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Top Ten Toys of 2015!

It’s January! That means it’s time for my standard, “no, I’m not dead” post. 2015 again saw me fail to get out of the retail world (I should prolly actually start trying) and so the last month was once again just a little too crazy to find much time in front of the computer. As we’re starting to kick things off for 2016, we’ve got one little thing we probably oughta take care of: what were the best toys of 2015? Well, I shouldn’t say best. Best lists are everywhere and they should all have relatively the same stuff. That 6″ Scale TIE Fighter? Hell yeah that should be on all the bestest lists. My list is about what I enjoyed the most and I’ll get into that on each one.

Before digging in, I’m gonna cheat and shout some honorable mentions. When I drafted my list and gave it a once-over, there were 25 items on the list and I had to kill 60% of it to get here. The biggest thing, I mean that literally was the DC Collectibles Batmobile. DCC not only stepped up to make a full-size 6″ scale Batmobile, but they knocked it out of the park! It ended up just outside the Top 10 thanks in part to another great DCC offering. There were some great G.I. Joes in Fun Publication’s FSS Service 3.0, Repeater, Hit & Run, & Frostbite namely, that also just missed the cutoff. And, finally, a huge shout out to the folks over at Onell Design. The Armorvor is three years old, but I love it so and have collected it in various colors for all three years, including 2015!

No. 10 – Hot Toys: Rocket & Groot
While Hot Toys nailed release after release in 2015, I figured one good rule for this Top 10 is that it has to be items I bought. And I cut back on Hot Toys in 2015 (more by necessity than choice) leaving me with just a few to choose from for this list. There were some good pick-ups: STRIKE Cap, Maria Hill, Winter Soldier, but the most fun I had with a HT Purchase this year was definitely the Guardians of the Galaxy 2pk of Rocket & Groot! Rocket is great if you ever wanted a high end collectible raccoon, but it’s Groot that really impresses. He towers over my HT shelves with an amazing amount of detail and plenty of smart articulation hiding among the bark. Better still? The HT 2pk including a screaming head and Baby Groot!
No. 9 – DC Collectibles: Roxy Rocket
The aforementioned DC Collectibles Animated line really stole the show in 2015, particularly towards the end as the QC-improved figures started rolling out in droves. I could’ve picked a ton of figures to make this list, but Roxy Rocket holds a special spot. She’s one of only a handful of characters that never made the leap to Kenner’s great vintage line. DC Collectibles doing her so early in their line signaled to me that they meant business. The extra “it” factor? Her Rocket. Released as part of a deluxe set, Roxy got the usual complement of great accessories, but was also paired with her rocket, accurately covered from the show! It even came with a minimal stand & light-up features for extra fun.
No. 8 – Star Wars Black: Poe Dameron & Riot Trooper 2-Pack
This is probably the first one where my personal bias is completely showing, but I loved picking up this two-pack. Poe was easily my favorite character coming out of TFA. He didn’t have a ton of screen time, but he used what he had to shine. Fighting against terrible odds, mouthing off against seemingly invincible bad guys, and being the “best pilot” in the galaxy. Similarly, one Stormtrooper stole the scene he was in. Dubbed TR-8R by fans, and Nines by the novelization, this trooper called out Finn when he saw him on Takodana and engrained himself in our hearts & minds forever. Thankfully, Target & Hasbro mismatched my two favorite characters in their holiday exclusive two-pack! I’m not totally sure how this pack sorted out, but it was the one thing I bought coming out of the film.
No. 7 – Star Wars Black: Bossk
And another Star Wars Black Series figure! I’ve been picking & choosing my way through this line, but one figure I knew I had to find and saw all of exactly once was Bossk! I may never understand the strange appeal of this guy, but he’s always captured my attention and I have a bad habit of buying him in multiple forms. 6” Black Series was no exception and the line delivered a fantastic figure. The level of detail on his Doctor Who background costume is top notch and the lizard parts are painted very well for a fully finished look. More than a few SWB figures have suffered from some execution issues, but not so with Bossk. One of the best SWB figures all year.
No. 6 – Marvel Legends Hobgoblin Series: Daredevil
Marvel Legends killed in 2015. This line was one of the toughest to pare down. Coulson finally got his due. Great updates to Scarlet Witch, Morbius, & Absorbing Man. I bought so many Marvel Legends, it’s not even funny. One of my favorite hands down though was Daredevil. So much so, I bought him twice! Once in his classic red duds and again with the Walgreens exclusive first appearance Daredevil. The figure uses the standard buck and just needed a great head sculpt, but it works. He easily replaces any previous attempt at Daredevil by Hasbro or Toy Biz and just draws the eye amid what should be some pretty full Marvel Legends shelves. And that’s red one, the yellow one sticks it out even more!
No. 5 – Mezco One:12 Collection Previews Batman
Mezco should get an award for most upping their game in 2015. The One:12 Collection basically brings Hot Toys quality to 6” scale figures. That was what Mezco set out to do and they executed so well it was easily one of the best figures for the year. I opted for the Previews Exclusive Batman because of the blue cowl and yellow oval and wasn’t disappointed. I never did quite figure out how to get that cape harness to work, but the quality articulation and the integration of hard plastics and soft goods doesn’t really get any better than this. I have like eleventy billion Batmen figures, so mad props to Mezco for getting me to buy one more.
No. 4 – MOTU Classics: Snake Armor He-Man
It feels like there should be more MOTUC on the list, but I think the line lost some luster just by being so long in the tooth. Even with some great figures like Saurod, Ninjor, & Callix, I had a hard time choosing figures for this top ten. When I did think about my all-2015 favorite figure though, it was an easier pick: Snake Armor He-Man! I know the design isn’t loved by all the fans, but this old MO2K fan loved the updated look back in the day and particularly enjoyed that difficult to get figure. When Classics started, Snake Armor went quickly to the top of my list and then six short years later it finally happened. And its one-shoulder gloriousness is a key part of my collection. I just need to review it… At least, Preternia got to it!
No. 3 – NECA Classic Superman
NECA did a lot of amazing figures this year. We got a fantastic Rambo. An odds-defying Ripley. Some great video game figures. Planet of the Apes. Home Alone. Tons of stuff to choose from, but it was in 2014 that NECA first blew us away by performing license voodoo and giving us a killer Keaton Batman. They did it again in 2015 with an Adam West Batman and, more importantly to me, Christopher Reeve Superman! No, it’s still not quite the 6” figure I’ve always wanted, but I happily gobbled that figure and whatever DVD up from Hasting’s eBay account and didn’t look back. The figure is superbly done with some excellent detailing and a cloth cape I don’t even hate!
No. 2 – Transformers Masterpiece: Ultra Magnus
I’m cheating a tiny bit here – Magnus was released on 12/27/2014, but I didn’t get him until well into January of 2015, so I’m going with it. While I also enjoyed the Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus, Masterpiece is where my Transformers colleting heart lies. Takara Tomy does such a masterful job with these figures that it was probably my favorite line to collect last year. There were some great releases that I didn’t even know I wanted (Star Saber? Who?) and some I was really dying for (Tracks), but none impressed me as much as Ultra Magnus. From the Optimus Cab that is spot on in alt mode and then completely collapses to form the bot mode, to the little extras like interchangeable faces and matrix compartment, Magnus was easily the best MP released close to last year!
No. 1 – Marvel Legends Spider-Man: Spidey, Scarlet Spider, 2099, & Ben Reilly
What do you do when you’re having trouble picking a top figure of 2015? Pick four! Nearly fourteen years ago, I picked up my first Spider-Man Classics figure. They were the pre-cursor Legends figures and they were pretty cool. I got that figure repainted in black and at KB in 2099 colors & as the Scarlet Spider. I loved them. As years have gone on, however, Marvel Legends have improved – & unimproved, but we’re on a huge upswing right now. Last year, Hasbro put out what, to me, will be the quintessential Spider-Man figure. It’s got great articulation, alternate hands, and is just a ton of fun to play with. It’s the last Spider-Man figure I’ll ever need. In that costume anyway. Hasbro proceeded to make Spidey 2099, Scarlet Spidey, & the Ben Reilly costumes and I gobbled all those up! Just waiting on that Symbiote costume!

12 comments to ItsAllTrue.net’s
Top Ten Toys of 2015!

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Nifty list! Pleased to say that I purchased three of the items in your top ten, and I’m happy with all of them.

    I got that Batmobile you mentioned as well, and for some reason, it was mis-assembled. One of the tailfins doesn’t fit together properly. Now I’m looking at shipping it back, and I don’t feel like it’s worth getting an exchange. I may just get the refund. }Sigh{

  • Paul

    I’ve got quite of a few of these figs. I’m glad they made it into your top 10 as I love them too!

  • Templar Punk

    Great list Noisy! It was definitely a great year for 2015. There are two figures that are on your list that almost made my list which were Snake Armor He-Man and 2099 Spidey. Prahvus was actually opted-in in 7th place instead of Snake Armor. It was definitely a hard choice but I just loved Prahvus’ overall look with the addition to great accessories, cape, and that incredible head sculpt.

    Here’s my top five that I’m intrusively going to share on the comment section.
    5. DC Collectibles Icons Blue Beetle (his size is in much better scale than his DCUC counterpart in the DCUC line)
    4. Marvel Select Hulkbuster ($20 dollar figure vs. the “need to purchase 7 figures” version plus he’s shiny!
    3. NECA Ultimate T-800 (articulation and accessories galore!)
    2. Transformers Masterpiece Star Saber (wanting the vintage figure for so long, I’m very happy to finally own this new improved version)
    1. Figuarts First Order Stormtrooper (while I still love the BS version, I was unexpectedly surprise to find the import exceedingly superior)

    It’s always great to read your “end of the year” Top Ten list articles with this being no exception! Happy new years!

  • Brainlock

    no love for the Hulkbuster? in any of it’s variations?
    the ML BAF is a work of art. I saw the MS version, but it just looks like a shiny scaled up MU HB to me. I wish I could afford some of the pricier electronic HBIMs, but maybe only if I win the lottery? LOL

    also, not a big Spidey fan, but the Kravinoffs were hits for me. Chameleon was a slight alteration to the Coulson suit body, and the new Kraven was an unexpected surprise (aside from his painted on Groucho mustache). Kraven also gets points for being a decent sub/EZ custom for Ka-Zar with Sentry’s head and no lion vest. also, props to that Rhino BAF.

    Yellow DD gets a demerit for having the Murdock head NOT fit the DD neck peg on two different figures! I have no clue why my MM heads have a smaller hole than any previously released figure’s neckpegs! it will NOT fit any other figure, either!

    but points to the Amazon AoU 4pk, with the best Hemsworth Thor so far, a decent Ruffalo (hairline aside) with another suit variant (open collar shirt), and Tron-Widow.


    Sure, Star Wars made some bank, but they pulled any plans to keep the classic 6″ line going concurrent with the new movie stuff, but have wisely decided to mix all the movies going forward (ANH Luke with TFA Han wave coming, but still no Lando??). Still waiting on news of that 6″ Grunny aka Goryan aka Gorwyn aka Snap Wexley. the 4″ version could be anyone.
    (also, I can pair my 6″ Hux with my 7″ Mad Eye for a bit of a family reunion! or a weird Perrier’s Bounty reenactment if I had a TDK Scarecrow.)


    Transformers – mix year of some classic designs reinterpreted for Combiners, or at least new robot versions of classic looks with Megatron, even if he’s a tank now.
    I can’t be bothered with the animated heaps of spiky kibble. the classic colored Grimlock is the ONLY one I’ve bought from the cartoon lines.


    one surprise hit and FAIL for me was Funko. I bought several Evolve figures, only to have them break out of package…or even while I was untying the twisty. F that. I’m afraid to unbox my 6″ Firefly figures now.

    They almost bought some good graces with their RHPS ReAction figures, which I had no idea existed before stumbling across the set at TRU. Disappointed Meat still refuses to sign off on an Eddie figure. 🙁 or Charles Gray’s estate for Dr Scott.
    they might buy some more good will back if they had the RHPS and TBL POPS more readily available. only bought Shaun and Ed POP!s so far, but eyeing that Abraham Ford….

    speaking of TWD, they had another good year, but other than a few personal favorite characters, none really stand out for me. I did snag both TV and comic Fords, tho, and finally found a Eugene right before xmas. #Abragene


    Best purchase for me: 3d printer!
    Now I can make all the figures and parts I want!
    unfortunately, immediately after I purchased said printer from B&N Black Friday sale, I find out it only takes a specific and *BARELY STOCKED* RFID coded filament, and it’s the PLA, not ABS which most action figures are made of. except those Funko Failures, which causes their breakage. sigh…….
    (also, funny story about buying the Xbox Kinect scanner from a friend’s store…which is kinda NSFW. and same comment also repeated by a friend in common when I showed him my printer last week.)

    so now I can save up for another printer which actually DOES print ABS and I will make sure that it is NOT hard-coded to only take specific filaments, too!
    (also, to TRIPLE-check I have the damn power supply fully plugged in!)

  • JHndz

    My list … (for the dude on a non-high-end budget) …

    1. Mezco Batman
    2. NECA Reeve Superman
    3. Hasbro Black Series TR-8R
    4. Hasbro Black Series Kylo Ren
    5. DCC BTAS Batman
    6. Funko Legacy Rocketeer
    7. MOTUC Ninjor
    8. Hasbro Infinite Daredevil
    9. Hasbro Infinite Spider-Man
    10. NECA West Batman

  • Cool feature! Some interesting choices, but all of them good. I very nearly picked up the Spider-Man 2099 fig, but couldn’t justofy it at close to $50AUD! (That’s specialist retailers for you though).
    Btw, is Vault planning a return anytime soon? I’m sure I’m not the first to ask, mind you…

  • Mark

    Great list with some very good choices.

  • 2015 was a great year for toys. I’m partially thankful that many of them weren’t “for me” — Next to the MOTUC Club Eternia and 200x subs, the only other line I collected consistently was Combiner Wars (AeriablBots, ProtectoBots, Stunticons, and Combaticons). I did also pick up CW Ultra Magnus, which was my favorite TF in 2015. Great figure. The NECA ’66 Batman, Ledger Joker, and Reeves Superman were also great as well. New to me was SH Figurarts Super Mario. Also nabbed a Kylo Ren and couldn’t pass up on Han Solo at $9.

  • StrangePlanet

    Excellent list!

    All good good stuff. Bossk is on my list too. Pizza Spidey, which I also got in Scarlett flavor, is also on my list. I also included ML Spider Woman on my list. Could have been a bunch of others but that one is just perfect.

    The various 3rd party companies making Transformers really went nuts this year, with a ton or really remarkable figures coming out from these small independent companies. A lot of them got into making Masterpiece figures and that trend looks to continue in 2016. Just off the top of my head, some of the best were X-Transbots’ Megatron (Apollyon), and Scourge (Andras), FansToys’ Masterpiece Dinobots Snarl and Swoop (Sever and Soar), Badcube’s Warpath (Wardog) DX9’s Rodimus (Carry) and MakeToy’s Reflector (Visualizers) and Chromedome (Cupola)

    But for me the two that were my favorites were DX9’s take on MP Galvatron (Tyrant) and MakeToy’s take on MP Hound, Gundog. Both of them are excellent, and Gundog showed me what a Masterepiece carbot could be like if the quality was significantly increased.

  • Cammioh

    Nice list.
    I have that Bossk but his leg spins around due to it being stupidly loose. Also, his mouth doesn’t stay open. Maybe I got a dud.

  • J. Lee

    No qualms with this a great list indeed. I wish I coulda got more Animated figs butvonly got Harkey as my lcs closed. I do know BnN carries them but lcs gave a customer discount and got her more at a dcuc price point (around $18)

    The spider mold I am digging but missed 2099 (as you I had the old Spidey Classics but had to sell off for space) i missed DD too 🙁 need to get to Walgreens though and try and snag that one. Hopefully can find my missing BaF pieces too. Await the Reilly spider and then hope to see a few more recent get a new. (Big Time needs a update on this , FF (white and What If look), Cosmic (bonus anybody Universe head be nice), Black Suit, Armored, and maybe Slingers Suits)

    Heres hoping for a fun toy hunt 2016

    • J. Lee

      Forgot an updated Miles too. Blame Spiderverse but would love that Japanese Spidey alla Kamen Rider ish but with Leopardon (theres a dream to see done in a good scale by Hasbro)