Truetorial: DC Classics & Walmart –
A Match Made Without Variants

I'm ambivalent on the Mattel/Wal-Mart partnership. I really don't care if they keep getting exclusives or not. I live practically on top of Wal-Mart HQ and have dozens of stores within a reasonable driving distance, but that doesn't make it easy to find the exclusives. I didn't get DCUC5 first hand. I had to buy the Giant Man figures and Nemesis figures while traveling in other states. And I know that even though DCUC10 was easier to find for a lot of fans, the bad taste DCUC5 left in the mouths of most collectors is still fresh enough that even I cringed at the announcement that DCUC14 would also be exclusive to the retailer. But I'm not writing about whether there should or shouldn't be Wal-Mart waves today. That ship has sailed, so I'm moving on too. But I do have a problem with some of the figures that go into Wal-Mart waves.

Retro Review: DC Classics
Wave 5 (Metallo)

One of the features we wanted to have since we began was a complete review archive of DC Classics. At the outset, we also conceived the idea of a Retro Review, a feature where we'd spend some time on old toy from yesteryear (wait until you see SilntAngl's review of the 1987 G.I. Joe Techno-Viper).

Well, the two ideas seemed fairly congruent and we decided that the first batch of Retro Reviews would work backwards from DC Classics Wave 7 until the beginning. That was the plan anyway. Some technical issues have forced us to skip Wave 7 (for now). So, what better than to get the most difficult-to-find, gnashing of teeth wave out of the way first? Yep, our very first retroview will focus on the ire of many a DCUC collector, the Wal-Mart Exclusive Wave 5.