Adventure Vault Talks Blackest Night

Almost one year later, the longest night ever in the DC Universe has finally come to an end with Blackest Night #8. I wouldn’t call what I’m writing a review, so much as my thoughts on what happened, but mostly I want to examine where I feel the DC Universe is going. I’ll be referencing the events of the story and its tie-in books, so reader be warned: Thar be SPOILERS ahead.

AdventureVault Review: Lego 7595 – Army Men on Patrol (Toy Story)

One of the cooler things that the Lego Group has been up to lately is acquiring the rights to work with different franchises. I love the traditional themes, but with some great sets coming out of the recent licensed products, I was stoked to hear that Lego had struck a deal with Disney to create product for the upcoming Prince of Persia film, Pixar's Cars, and Toy Story. Toy Story Legos were the first sets from the deal to make it to retail stores and you can expect to see Lego-ized versions of Buzz, Woody, Jesse, and these little guys right here.

Vault Review: Super Samurai Green Ranger (Legends)

For the last sixteen years, there has been some version of the Power Rangers on the airwaves, and for the last sixteen years there has been a toy line to accompany it. When a toy line runs for that long, there are bound to be issues. Over the years, different characters were made while others were left out. There’s been a plethora of body types and different scales - making it hard to cobble together a single collection of all the different teams. Until, Bandai finally caught on. Under the title of “Super Legends” and coming on a distinctly retro-green colored card, these chase figures allow Power Ranger fans to start putting together teams of toys from our childhood.

Vault Review: Lego 10193 – Medieval Market Village

Toys had a different meaning for me when I was a kid. Sure I had He-Man and GI Joes and Super Powers figures, but I didn’t collect them. They were just toys I enjoyed playing with that parents and grandparents bought me. Sometimes I knew who the character was, sometimes I didn’t. It didn’t really matter. I would make up my own names or stories. The one toy line that had the most freedom in creativity was LEGO though. Not only could you name and decide what characters were good or bad, but you could build them anything that your imagination and amount of Legos allowed. This is the toy line I remember playing with most.