Marvel Legends Spider-
Man: Walgreen’s Exclusive Daredevil Review

“And now for the job at hand! I’ve got to bring my father’s murderer to justice! “ – Daredevil.

I love Walgreens. They get me. No, not because of their 2 for $3 deal on bottles of soda or their Nice! Peanut Butter Pretzels (though I love those), it’s because they do these exclusives with Hasbro – and they pull the ideas for them right out of my head. Prototype Boba Fett? On target. Agent Venom? Awesome. Emperor’s Wrath Vader… well, I’m still looking for that one. But I did find my favorite one this weekend: First Appearance Daredevil!

Like the regular Daredevil before him, this is a figure I’ve bought over and over – all the way back to the original Spider-Man Classics figure in 2001. (I always wanted the ToyFare exclusive of the cool 5” Daredevil, but never got around to it). And like the regular Daredevil, after 14 years, I finally feel like I have “the one”, the last FA Daredevil I’ll ever need. Right?

This figure is a straight repaint of the fantastic Hobgoblin series Daredevil. It features what’s basically become Hasbro’s main buck. This is good because it’s got strong proportions and the articulation functions for a lot of figures giving the line a nice aesthetic overall. Specific to Daredevil and reused here is the great head sculpt along with the belt and leg sheath for his batons.

As is the case with reuse, the articulation is completely carried over and that happens to work out as well since it’s got just the right balance: ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, and inverted ankles; double-hinged knees & elbows; swivels at the biceps, waist, thighs, and boots; and the ab crunch. Everything comes together well and it’s fun to get Daredevil is plenty of great poses.

The colors really needed to be top notch on a full-on repaint and thankfully it is. What mostly helps this is the articulation. The cuts are all in great places for the costume and it allows the figure to be mostly molded in the right yellows, browns, or reds. That left paint is just a few areas like the gloves (brown paint on yellow plastic, good) and the boots (yellow paint on brown plastic, not so good).

The D logo is clean for the most part, but the muscle depth did raise the difficulty. The face is painted well – one nice touch I really appreciated was a dark brown line over the top of the eyes. It really enhances the definition there and helps to fake a nice shadow across the eyes despite all the bright colors. Continue to Page 2…

12 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Spider-
Man: Walgreen’s Exclusive Daredevil Review

  1. The Matt head is really just a repaint of the Ultimate Hawkeye head. Nice bonus, but unfortunately not original. I suppose it’ll do. I do like the hair sculpt, just not the sport glasses.

      1. Nope, that’s the Fraction/Aja comic Hawkeye head, NOT the MCU Renner head. The face is more angular and the hair is completely different.

      2. I have the Renner Hawkeye in front of me, and I can confirm the Mysterious Stranger’s comment.

  2. Yellow DD seems to have hit in force around here the last week or so.

    He’s nice, but I do have a few quibbles:

    1. the D seems too big IMO. (TWSS!)
    Sure, this was a mostly forgotten outfit until Dennis Dunphy grabbed it and one of Logan’s old masks for his costume, but it’s never really been “forgotten”, and I never really recall the D being so large across not just his chest, but down across his belly, as well.

    2. the Matt head. yeah, it’s an easy redeco of the first movie Hawkeye head, but it seems a majority have bad paint esp on the lower line of the glasses, either it’s off center or off completely?

    3. my Matt head seems to have a smaller hole for the neck peg? Has anyone else had this problem? Blizzard and Vision bodies refused it, too, and are same mold as DD. movie Hawkeye I had to fight before it snapped on, and Chameleon I walked it down and off.

    and we just missed out on $5 off ML at Walgreens, so I’m not going to buy another one just to check…altho I just remembered I needed another for D-Man (even if Dunphy needs a brawler body like new Sentry) and custom MCU Simon’s head….oy. Then again, my stores seemed to be fully stocked with these and plenty of Agent Venom yet. no rush. or at least, not until DD s2 hits?

  3. $15 at Walgreens last week, sweet! Parleyed my savings into a couple of pops, a burrito, and some chocolate Santas.

    The Matt head is a bit bobbley on my Chameleon, but won’t fit on Agent Coulson at all. Be nice if there was a standard neck peg size.

  4. Gonna be grabbing this guy soon, but I’m wondering – will the Matt head fit on the Allfather-wave Classic Hawkeye body? I’m not entirely sold on the headsculpt that Clint got on that figure.

    1. I want to say that it’s the same body, so it should fit, but Hasbro has been known to randomly swap neck pegs between different characters like Coulson and Chameleon. :/

  5. Incidentally, I was at a Wal-greens last weekend and they had an entire endcap shelf stocked with this figure. None of the other MLs to be found, just this guy.

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