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MOTU Classics.Com:
DC vs MOTU Zodac Review


This summer was a challenging time for me as a MOTUC collector. The loss of our subscription sent me back to the Monthly Matty Madhouse. The con exclusive Faker had me (successfully) watching like a hawk, but another TRU 2pk, Zodac vs Green Lantern, slipped through

DC Classics.Com Batman Legacy
Batgirl & Catman Review


Last week, I’d planned to do a big write-up on Batman Legacy Wave 2, but the Golden Age Batman stole the spotlight during the photo session and he scored his own review. Now, it’s time to finish off the assortment with a quick look at the Silver

DC Classics.Com Golden Age
Batman (Legacy) Review


You know what they say about best laid plans? I’ve been holding off reviewing Catman & Batgirl from Batman Legacy Wave Two for awhile – waiting because I was planning a group review for this wave. Then I finally get the Batman and he ends up getting

DC Classics.Com Young
Justice Red Arrow Review


Do you have toylines that you keep buying, but you’re not sure you should? Young Justice six-inch is that way for me. I enjoy the show and I’m always down for some DC Comics figures, but I find myself constantly questioning if this really is a toyline

Ask Matty
October 1st Edition

MOTUClassics.Com: Bizarro
Vs. Battle Armor Faker Review


Wow. It’s been almost three months since I reviewed any MOTUC! Between losing our MOTU subscription and Vault getting itchy to do a few, I haven’t had to haul out Castle Grayskull since Battleground Teela. Only fitting though, my return to MOTUC reviews is another fan requested

Young Justice
6″ Aqualad Review


I’m wavering on being a Young Justice collector. I like the show and enjoy the characters. I like that the line is relatively DCUC-compatible, but I really hate the price. The bases and accessories just don’t make me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. And yet,

DC Universe Classics Crime
Syndicate of Amerika Review


One of the nice things about Walmart picking up DC Universe Classics again was their wanting an annual multi-pack. While store exclusives can sometimes bring a dose of aggravation, I’m happy to see the 5pks in the line – particularly this year’s pack, based on the