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Four Horsemen Announce
SDCC Exclusive Outer Space Men

If you thought you’d finished off your SDCC Exclusive want list, uncross those i’s and undot the t’s because the Four Horsemen have announced some special edition Outer Space Men for San Diego Comic Con! The guys have sent along some great pics along with the details on how you can obtain your very own set.


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The Four Horsemen are excited to announce their Outer Space Men Comic Con 2010 exclusives!

Dubbed the “Alpha Phase Waves”, each exclusive OSM character will be done in a color that represents them as they utilize their “phase” mode to secretly invade Comic Con. These color versions are completely different from their upcoming regular edition versions!

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OSM Alpha Phase wave 1 will consist of translucent purple “Astro-Nautilus – the Man from Neptune” figure (with a clear yellow trident), and glow-in-the-dark “Metamorpho – the Man from Alpha Centauri” (with glow-in-the-dark accessories) and will sell as a two figure set for only $20.00!

OSM Alpha Phase wave 2 contains a translucent red “Inferno, the Flame Man of Mercury” (with translucent red accessories), and a translucent orange “Xodiac, the Man from Saturn” (with clear yellow helmet and accessories), and will also sell as a set for a mere $20.00!

Each exclusive version is limited to a total production run of only 300 pieces each, so they’re guaranteed to go FAST!

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But if you’re worried about getting to Comic Con in time to get your Outer Space Men exclusive figures, fear not!

The Four Horsemen vow to never forget their long-time fans, and are planning to make a very limited amount available for pre-order through their own online retail outlet, Store Horsemen! The figures will be available through Store Horsemen ONLY in full sets of all four characters for $40.00 each, plus shipping, and will be limited to one set per customer.

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To get in on the Outer Space Men pre-order, you’ll need to be a registered FANtastic Exclusive forum member (please follow registration instructions carefully) by Monday, July 12th at 6:00pm eastern standard time, and when ordering you’ll need to include your message board screen-name in the comments box to be eligible!

Failure to follow the registration and ordering directions will result in the cancellation of your order. All sales will be first come, first serve, unless cancellations occur.

Details of the pre-order sale will be posted in the Outer Space Men thread on FANtastic Exclusive.com on Monday, after the registration deadline.

So be sure to hit Comic Con booth #4045 to pick up your extremely limited Outer Space Men Alpha Phase waves, or head on over to FANtastic Exclusive to register to the message boards, and keep your eyes peeled for more Store Horsemen Outer Space Men sales information NOW!

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21 comments to Four Horsemen Announce
SDCC Exclusive Outer Space Men

  • AdventureVault

    Well, there goes $40 more dollars.

    I’m really glad the 4H are offering these to us who can’t go to the convention.

    • Yes, I’ve really appreciated that over the years, even if I haven’t always b een able to take advantage of it.

      And I’m happy with the $40 price because I don’t think $10 each for these is bad and that means the regular ones shouldn’t be any more expensive!

  • Cyclonnie

    So we have to join the board by Monday, but when will we buy them?

  • Cliff S.

    The one guy doesn’t look like the right type of plastic for glowing in the dark, but maybe it’s a mockup.

    They still look really great, but I fear that 300 units may not be near enough. I’m going to SDCC, but I’m considering trying to just pick them up ahead of time to be safe.

  • Okona

    These look great! I’m gonna wait for the regular releases, but just seeing them again really gives me hope for this line.

    Have we seen Metamorpho’s other faces yet? I’m dying to see the udpate to the other two!

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  • 3B

    These are freaking sweet. I’m getting more and more excited about these (and I blame your website and the great recent articles on the OSM!), can’t wait to get some!

    I’ll have to pass on these, just not enough $$$ for all the great stuff coming out. I hope you guys are able to pick some up, that way I can enjoy them vicariously through your reviews.

    • Thanks! I hope we can snag two (one for me & one for Vault). Vault’s registered, but I’m still cautiously awaiting the timing of the order since Wednesday is a busy day for me.

  • Grenadier

    They look awesome and I’d love to support a line that limits the amount of exclusives people can buy to one a person, but I just don’t know which of these guys is my favorite yet.

  • Alexie

    These do look cool, but will 300 be enough? That seems incredibly limited.

    • Well it is an exclusive so it supposed to be limited. The idea is that this will be something that VERY few people will own, something for the serious collector. If you just want action figures then wait for the standard release. Personally more companies need to get back to this and stop caving to ‘must have’, ‘how dare you not make it easy for me’, cry-babies that have joined this community in resent years.

      Collecting a toy line means spending years looking for some rarer figures, even passing them up to get something else, and not completing your collection until years after ‘teh line is ded’, if ever. The hunt is what makes collecting, at least for me.

      • 300 could be enough, I don’t have any idea what the market needs to be for these.

        Tek, I don’t know how I feel about what you’re saying. A part of me agrees with you, but another part of me is thinking about Spirit of Grayskull and Holiday Hal. Though I guess you could say there’s a type of escalation effect going on there?

  • Adrian

    These look better everytime I see them!

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