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SDCC Exclusive Alpha Phase
Outer Space Men Waves 3 & 4

Admittedly, I’m a little behind on reviews. I’ve got a few I’ve wanted to get to for awhile, but my schedule’s been rather hectic since SDCC. Yeah… I’ve still got SDCC Exclusive reviews… scary, huh? Let’s knock one off the list today: Alpha Phase Outer Space Men Waves Three and Four.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t say review. Last year, I decided to not give full reviews to the exclusive waves that preceded the regular (Infinity) Editions of The Outer Space Men Waves 1 & 2. Basically, I feel like the full review should wait for the fully painted versions. I feel the same way about Waves 3 & 4. So, this won’t be a review per se, more of a run through with some first thoughts and an idea of what to expect from Waves 3 & 4 whether you’re looking for this sold out Alpha Wave, the upcoming Beta Wave, or the inevitable Infinity Editions.

I started tearing these puppies open as soon as they arrived, and almost got all the way through before the little reviewer voice in my head took charge and reminded me that I should have an in-package shot. Like last year, the Alpha Wave (and presumably the upcoming Beta Wave) figures were packaged in resealable baggies, with a stapled-on header card. (The card is the same for all four, but reversible so that it can be used for the entire wave). While I love the blister card packaging for the Infinity Editions, these baggies do a great job for the exclusive waves.

Like the figures before them, these guys are in true 3 3/4 scale. I say “true” since a lot of new figures released in this scale seem to be creeping ever close to 4″ in recent years (Click Here for a pic of the Alpha 1 & 2 OSM with some popular 1/18 lines). The OSM are old school though, so they stick to 3 3/4″ proper. For this wave, Electron+, Mystron, and Commander Comet are the standard size while Alpha 7 clocks in… oh, just a tad bit smaller (but properly scaled) to the others. He’s so cute!

Since the figures are in solid colors, it gives the sculpted details added importance (while simultaneously making those details hard to photograph). Electron+ was able to reuse a lot of pieces from Xodiac along with a new torso and head. I really like the sculpt on Electron+’s head, but it’s hard to get a good pic with the GITD plastic. I’m looking forward to his Infinity Release (and he’d be a pretty sweet one to get in the Glyos deco used for Xodiac too, I imagine).

Meanwhile, Alpha 7’s all-new and he’s a funny little dude. His sculpt is nice, but what’s more impressive is that the Four Horsemen managed to fit standard Glyos joints in where they could – neck, backpack, shoulders, and hips. The elbows, ankles, and pegholes in his feet are all smaller scale due to size constraints. He’s prolly my least favorite from these four, but that’s not saying much since I still like him too. My favorite thing is easily the backpack/jetpack/airtanks added to his back.

For me, the real masterpieces of this set are Comet & Mystron. They’re two of the most detailed in the line so far and the Four Horsemen were really pushing the limits of those little baggies to fit the figures and their gear inside. Mystron reuses some of the generic spacesuit pieces, but not many. He has new feet, upper thighs, upper & lower torsos, wings, tail, and his head. I love the head sculpt and the tail in particular. The wings are also cool, but the plastic of mine has some flakes in it that give it an odd appearance. Oh, and I’m happy to report they were able to make his center chest peg removable! Just be careful with it, I’ve already lost and had to find it twice! Continue to Page 2…

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Outer Space Men Waves 3 & 4