Princess of Power Perfuma Review

“Make sure that the prisoner Perfuma is placed in the darkest, dankest, dampest, dismalest dungeon we have.” – Hordak, She-Ra: Princess of Power, “Flowers for Hordak” (1985)

I imagine that most of the folks that click on a Perfuma review won’t want to hear this, but I’m so glad we’re to the end of the main POP girls in the line. It’s not that I don’t think they should’ve been included (I’ glad they were) and it’s not even that I don’t like them (I do), but I’m just kinda tired of them.

It’s been a variety of little things – removed articulation, lack of details, lack of accessories, wonky eyes; they’ve just not been as fun to me as some of the other figures. So they kinda became a faction to weather. Now, we’re still not done – there’s plenty of Filmation POP we still need – Granita, Hunga, etc., but Perfuma concludes the unique toy characters part of the line and that little bit of closure is making me feel better about her and the other ladies of MOTU. Now, the good thing about Perfuma is that she really don’t have any of the problems that have plagued other POP figures.

Perfuma’s sculpt actually steps away from some of the other recent POP ladies and reminds me more of Bow. Her overall look is a hybrid of the Filmation look & the toy. I really like the decisions overall except for the boots. They’re from the toy and they certainly keep an aesthetic going, but her long green legs and shoes just seem to fit her character better than the boots. When combined with the long skirt, it throws her colors off a bit. I like hot pink, but it could use more visible green to balance.
I do love the level of detail though. The gold belt and flower buckle, the etched in detail that runs throughout the dress, it all comes together nicely.

Her head sculpt is also well done. It’s definitely a Djorde sculpt, but it’s much better than Frosta’s. The hair is a little more tendril-like than flowing & natural, and maybe a little too even over her forehead. The tiara is nicely done up top and that’s also where the first accessory comes in. She’s kinda got a giant flower on her head. It’s a good flower sculpt and it fits on her head snugly. I figure I’m just going to keep it up there. If we’re going POP, we’re going all-out POP, right?

The paint is par for the line. The figure has plenty of molded colors, but the paint is crisp where it’s needed. I do have to again shout out some love to the colors. I like the pink & green combo, I just wish the green was a little more prevalent. The little details like the flowers and metallic green on the trim are all sharp and look good on the figure. Articulation is also standard: ball-joints on the neck, shoulders, & hips; swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, & thighs, single-hinge elbows, knees, & ankles. Everything works well. The skirt does limit the hips more than I would like, but some deeper poses are possible. Continue to Page 2…

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Princess of Power Perfuma Review

  1. Thanks for the review, Noisy.
    I like Perfuma as a figure, but she is really frustating, too.
    She is in the style I would have liked all the other PoPs to be, why she got an upgrade details-wise as the last figure just boggles my mind. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Excellent review and comics, as ever. And I pretty much agree with everything. Nice to have her to complete the set, but the figure itself is a collection of minor flaws which prevent it from being great.

    I dunno if it’s just my Perfuma figure, but I don’t get the whole “she smells too bad” deal a lot of others are complaining about. She smells like my Grandma Pat’s old dressing-table, which housed rose-infused powder puffs for decades. She smells more nostalgic than offensive to me.

  3. Great Review, I agree with almost everything you stated. The Smell doesn’t bother me too much, reminds me of a rose scented car air freshener, which always smelled fake to me, but weren’t necessarily bad smells. But then again I personally can’t stand the smell of febreeze, which smells worse than the smells it is trying to mask. The flower gun was the biggest disappointment to me, which is unnecessarily large and overly heavy. I found a way to balance the gun up against her body petal pointing up without her falling over, similar to a vase, but it also required the aid of a clear rubber band. it looks significantly better

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