DC Collectibles The New
Batman Adventure 6″ Roxy Rocket Review

“Well, you’ve got the skills, you’ve got the guts, but you just don’t have the tools.”– Roxy Rocket, The New Adventures of Batman, “Ultimate Thrill” (1998)

The figures that never made it are always the ones we’re sore about in the end. We remember the bad figures, but we tend to keep them and maybe mock them. But the ones that got skipped? Those hurt.

Roxy Rocket is one of those figures. She didn’t play a big part in the show. She only appeared as a major villain once in TNBA and in a brief appearance in STAS and the toy line, rightfully or wrongfully, skipped her over. Now, twenty-some years later, one thing that I’ve really appreciated about DC Collectibles approach to their Animated line is that they’re spotlighting those skipped over figures. Sure, we’re getting the Batmen & Robins; the core guys, but we’re also seeing this toy line quickly cover some of the unchecked boxes the old toys left behind. It makes me happy because we’re finally getting figures of some of these characters. It also lets me know that the folks at DC Collectibles are fans just like me and that’s awesome.

Roxy Rocket is no exception. I would’ve never guessed we’d see here in the first year, but here she is. DC Collectibles even went the extra mile and ensured she came with the one accessory she needed most of all: her rocket.

This set isn’t due out in shops until later in the month, but Entertainment Earth got her last week so I hopped on the In Stock order just to see and it worked out! She’s retailing for $35 which I thought was a great price for the set considering I’m paying $25 regular per figure at my LCS.

Roxy’s sculpt is fantastic, really capturing that TNBA female aesthetic. The head sculpt is fantastic with the clear visor glued on for effect. Her costume details are all captured well from the bomber jacket down to the loose ankle boots. My favorite detail is probably one of the most subtle. Her design include rolled up gloves and that’s an area most toy sculpts would’ve overlook. Not here. The swappable hand still have that ball-jointed wrist, but the sculpt for the glove excess is on the arm. It’s just a simple touch but I love it.

The paintwork on Roxy is simple, but also well done. The only real surprise for me is the red hair because the solicit featured much darker hair. It’s cool and I don’t care to drudge up the “highlight color” nonsense, but the red hair looks great in the color scheme with the flight gear. Continue to Page 2…

10 thoughts on “DC Collectibles The New
Batman Adventure 6″ Roxy Rocket Review

    1. Yes! I must’ve dropped that paragraph. It’s back now. Two LR44 batteries are needed to light-up the afterburner. The nozzle acts as an off/on switch when you turn it.

      1. Sweeeeeet! Ta!

        Shame about the knees & ankles, but I’ve been hearing of lots of problems with this line, and the Man-bat I had ordered was cancelled due to quality control issues.


  1. Well untill heard of the knee ish was gonna post

    “Guess can say ‘She’s all kinds of wonderful (yes she is)’ fits her huh”

    Well recall her ep and her character and think relax hand will come into play for a laugh if can get started on this line and she has weak knees. Fun review and yes glad she finally is in plastic. A fun character that actually woulda bought back in the day.

    Display idea would be the old fishing line rig may work for her. Funny that she did come to the books too. Thank you Steohanie Brown Batgirl.

  2. I bought mine from ToyKingdom off eBay and it arrived last week (they still have some in stock, but I think they raised the price a bit). She’s definitely one of my favorite figures in the line so far! And the Rocket with light up afterburner is just the icing on the cake.

    And the knees on my figure are totally fine, but her left ankle is just slightly loose… nothing that effects her standing or posing, though.

    The last month or so has been great for collectors of this line with the Batmobile, Roxy and her rocket and all of the single release figures. Not so great on the budget, but still cool. I’m looking forward to Bane and Scarecrow coming next month, supposedly. I’m hoping DC Collectibles makes some big announcements at Toy Fair next year about expanding the line into Superman TAS and Justice League.

    1. Man, would love that expansion indeed just have to get Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Mercy (Harley needs her punching bag :p ) as musts. Along with usuals and a Justice League line dude I’ll sell off my DCUCs

  3. I got mine from Entertainment Earth as well and the knees are super loose. It was a big disappointment because otherwise the figure is great.

  4. No more visible pins in the upper hips/thighs? Might give this line a shot now, great set here.

  5. This is the 1st figure I picked up in this line from this website—good looking out. The Roxy Rocket episode was 1 of my favorites from the cartoon.

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