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Transformers week races on and now it’s my turn to deliver the next review. Fingers crossed, I hope I get a good one. Reaching into the pile of unreviewed toys, it looks like I’ll be taking us back a couple weeks with Generations Blurr. Blurr is one of those figures I had been anticipating from the conventions. All the pictures I’d seen of him looked pretty good. But sometimes the hype of wanting a figure just doesn’t pay off. Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a decent figure. But there’re just a couple things about him that really stick out to me and keep me from enjoying him entirely.

I remember Blurr from when I was a kid. I always thought the idea of a speedster Transformer was interesting, and I loved how he spoke super fast, but I didn’t really care for him as a character. Also, I didn’t really like his bot mode. His vehicle mode was this sleek looking futuristic car/plane thing, while his robot mode looked like a bunch of boxes piled on top of each other. The flat arrow look just didn’t translate.

It wasn’t until his introduction into the Transformers Animated series that I really began to like him. Not only did I enjoy his personality more because I was older, but I also really appreciated that all the other Transformers, Autobots and Decepticons, could barely understand him. Coupling his nearly unintelligible words with the fact that he was an intelligence agent really made for great character dichotomy.

Plus, the dude was fast. He was so fast that you couldn’t see him transform. He was so fast that he could achieve escape velocity by running. He was so fast that he actually ran through space, bouncing off any bit of planet, or debris, or Starscream in his way and gaining speed from it. Dude was fast, and all that speed was reflected in his streamlined and pointy design.

Generations Blurr is based off his latest appearance in the IDW comic books. I have to be honest. I haven’t read those so I’m not exactly sure what his characterization is like. The back of his package reveals that he’s a sniper. It also mentions that he’s not impatient, but that he’s just always in a hurry to get places, help people, and kill Decepticons. The sniper choice is interesting. If he really does have super speed, it would make sniping incredibly boring but really easy. I don’t know about cutting the fact that he’s impatient though. I always felt that was integral to his personality. Continue to Page 2…

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Generations Blurr

  1. Nice review Noisy! If I may offer up a teeny little suggestion though? You needed some pics of Blurr’s back, the rear of the car, and a head shot. It’s a great review with awesome pics as always, but Blurr is facing the camera in nearly all of them.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t hold your breath on another Blurr. Other than the displaced WFC figures, the line hasn’t had any alt modes that were too out there.

    1. I usually put a rear view of the vehicle and a close up head shot in my reviews. I guess I was just a bit absent minded on picture day. Sorry about that. 🙂

      I think you’re right though. If we get another Blurr, he’ll probably be a movie desing or something.

  2. I personnally like the idea of a sniper/speedster. No need for heavy armour until he breaks cover and takes his shot, then he can get out of there fast. Now, that kind of clashes with the bulky car parts everywhere, but it’s a good resuse of Drift otherwise.

    1. The sniper/speedster idea’s a really good idea. I just wish he were a futuristic looking sniper/speedster, lol.

  3. Strange but true, I got my Blurr back when most of us were griping about Roboto and his reversed shoulders (and multitudinous other QC problems). So I open my Blurr, transform him to robot mode and I poop you not,, he had reversed shoulders! I had to unscrew him in back and swap his shoulders around.

    Hey thanks for the tip about his guns combining, I didnt know that! I’ll have to check it out when I get home.

    Great review! Take Care!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, that whole gun thing is a pretty cool bonus from the designers.

      That really sucks. What’s the odds of getting two different figures from two different lines with reversed shoulders? It’s like you won the bad luck toy lottery.

  4. The pic with the Flash is priceless and well-executed. I’m shocked that I never thought of something similar. Speaking of something I overlooked, the point about Blurr as a speedy gunfighter had never occurred to me, and it’s a great point.

    I’m happy to have this figure, but I get the feeling every now and then that the head is too big for the Drift body. It’s not a huge problem though, and it might just be mine.

    As for the IDW writing, I suggest Blurr’s appearance in Spotlight: Blurr…it’s actually one of the better ones in terms of both art and story, despite it’s somewhat “Cars”-ish beginning. ( It’s one of a few outstanding Spotlights, Jazz’ is another good one (which they unfortunately crapped all over with the latest issue of the ongoing series).

    1. Thank you. It took forever to to get Flash to stand in that pose.

      Once I saw the two guns at his side, I couldn’t imagine him as anything else than a gunfighter. Especially with his speed, he’d be the fastest robot gunfighter in the West… of Cybertron. lol

      I’ll have to check out that IDW book. They seem pretty hit or miss. But if Blurr’s is worth it then I’ll definitely want to read it.

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