Vault Review: Transformers Generations Deluxe Warpath

It’s time for Transformers Reviews Catch-up!  I don’t know how it happens, but we always seem to be running a bit behind when it comes to Transformers.  Today’s review is about one of the coolest looking Autobots that ever KABLAMMED! his way onto the scene, Generations Warpath.

I remember seeing Warpath as a kid and instantly falling in love with his design.  After all, tanks are cool.  But Warpath was more than just your ordinary tank Transformer.  In my mind this bot was so hard core that even in robot mode he still had his barrel primed and ready.  To me he wasn’t so much a robot that could turn into a tank, but a tank that could walk around like a robot.

The funny thing is I don’t remember ever hearing Warpath as a kid.  His personality was a blank slate to me until a couple years ago I started rewatching some of the old G1 cartoons.  As a tank I expected him to be loud and even a bit blustery, but what I didn’t expect is that he was also insane.  Not really crazy-insane, more like make-my-own-sound-effects-while-I-talk-insane.  There are a lot of personality quirks in the Autobots camp, but I think Warpath may win the top KABLOOM! prize when it comes to eccentricity.  Not that I mind.  When I get tired of him I can just turn off the DVD, but I don’t know how the Autobots handle it.  I can’t even imagine fighting alongside this guy for thousands of KAXOWY! years.

The figure itself does a great job of combining Warpath’s original look with his more recent Legends H-tank toy form.  His bot mode is perfect.  He’s got this great square and bulky look that makes him much more imposing than his previous incarnations.  His head is also much sleeker and menacing.  It kind of reminds me of something you’d see on a GI Joe.  One thing I was a bit disappointed with is that black plastic was used for the back of his head where the lightpiping would be.  It’s not too big a deal, but his eyes are so recessed that it would have been nice to see them glow a bit.

Warpath’s tank mode is also really great.  Even though the original figure was cool, I’m a much bigger fan of the H-tank.  It’s just got much more of a threatening look to it, like a cat that’s about to pounce.  I don’t even mind that he’s so much smaller than tanks like Bludgeon, because he still looks powerful enough to make it a fair fight.  Continue to page 2…

13 thoughts on “Vault Review: Transformers Generations Deluxe Warpath

  1. i know some of the 3rd party guys are kind of costly, but have you noticed that they aren’t getting a lot of reviews done? maybe there’s room to expand into a new market there?

    i don’t know man, my last several experiences w/ transformers have not gone well. they’ve been purchases for the kids, and the new design element, bits that pop off rather than break, means parts that get removed and lost w/ extreme ease… hence, they’re not kids toys. even the ones made for kids suffer the same thing, the figs aren’t sturdy anymore. i know, we get better transformations, and more articulation, but at the expense of hooking a new generation of transfans. something sad about that. when my oldest broke his movie optimus, he BAWLED man, and there’s just nothing more heartwrenching for a kid (or a parent) than a toy a kid loves breaking. so i pretty much resolved no more transformers till i hear of some substantial changes.

    1. Sorry to hear about your luck with transformers lately. If you don’t mind me asking, what transformers are giving you problems?

      Reading about your son breaking his movie prime (which version of prime?) reminded me of when one of my favourite tfs broke as a kid. My G1 Powermaster Joyride snaped at the waist, separating the upper and lower parts of the body. Needless to say, I was really sad after that.

    2. I would love to do reviews on the 3rd party Transformers stuff. The new Fansproject Insecticons look fantastic, but unfortunately I just can’t afford them. I have one very big purchase coming up that I’m trying to save for, and after that I’m going to be cutting down on my imports.

      But hey, if anyone wants to donate 3rd party items we’ll definitely review them. 😛

  2. if you need a warpath, let me know, tru times square has been getting him regularly, and I’m there often enough to find him. just shoot me an email!

    1. Thanks! I thought it fit Warpath’s crazyness well.

      That tiger car will be starring in its own small review soon.

  3. Nice review. He’s one of my favourite figures from the generations line. As with many of the late line transformers, I bought my Warpath from a local comic store due to many big box stores wanting to bring in the new movie figures. Kind of like what they did with Animated. If you wanted, you could flip his hands back into his forearms and pretend they are massive arm cannons.

  4. I don’t remember why, but he was one of my “regular” TFs back in the day. Then the G1/Joes all got packed up and I have no idea what happened to them. 🙁

    dammit, I’m hitting Amazon!

    …again! (3x in past four weeks! ARGH!)

    1. Wow, sounds like you’ve been busy filling out your collection. Good luck getting everyone back.

  5. Another great review.

    This figure just rocks, and living over the pond I really had to work to get hold of one – the RTS/Generations line pulled me back into TF’s after years of Ugly Movie disinterest and this is without a doubt a high-spot to bow out for the current Movie hiatus/glut. If it had a waiste joint it would be perfect, as it is He merely has to settle for runner-up in the prize for greatest De-luxe TF ever … Heavyweight champ Spec-Ops Jazz.

    I while I understand what you mean about the greater fragility Dayraven my kids play with/pound the tar out of their current TF victims on a daily basis without problems – apart from Lego nothing else stands up like that currently, as attested to by a whole box of shredded Ben 10 figures awaiting the glue gun treatment. The day my Vintage Prowl came apart at the waiste back in ’85 was not a happy one in the Motor house…..

    1. Thanks Motor! Yeah, the RTS/Generations line is pretty hard to avoid. You get the feel and look of the old G1 line combined with modern engineering and articulation. What’s not to love?

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