Madame Razz & Broom Review

The paintwork is also solid. I was thankful that the eyes are centered for one, but the paint is sharp overall and the colors look fantastic. There is a lot of plastic simply molded in the appropriate color, but the paint details help flesh out Razz where they are. I’m going to go back and nitpick on that cape again. No, it’s not about the glossy smear on the back (though that stinks too), but its one little detail on the two-tone cape. I love two-tone capes, they always look neat. But Mattel should have gone with black on the front edge instead just the back. It just looks weird blue. And speaking of missing black paint? Well, the figure looks okay this way, but the lower part of her calves should be black. They’re the boots, not the pants. I can understand it bothering folks, but thankfully it looks okay this way.

With an all-new figure, there’s a little more scrutiny on the articulation. Most of the usual stuff is present, but in slightly different ways. Most notably, lots of ball-joints: the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, & ankles. All those ball-joints “eliminate the need” (not really) for most of the usually swivels, but we still have three, the waist and both wrists. The ankles are a little too loose on my Razz and posing can be pain, but the figure has decent range overall. And no cape nitpicks this time, though I would’ve been happy to see a swivel for the flower on her hat. That would’ve been cool.

Since Razz required so much tooling, she only includes one accessory. But it’s the one she needed: Broom. Broom is quite literally her straight man in the show. Like Razz, Broom looks great. The sculpt is spot on and the colors look straight out of the show. The paint on the eyes looks a little messed up in the pics, but I don’t notice on the figure in-hand. Broom also sports two points of articulation, a ball-joint on each shoulder. Like Loo-Kee (stupid chase figures!) & Kowl, Broom is pretty much an essential pack-in figure and I’m glad Mattel got him in the package here despite all the tooling.

Overall, I know Razz isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think we all have to appreciate the work Mattel did here. It’s a little “glass half full” for me right now because Rio Blast just arrived and, suffice to say, he’s not as amazingly spot-on as Razz is here. The 4H gave her a great sculpt and Mattel executed well to the end. The paint is crisp and the articulation works great – I would like to get some better flying poses with Broom (& a stand), but the figure is fun to pose and play with as is too. I’m glad she got into the line and that Mattel did such a great job on her figure. I wish Mattel would hit them out of the park like this every month.

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  1. Good review (as always). I really didn’t expect to like the figure as much as I do.

    Oh, and a cool idea to feature the past POP reviews on the frontpage, too.

  2. Digging mine alot. Already had too much fun with her. One great review and fun pics.

    Looks to be a fun update as have ventured into the Pink aisle alot lately. Blame those MyWorld sets.

  3. Great review and pics, as always. So glad they got around to making this set before the line ended.

    I got two Club Etheria subs (for toy-accurate repaints and soft goods conversions, natch), and my second Razz had a fused right elbow which began to tear when I tried to bend it. I’ve heard of similar problems with her knees and shoulders.

    As for the “flower” on her hat: I always thought it was a pinwheel.

  4. I was a little disappointed with Madame’s loose ankles and flared cape, but then I got Rio Blast, and he really “managed expectations” for me in a big, big way…

      1. True that the ankles affect functionality, but I can figure out a way to prop her up (some clear rubber bands wrapped around and around the inner ankle peg seems to be keeping her upright as of today). Rio is just…a mess. Overall. You have to tell the rest of us what you did to improve him.

  5. I think Razz’s biggest fault was the lack of a grippy hand. That being said, I managed to fit Razz holding/supporting Broom on a 1.0 flight stand and she’s held onto Broom for over a month without slipping or letting go. I would’ve loved for the flower on the hat to be spinnable, but probably would’ve cost too much to tool. Overall I was very pleased with Razz despite her shortcomings. She’s easily been the best of the etheria sub so far. Double-chin & Entrapta have both left me disappointed.

  6. I am so beyond happy to finally get Razz – the last remaining character in my personal top 5 filmation want list. And she came out so brilliantly!

    The ankles on mine are reasonably tight, but her teeny-tiny feet still, um, ‘pose’ something of a challenge…

    I was amused to discover Razz has a traditionally male-sized neck peg, which produced hours of hilarity (I’m not the only person that pulls the heads off their MOTUCs minutes after opening, right…?). Still not sure what was creepier, Razz with the helmetless IG Skeletor head, or Skelly with Razz’s.

  7. Finally a Madame Razz figure after all these years. She’s PERFECT. Amazing design work & I can’t forget about BROOM!

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