Most Requested Figures:
More 25th Joes!!

Sometimes as toy collectors, we can look across our displays and only see the toys that aren’t there. They are the missing figures. The characters toy companies never got around to, never thought were important enough, or worse – the figures companies felt the need to show us at comicon in the “We’re Never Gonna Make These” case. Saturdays are for these figures…

If you've been coming to the site recently, you know that the ItsAllTrue Crew had a great time at JoeCon. We had a ton of fun, particularly being there first-hand when Hasbro revealed Pursuit of Cobra for 2010. There's some great figures coming up. Even if you're turned off by the movie-based theme, there should have been one or two figures in there that weakened your resolve just a little bit. I know I saw a ton of stuff I want now: ROC Beachhead, the Jungle Viper, "kills you from a 1000 ft" Snowjob, Arctic Shipwreck, Firefly, City Strike Scarlett, Zartan, Arctic Destro... just to name a "few".