NECA Rambo: First Blood
Part II Rambo Figure Review

I was also lucky in the paintwork department. I’d read some horror stories about the eyes, but mine looks great. He is looking up to the left (similar to Dutch), but he’s not askew. The paint work and shading are well done throughout my figure. The line around the necklace is the weakest part and there are a few black smudges here and there, but they just add to the figure’s depth. There is one thing though- the type of plastic used. The skin tone looks good under most lighting (and in the pics), but it’s a little too translucent, moreso than Dutch. It helps the realism, but in some thinner areas, like the nose the translucent plastic switches around to being a hindrance.

Articulation is another highlight for the figure. Rambo has ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, & ankles, a swivel at the thigh as well as an ab crunch. Everything works really well, leaving Rambo capable of some great poses. I would like a little more in the arms. Bicep swivels would be great or at least a little more range at the wrists, but the figure can get into some iconic poses all the same.

Rambo included eight accessories, four of which are alternate hands. I’m not terribly certain we needed so many, some hold the knife, some the guns, and others just seem like they have similar grips. Maybe I’m just not looking at them closely enough to see their individual purposes and it is nice to have them. More important, though, is the gear. The trademark knife, the assault rifle, the bazooka, and a grenade that I’m bound to lose relatively soon. All the pieces are great sculpts. NECA does some of the best accessories. The knife fits in a sheath on the belt, so that’s become its permanent home. And while I love the overkill of the bazooka, my Rambo will be sporting the assault rifle during his tour on my shelf.

Overall, NECA did a great job with this, their third Rambo, offering. The main complaint is just the translucent nature of the plastic used for the skin. The few pictures were Rambo’s nose is lit up by nearby lighting is testament to that. It’s a nitpick to be sure though with the nice likeness and the articulation allowing for some great Rambo poses. The extra accessories are great for some added value and help complete the figure. The only thing I feel like I’m missing right now is a big six-wheeled jeep to put him in.

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6 thoughts on “NECA Rambo: First Blood
Part II Rambo Figure Review

  1. Great figure. I’d love to get the one with the bow though….in fact I would need both. That pic with Dutch and the Predator is pure nostalgia. 😀

  2. man, I wish the local stores would carry these so I can see what the fuss is all about in person. :/

    BUT I was up in TRU the other week and some 5-6yo kid was trying to convince grandma that Predator (a rare sight here) was cool and exactly what he needed. I was already in my teens when that movie came out, and almost with R:FBp2, but we never saw either until it hit TV. I know a cousin had the 18″ Alien, but otherwise, I don’t recall seeing any figures until Kenner’s lines for both line and Predator in 90s?

    oh, and speaking of “controversy”, one guy I was talking to at TRU claimed the Breaking Bad controversy was over figures that were already on clearance, NOT in the “adult collector” aisle? Like there’s much difference at that store, which is now closing. (Chesterfield, MO) This is NOT what we were told by TRU HQ at the time when Pickett launched his counter-petition.

  3. LOL, no one died in the first film… I remember that helicopter exploding in the mountains and a few collateral damages like that one 😉

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