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Gamma-X, Fourth Dimension Review

Like the other OSM, the mix of great aesthetics and Glyos connections limits the articulation to swivel joints. You have your basics: neck, shoulders, waist, hips, elbows, knees, and ankles and they all work great. If you have him wear his shell, as I will, you do lose some hip & waist range which kinda immobilizes the figure, but I don’t know that there was a good way around it without messing up how great the shell looks. I would’ve liked a little more movement in the line overall, but I do enjoy the mix & match aspect of the Glyos parts, so I’m good. I was a little disappointed his antennears weren’t separate Glyos pieces.

His paint… I foolishly almost missed this. The original’s “draw” was that he would glow in the dark. And so too does this Gamma! This was tricky because he’s not made of the usual semi-translucent white GITD plastic. He’s actually painted GITD. I will admit that it doesn’t work as well. It’s not as bright and has an accidentally cool (to me) speckling effect. I did have to use a black light to snag this pic, so remember he will be dimmer in hand. All the silver paint is sharp and looks great mixed in with his off-white base color. The only real complaint I had on the paint was that this regular edition only featured a painted silver backing instead of a chromed piece. A chromed piece does exist as part of a special weapons kit – I wish I’d been paying attention as I could’ve ordered it easily back then, but will have to work a bit to track it down now. The silver piece is okay, but just doesn’t look as sharp as I bet that chromed one does.

Other than his shell, Gamma included two accessories, his classic pistols. I had some camera issues crop up and only managed to snag a quick close-up of each pistol and not one where they’re mounted on his head. Either of them will fit in a peg hole atop the shell (this is why the shell needs to be closed at the top for sure). I think it’s a cool look, but I’ll be displaying him holding on to both guns. I just feel that’s how he and Cyclops roll. Both pistols are great and faithful sculpts with a mix of silver & the GITD paint. The weather vane one, intended for the top of his head had an extra clear cap that is removable. Mine stays on pretty well, but be wary it gets dropped. It’s tough to pick up on in a carpet.

Overall, Gamma-X woud’ve been a great figure to end on (there are a few new characters after him, notably the already reviewed Jack and the various ladies. They were in the box with Gamma, so I’ll look to get them up soon). He’s a great design, faithfully recreated, and kinda steals the OSM show for me as a favorite. I’m feel a little bit silly saying that, after setting him by the wayside for so long, but in a way, it made for a nice surprise, getting a new figure this week as we hear about the OSM’s third life through Onell. May it be as great and fruitful as their time spent with the Horsemen!

Thank you again to the 4H for sending Gamma along!

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Gamma-X, Fourth Dimension Review

  1. If you get a chance to ask Matt Doughty or Mel Birnkrant, I’d be interested in knowing what role Matt is going to play in the line going forward. Is he just going to be the point person at the factory (something he does for various glyos-related lines) or will he be involved creatively? Are we going to get new figures or new characters or just reprints of existing ones? Will we get Astrodite? Inquiring minds want to know.

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