Exclusive Hover Robots Review

When I was a kid watching Super Powers, these strange robots showed up part of the way into the series. They were cool enough, but were just kind of added out of the blue. I wasn’t sure of their purpose; as a kid, I reasoned that they were there for Firestorm. His powers don’t work on organic material so he couldn’t transmute a Parademon, but he could do just about anything to a robot.

I later realized that the robots served another purpose. The Justice League can’t outright murder a squad of henchmen. The Joes can’t mow down a column of Cobra Troopers. The Transformers Movie couldn’t open with the wholesale death of a human cast. And He-Man can’t bash Beast Man’s brains in. But robots? Robots are fair game. If a cartoon needed to depict violence, highlight mass slaughter, or just let the main hero hit something, then a robot was your… er, man.

In MOTU, those robots appeared in a variety of forms, but one of the most iconic were Skeletor’s Robot Knights, or Hover Robots. They appear right away in Diamond Ray of Disappearance and appear on and off again throughout the series whenever something needed to die.

I really didn’t think we’d get these guys in the line, but I’m super glad that we did even if they ended up as an exclusive. They showed up on Matty one month or another (and should be back in December) and I was able to snag the there. Which is great, because I don’t go to any conventions.

The sculpt itself is phenomenal. There are figures left and right in this line for me to comb over and nitpick – this is not one of them. There is literally nothing missing that I want on the sculpt It looks spot on to the show with a dash of extra detail thrown in to bring them up-to-speed with classics. They look great. The paintwork and lenticular sticker support the sculpt perfectly. The paint is metallic in some spots to provide a nice contrast. I love the sticker. Continue to Page 2…

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Exclusive Hover Robots Review

  1. Always wanted some of these guys as a kid. Matty finally delivers and dig these lil guys. Just wish could had the extravto get oh lets see 4 sets. Yeah 12 would be a good number. A bit of sculpy, and some teeth and think.have Plundor’s Bunny bots.

    If can hit a Toy show again down the road or local con these will be on my “get list” amongst figuarts and other things.

    Great review, and great comic on a classic moment. (Well maybe not for them)

  2. Will these be on sale at all again this year? I’d love to grab a couple more. I got one set for myself and another for a friend the last time.

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