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Mo-Larr Review

The other four accessories are vac-metallized and cool in their own right. The drill is my least favorite because he can’t really hold it in a convincing way. Like the floss, that’s not a big deal, but it’s hard to find a good pose for him with either. The forceps (with the giant tooth) are similarly afflicted because it’s difficult to find a pose where he can hold both sides. I know these are all silly sticking points on a figure I openly admit is a silly/fun creation, but now you know where my suspension of disbelief is! I can believe Eternia has a dentist, but I can’t believe forceps can hold a tooth if you’re just holding one side. This leaves the last two accessories, the probe & the mirror, as the go to pieces. He looks best with them in my opinion.

For articulation, Mo-Larr is standard because of the He-Man reuse. As I mentioned above, the lab coat does block the ab-crunch and restricts the arms a little bit, but otherwise the figure has normal range of motion. He does feature the loose right ankle like so many of our recent figures.

We had no paint issues with Mo-Larr. I thought he could use a little more grey on his temples, but a quick check of the Robot Chicken episode shows that a light dusting of grey was sufficient. The head is painted well overall. The tooth decal and the buttons on the lab coat are all spot-on. One weird note is that his gloves are a little dirty towards the wrists while the gloves are still bright blue. It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but they get just a bit darker right at the joint.

And if you just have to know. Mo-Larr sports an all-blue He-Man loincloth under his robes. His crotch piece is the same blue as the gloves, but the loincloth is closest to Beast Man’s blue.

Overall, Mo-Larr is a great addition to the ranks of my MOTU shelf. He’ll find a home somewhere in the middle. He won’t be towards the front because he lacks even the slightest bit of nostalgia, but the execution and novelty will keep him from getting an obscure spot in the back. The Four Horsemen did their usual great work updating the “original toy” to Classics standards, giving him a great look and some great accessories. At $40, with the extra Skeletor & his accessories, the price felt a little steep, but you did get two figures for the price so the ‘value’ is the same.

Mo-Larr is intended to be a fun extra for the line and Mattel accomplished that. If you just didn’t want him and passed on him, you might have missed out on a cool toy, but I know you don’t mind. Still, he’s a blast to have and he’ll be not only a cool part of my collection for some time to come, but probably make more than a few appearances in our Amusing Articulations too.

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45 comments to MOTUClassics.Com:
Mo-Larr Review

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  • Russ

    I have to say it: if Mo-Larr had been around originally or in ’02 as opposed to first introduced in a lame Robot Chicken sketch, I’d have picked him up in a heartbeat.

    I think the joke captions you did were funnier than what Robot Chicken did.

    And yeah, I’m not too keen on a 4H concept Red Lantern CnC; I want a reason to want the piece; now if it were Sinestro Corps Anti-Monitor, I’d be sold in a heartbeat! 😀

  • The custom nurse figure looks a million times cooler than Mo-Larr.

  • Kilodog

    Great review, Noisy. You had me rollin’!!

  • JediCreeper

    I haven’t gotten mine yet.. but I agree, I think he’s a great inclusion to a toy line with names like Buzz-Off, Stinkor and Man-E-Faces (who’s an actor.. so why not a dentist)

    if anything, I just wish there was actually a dentist chair and not just “chip art”

  • orionpax636

    I think your point about leaving Skeletor out of the equation is pretty much universal fact. I waffled long and hard about Mr. Dentist-Man on order day (which equates to about .5 milliseconds in Matty time), but in the end, I couldn’t bring myself to pay another $20 for another Skeletor. If Mo-Larr was by himself, or even if they just included the gag Skeletor head as an accessory, I’d have done it.

    They probably would have gotten tons of customizers into it too. That corny head could work as an Eternian lawyer, game-show host, realtor, car salesman, spiritual advisor, life coach…

  • FakeEyes22

    I just about had a fit when I read the initially released $50 price. $40 is appropriate for the amount you get and it is a huge box, but the content is limited by how useful another Skeletor and a one time joke character are.

    I’m glad I got it though. I haven’t opened it yet, but my Skeletor’s face is almost entirely green, reminding me of how I lucked out with the regular version.

    It’s a dumb complaint, but despite its show accuracy, the giant white tooth could use some yellow highlights.

  • Have we seen the “Ice She-Ra” before? I like her as the nurse! Great job with the comics, Noisy!

  • Lay Ze-Man

    I gotta say Noisy, that if I had a website like this one, and your talent for concocting hilarious strips, then Mo-Larr would’ve been an easy purchase. 😉

    But “Eternian dentists” aren’t a necessary part of the MotUniverse by any stretch of the imagination.

    I don’t want an “Eternian candy shop owner” either.

  • michael

    I took the skelator out of the package pop’ed his head off and switched it with the old one that i had… the ankles and joints were much tighter and he actually stands up… i then put the new head on the old skelator and put him back in the dentist chair because i think it looks better in the box.. and now my skelator wont be taking a nosedive every time the AC kicks on

    • I use the TRU Skeletor as my main Skelly – I just love his colors, so I can’t switch anything with it. I did steal Keldor’s cape for him though! 😀

      And it does look really good in the box…

  • 3B

    LOL! Awesome work, ND.

    I think I would have been better served by buying this set instead of Orko. The Orko/Adam set is cool and all, but it’s not my favorite part of the mythology and I think the “Classics” Orko doesn’t fit-in with the rest of the line. He looks too cartoony to me.

    Anyway, I think the idea of Mo-Larr with just “Missing Tooth” Skeletor’s head would have been a much better deal. I already have 2 Skelz, couldn’t justify the cost for a third.

  • Deonidas

    I honestly think this is your best review yet! Keep up the good work!

  • I would be quite worried if my dentist looked like that!

  • Chris

    Mo-Larr’s thought commentary was the greatest you’ve done yet!! I’m at work and had a co-worker give me an odd look for laughing as hard as I was.

  • Sy Branch

    Cute review. Love the paint job on Adora’s head & She-Ra’s body!!!

  • Crazylegs

    Nice review. I don’t understand the Mo-Larr hate.

    • Well, I think some people take MOTU seriously and there’s just not room for them to have as much fun with as some others can have. I can understand that.

      • Lay Ze-Man

        Or, conversely, we LIKE to have fun, and too much silliness ruins that fun. 😉

        The same way pee, fart, and dog-humping jokes ruin it for TF fans who want a fun movie. :p

  • Yso

    Remove the flocking on Adora and make sure she comes with purple not black feet.

  • Lou

    I didn’t want Mo-Larr, didn’t buy Mo-Larr, don’t care about Mo-Larr.

  • Brainlock

    Looks like Nurse Adora is a hit!
    Was she pre-planned for this or a quickie custom for this bit?

  • Ed

    Great review. My Mo-Larr just got here today! I haven’t opened him yet, but the packaging is kinda cool.

  • Stormcloud

    Keep up the good work on the reviews.

  • MOTUC is not Vintage 2.0

    Mo-Larr is awesome (mine had ankles looser than a Drunk Count Marzo) and all of his weapons with black handles leave black chips on his hands…
    SkeleBenoit on the other hand had really tight ankles, but weak knees.