Outer Space Men Infinity
Colossus Rex Review

Since I decided to focus my OSM collection on the painted editions (Infinity, Cosmic Creators, etc.), the releases have become a bit more spread out for me. I still love the “gummi bear” editions of this line, but space is limited and the painted versions… well, the sculpts just sing so much louder with a little color.

I had yet to pre-order the newest OSM a few weeks ago, but when I ordered some Power Lords (new reviews later this week!), the 4H were kind enough to send along the latest Outer Space Men releases for me to post here at IAT too. When the box arrived and I saw the OSM mixed in with the Power Lords, I was pretty stoked… I immediately reached for my most anticipated OSM ever since the 4H announced they were licensing the line… Gamma-X.

Yeah, not this one, sorry. But Colossus Rex is just as important. As a more recently converted OSM fan (the line is nearly 50 years old), I’ve had to seek out many fans of the original 1960s bendy toys to get a feel of what it was like to have the originals. While there are fond memories of all seven from that first wave, Colossus Rex just seems to stand out a little more over the years. Perhaps it’s simply because he was the largest? Or the fiercest? I don’t know, but that love for Colossus Rex seemed to carry over into the modern line too. And wouldn’t you know that guy ended up being the 12th of 13 figures to get released? Never say being a toy collector isn’t at least a little torturous.

The modern Rex is an all-new sculpt. He shares some sculpting similarities with the other chunky alien, Cyclops, but his need for scales ensured no parts could be reused. The scalework is beautiful, by the way. It always blows my mind that OSM are sculpted 1:1 and not shrunk down. I still think that’s crazy. The sculpt of the original is faithfully recreated here – little wonder as I’m sure some of the 4H have also mentioned Rex as a favorite.

The head sculpt is similarly well done, but I have trouble unseeing (I’m sorry if this happens to you) Robert De Niro after playing with the figure for a bit. Maybe I’m just imagining that Rex things I’m talking to him about Jinxie cat, but it feels that way. I don’t know if that’s partially brought on by the unfortunate dent in my Rex’s nose though. The chest is the other highlight; this guy is showing off. He’s puffed-up, hero-of-the-beach, I will smack you down tough and that’s reflected in the sculpt. Continue to Page 2…

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Colossus Rex Review

  1. Amazing looking toy. Have not really been keen on the OSM, but I definitely like this guy and Gamma X — hooray for GitD!

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