Gothitropolis Ravens
Pre-Orders Going Fast!

The Four Horsemen have updated Source Horsemen with a link to their Gothitropolis Ravens Pre-Orders! Many of the pre-orders are sold out, but some of the birds are still available!

We put the Gothitropolis: Ravens up for pre-order on Monday, and even though they’re selling rapidly there are still some in stock on Store Horsemen right now if you haven’t pre-ordered yours yet!

Not only can you choose from 13 different variants of the original Black Raven character (Decimus Hrabban) including the wildly popular Eagalus the screaming eagle, but there are also cool accessories to choose from like interchangeable wings, a battle pack, an interchangeable bone wings & raven skull set, and a base/stand that was created for 6″ scaled action figures but also works well on other scaled figures too!

Just go to Source Horsemen to pre-order yours today!


7 thoughts on “Gothitropolis Ravens
Pre-Orders Going Fast!

  1. Got mine ordered Monday, I lucked out. I didn’t back the kickstarter to get Minotaur the Duck but I’ll settle with a set of all but him. Just give it a bit and they’ll be on ebay for about 10x times the price, like all the other 7th Kingdom figures…..especially the Minotaurs.

  2. Well #@&% I missed out on most I wanted. I ordered Eagalus though. $13.50 for shipping though? Are they using Digital River?

  3. That Vulture would be tempting to get as it would be good for a Vultureman custom. I wish 4H were making Thundercats.

  4. These’re all so dang cool, but I had no budget available for any of them. Would’ve loved to have gotten a Quetzalcoatl and painted him in metallic colours, just like a real quetzal. And I’m sure Mum would’ve liked the cardinal.

    1. you’re gonna regret that… these figs are going to look so incredible, you’ll look at your masters collection like a flock of quasimodae.

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