. I think just having the 11-12 members, they could really nail this one quick and make a statement.

      Same with Metal Men (and the Doom Patrol, it looks like).

  8. this was quite educational to say the least. i myself voted for the manhunter and am dying for them the make a jason todd red hood with a removalable mask. cause i feel sooner or later we are going to get all of our main teams (fingers crossed) but i am all about the random characters. i mean over at

  9. I’m the Firestorm rogues guy. I know they’re all obscure nowadays, but we still should get a Killer Frost ballgown and all.

  10. Challengers didn’t make the cut? That sucks.

    It’s just three Captain Cold bucks and one Catwoman buck with some new heads.

  11. Say what you will about more Batman villains, but they’re the most popular and the lines not complete without Poison Ivy, Bane, Ra’s, and Talia at least.

    1. Could be worse. You could be championing the Sea Devils and Cave Carson.

      You know Cave Carson’s team doesn’t even have a name.

  12. I’m one of those weirdos who really doesn’t care about completing teams. If there’s a particular character I like or sculpt I like, I’ll pick it up. That’s as much thought as I put into DCUC.

    That said, I’m jazzed for all the Green Lanterns hitting soon. And, the prospect of a crab-face masked Kyle makes me all giddy.

    As for Nathaniel Dusk, put him in a “Sandman Mystery Theatre” story and he could be as cool as John Constantine. You all know it.

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