Outer Space Men Orbitron
& Gemini Review (Infinity Ed.)

This week marks the nine month since my wife & I moved into our new house. I’m not really counting, but I find it amusing that I’m still unpacking. It’s a sea of cardboard out there. Last week, I unearthed a shipping box – a box that I didn’t move with. Its contents were from another world… New Jersey.

In my defense, I did manage to get Cyclops reviewed before this particular box when it on its wayward path to today. And I’ve had occasion to think back to these and wondering where they’d gone as the line marched on without me – going strong with the swanky White Star releases, the Gummi Bears, & the ultra-swanky Cosmic Creator Series.

But let’s get back to earlier this year, I’d say late March based on my Cyclops review. Cyclops stole the show for me at first – he’s massive. I knew that from the Alpha Phase review – which I will direct everyone to check out for some more in-depth pics of the ports, customizations options, scale, etc. But the thing about the OSM that I’m always ill prepared for is getting them in full color.

The Gummi Bears are fun, the play options the colorways provide is great, but the intricacies of the sculpts blend out a bit in the solid colors. Not so with the Infinity Edition, which are rightfully the hallmarks of the line. That same fascination came rushing back when I finally popped Orbitron & Gemini from their inadvertent long-term plastic prisons. While Cyclops was bright & shiny, the matte finishes on Orbitron & Gemini are great. You’ll see in the last picture how well these two stand out in the crowd with their colors. I love them both, but what if I had to pick a favorite?

When it comes to the sculpting, I have to go with Orbitron. The 4H really captured the exo-skeleton feel of the original. I’m not sure which OSMs are in suits and which aren’t, but Orbitron looks wonderfully organic thanks to simple touches in the limbs – and that massive brain doesn’t hurt one bit.

The paintwork on Orbitron is great – and it’s all over. The figure is cast in white so that the pink color is consistent throughout and the paint apps on top of that are sharp throughout. He really stares into my soul in a few of these pics. Orbitron also features a faithful reproduction of his trusty pistol and an extra shield or spinning weapon (it can be whatever you want!) because the goal has been to give every character at least two accessories. Continue to Page 2…

6 thoughts on “Outer Space Men Orbitron
& Gemini Review (Infinity Ed.)

  1. Okay, Orbitron is obviously reminiscent of the Metaluna Mutant (This Island Earth), but it’s really bugging me where Gemini comes from? I’m thinking slightly bemused (borderline effeminate?) pair of aliens chuckling to themselves over their prey/victim/subject. Not sure if inspired by or they inspired Great Gazoo on Flintstones?

    1. Gemini looks like something off The Outer Limits, only with two heads instead of one. Sorry, but I can’t be more specific than that.

      Great review and pics! Love the Two-Bad riff at the end!

    2. I think Gemini was inspired by the alien from the Twillight Zone episode Mr Dingle, the Strong.

      1. That’s what I was thinking, one of the classic OL/TZ shows had aliens that looked like this guy! glad to know I’m not (that) insane!

        or am I?

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