DCUC Checklist – Wave
14 Added & Wave 12 News

One of my favorite sites for the latest toy news, ActionFigurePics.Com, is reporting on the contents of ToyFare #152 (hitting newsstands this week). You can check out AFP for some news about an upcoming wave of Marvel Universe, Iron Man 2 figures (with some awesome comic-based character choices), and DC Classics 14.

The issue of ToyFare confirms the wave fourteen lineup that was found on Wal-Mart’s inventory system late last year: Alan Scott, Obsidian, Hourman, Gold, Kamandi, Zatanna, Tyr, and the Collect & Connect Ultra-Humanite. The figures look fantastic and although we don’t know the variants yet, I’m hoping for a Perez version of Zatanna’s costume to be one of them!

While you’ll have to check out the magazine for images, you can check out our updated DC Classics Visual Checklist by clicking on our obnoxiously large DCUC logo…

In other DC Classics news, Toy Guru is reporting on the AFI Forum that Mattel is planning to make Wave 12 available to fans on MattyCollector.Com this March! We’ve added this news to our MattyCollector.Com Release Calendar.

Update: The Fwoosh has confirmed from Toy Guru that wave 14 is indeed the Wal-Mart wave for this year. Boo.

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14 Added & Wave 12 News

  1. Finally, some Golden Age love for DC Classics fans. More than half the way is a GA character or a legacy character. Fantastic.

    Any pics online yet? Anybody?

  2. Barring a miracle at a local store I think I’ll just get wave 12 on matty. I got wave 11 online this week, and my local stores haven’t had anything new since wave 7 so it just doesn’t seem worth it to hunt anymore.

    I like the lineup for wave 14 and I too hope that they have a Perez variant for Zatanna. The other variant I want would be another Hourman so I could represent different characters.

    1. I just got my pre-order for W12 this week from BBTS and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

      There’s been some rumbling that this wave could be headed for Wal-Mart (Scott from ETC has a source that believes it to be the case). If that’s true, then this wave might not have variants. That would suck.

  3. I want a Perez Zatanna as well; my first DC comic was “Identity Crisis,” so I can’t wait to finish my “Let’s Mind-Wipe Doctor Light” team. Now bring on Elongated Man and Light himself!

    1. Wow? That’s an interesting place to start DC. Have you enjoyed what you’ve read since then? I’m not the biggest fan of the post-IC DC Universe myself, but I’m always happy to talk comics with a fellow reader.

      I’d like to see Dr. Light II more than the original in the line soon (but we should get both) and Ralph is definitely overdue.

      1. It’s funny how I got roped into DC in the first place.

        A friend of mine wanted to collect the Superfriends Legion of Doom in action figure form so he bought a case of Wave 3 for Solomon Grundy and Sinestro. He wanted to sell the other figures in the wave to make some of his money back, so he offered to sell me Deathstroke. He knew I was a sucker for figures with lots of weapons they could store on their bodies, so Deathstroke was right up my alley. However, I didn’t know the first thing about the character, so he suggested I read Identity Crisis.

        “You want to see how much of a bad-ass Deathstroke can be? Read this,” he said.

        Identity Crisis was incredible, and from there I went to Countdown to Infinite Crisis, Infinite Crisis, 52, and One Year Later. As I read each book I found more and more characters I liked, so I started to pick up the figures. But the price hike has made me more selective; now I only buy Wonder Woman characters, Secret Six members, and the characters that really stood out for me.

        1. That’s a great ‘Getting into comics’ story. For me, I was always off and on. I kept getting in and out when I was 6, 12, and finally 18 to stay. My fondness is still for those comics that I was reading at those times (Blue Ribbon Digest, Super Powers, Firestorm, Electric Supes, Kyle Rayner, JLA, Resurrection Man, Aztek).

          I was very comfortable with the 90s stories, so Identity Crisis and the heavy 70s influence it came in with (that turned a lot of the stuff I like on it’s ear) has me buying less in this Didio-era.

          But I’m very big on “to each his own” with comics. I really love the Morrison X-Men run, but that’s the first time I read X-Men – and a lot of longtime readers seem to hate it. A lot of comic love depends on where/when you start. It’s really interesting.

          Sounds like you’re a big Gail Simone fan there. Me too. I’d love to get a Black Alice figure (but which one?).

  4. WM has been getting every FIFTH wave, so this should be all retailers. Next wave should be the WM wave (with Raven?).
    (double suckage: I counted 100+ w10 at Washington yesterday. They only had 60 before AND after Xma$!)

    I’m hoping for 50/50 split between GA Rex and MA Rick Hourmen, but that would mean either no shadow variant for Todd or Perez Zatanna. It’s not like we’re all demanding Alan as Sentinel….

    btw, isn’t Tyr the first LEGION (oSV) member, too?

    1. btw, assuming an easy variant will come doesn’t mean it will.
      How easy would it have been to do DONNA TROY in her black outfit along with the red WG outfit?

      (not gonna bother pointing out she’s adult Donna, not teen Donna to go with KF Wally!)

      1. I assume a crappy 70/30 variant more than an easy one. 😀

        I’m going with ShadowTodd for now because, like you said, no one is really up for Sentinel. Hourman II & III don’t seem to have been considered. And Gold, Kamandi, & Ty. Don’t really make sense.

        My Zatanna choice is based on wishful thinking!

    2. There is a number gap between this wave and the Raven wave that would allow for seven figures. I’d guess that to be the Wally wave.

      The WM wave news is stemming from Enchanted Toy Chest. I haven’t checked in on it this morning.

      I’m sure Tyr is the first 30th century character.

      1. And the Wal-Mart news is stemming from Toy Guru too. Damn.

        Props to Scott from Enchanted Toy Chest for the early heads up! If you’re not familiar with ETC, they’re one of the best sites on the net for DC Classics pre-orders! (And yes, I’m baised – they’re in my home state!).

  5. This wave is really good looking and especially Zatanna looks hot.C&C looks pretty lame but overall this wave looks awesome!!I have seen prototupe pics.

  6. Wal-Mart exclusive this early? I guess those Q&A’s are completely useless. If memory serves didn’t they say no more Wal-Mart exclusives after Wave 10 or I guess that was wishful speculation because the contract ran out?

    I’ll go with wishful speculation to save my brain from hemorraging any further.

    1. I’d have to look it up to be sure, but I don’t remember that. After 10 was a hit, I was expecting an annual one from now on. I remember one answer in the Q&A said each store would have exclusives this year. WM is confirmed for 14, and I have a feeling we’ll see 15 go to Target. I’m not sure what TRU will get – some boxsets? 2pks? We may not know until SDCC.

    1. Yeah. I think the distribution will continue to get better.

      I’m not sure why Wal-Mart felt the need to cut comic-based figures out of so many stores this year. Hopefully, that’ll change.

  7. Wal-Mart taking an earlier exclusive this year makes sense now that I think about it…

    Last year, Wal-Mart did the Fall reset in September before Wave 10 was ready and a lot of stores filled up on that wave 4/6 beast. They had to move through those before they got in wave 10.

    Could that be part of why Walmart/Mattel changed things up for this year? If WM is looking to have their exclusive wave in time for the September reset, then this move suddenly makes more sense. And that should make it even easier to find then 5 & 10.

    1. That could be.

      If that’s true, will Mattel move up 15 so the other stores have something for the Summer though?

  8. Here’s hoping they make a Sentinels of Magic 5-pack with Enchantress, Ragman, Dr.Occult, Madame Xanadu and an IC Zatanna (even though she wore her top hat outfit when that story arc took place)

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