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Vault Review: Transformers
Fall of Cybertron Shockwave

Vault Review: Transformers
Generations Deluxe Wheeljack

Vault Review: Transformers Generations Deluxe Warpath

Vault Review: Transformers:
Generations Dirge & Thrust

Can you believe that we still have a few unreviewed Transformers left even after Transformers Week? I know, it’s crazy. What’s worse is that we’ve put them off for so long that they’ve almost become Retro Reviews. OK, maybe not that old, but Dirge and Thrust certainly aren’t at the front of the collector community’s thoughts.

Transformers Week Reviews
Generations Blurr

Transformers week races on and it’s my turn to deliver the next review. Fingers crossed, I hope I get a good one. Reaching into the pile of unreviewed toys, it looks like I’ll be taking us back a couple weeks with Generations Blurr.

Transformers Week Reviews Generations Sergeant Kup

Looking at our piles of unreviewed toys, there are quite a few Transformers piled up. That means it’s time for another theme week! Every day this week, Vault & I will be reviewing a recent Transformers release. Mainly, Generations, but some RtS will find it’s way in too. Today, I take a look at (Sergeant) Kup.

Transformers Review Generations Scourge

You wouldn’t know it from looking over our recent reviews, but I’ve bought a lot of the Generations TFs. I should probably get to reviewing those – some of them have been waiting for awhile, but I wanted to rush Scourge to the front of the line. I’ve always been a Scourge fan and I’m ecstatic he’s finally got a cool toy.